How to enjoy the perfect Gold Coast staycation

In the wake of the devastating bushfires Australia has experienced over the last few months, we’ve seen people from across the world come together to support communities who have lost so much.

One of our favourite ways people are supporting each other is by encouraging Aussies to holiday at home this year, which we are obviously all about. Mostly because our home is the most beautiful country in the world and even better than that, the Gold Coast is obviously the most beautiful city. Go us!

So, to get to the point, we thought it might be fun to put together a story about all of the epic things you can do right here at home because supporting local businesses is a very good thing and why should the visitors have all the fun?

Crafty's Sports Bar

Here we go.

Got a family who enjoying eating all of the things? Same. Here are some local family-friendly restaurants. If you’re not so much in the way of family, you can also visit these restaurants to impress your friends and if you’re in the market for a sweet treat, here are all the best bakeries on the Gold Coast.

Of course, there are restaurants with epic views so you can take in the scenery while sampling tasty eats, Gold Coast rooftop bars for the perfect Sunday afternoon session, there are some sweet vegetarian options too, plus of course, a few newbies you might like to consider.

Easy Tiger opened up in Burleigh recently serving (most importantly) $1 doughnuts with a side of excellent coffee and ocean views. There’s also a new fine dining Italian restaurant by the name of Orzo you should absolutely try.

If authentic Spanish food is up your alley, definitely give Bar Espana a try or for a sweet fish and chip feed newbie The Jolly Roger is the go. Hidden laneway bar The Hidden Cherub has been a big hit with the locals so that’s a must-try and Custard Canteen is serving up mouthwatering custard tarts that you absolutely have to sample. You could also tour Black Hops northern brewery while sipping beers and learning about how the biz came about.

Easy Tiger

In terms of exciting activities, there’s plenty of those going on around the Gold Coast too.

Keen to get salty? Here are some sweet surfing spots for everyone from beginners to the seasoned among us, there’s also plenty of live music happening at venues across the Coast and of course, a few hikes and waterfalls to check out too. Maybe something more relaxing in the way of fishing is up your alley, you can do that here too.

If you’re after some fun kids activities to keep them entertained and once you’re ready to call it a day, head to one of these spots to catch the sunset why don’t you?

So that’s a lot of good time things to do on the Gold Coast. Need more? Cruise around Inside Gold Coast, we’ve got pretty much everything covered.

Holiday at home this year friends, it’ll be the time of your life.

Words by Kirra Smith



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