Padlockd Escape Rooms

Padlock’d is the most immersive escape rooms on the Gold Coast, located right in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team are left in a room to solve puzzles, crack riddles, open locks and escape the madness in a fast paced hour where you will either come out with massive smiles or hating everything.

The games are exciting yet challenging and have been perfectly designed for groups of 2-8 people regardless of knowledge or any specific skills. Players are locked in a themed room and must put together the hidden clues they find to overcome various mental tasks they encounter in order to escape the room before the 60 minute timer hits 0!

There are 3 rooms to choose from:

Safe House 7: The top secret Operation Nighthawk got into the wrong hands and now we need to shut it down. The Padlock’d crew have tracked down a safe house that has ties with the project. Your team must sneak in, shut it down, and escape before everyone’s data is compromised!

Museum Heist:
The exhibits were mostly collecting dust until the news broke out… one of them is a long-forgotten ancient relic worth millions. Your team has one night to steal the forgotten relic before it moves to a new location! Sneak in, grab it and escape before security arrives!

The Haunted Toy Store: Something horrible took place in the once charming toy store, there is a reason why the locals always cross the street to stay away from it. Decades have passed and the citizens of the town are still staying silent about it. Your team must enter the abandoned toy store to find out what awful events have occurred…

It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes early to get ready as late arrivals will shorten your game length.

Have you got what it takes to escape?


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