Gold Coast Health & Services

A full range of essential health services can be found on the Gold Coast, including doctor surgeries, emergency hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies, as well as dentists and other necessary facilities. Despite having access to all the medical help you could ever need on the Gold Coast, it’s important to remember that you can avoid having your holiday soured by illness or injury by simply observing surf safety guidelines, road rules, and wearing adequate sun protection.


Surf Safety
The Gold Coast’s beaches may look inviting, but both visitors and locals must keep in mind that the ocean can by very dangerous. Follow these tips to ensure your safety while swimming at the beach:

Always swim between the flags at designated lifesaving clubs on the Gold Coast
Never swim without telling someone where you are going
Swim to your limits – don’t go out in the deep water if you are not a confident swimmer
Never swim under the influence of alcohol
Be water wise and enjoy the Gold Coast’s beaches responsibly
Sun Safety
They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing – the Queensland sun is beautiful, but can be very harsh on your skin and cause lifelong health issues. To protect yourself and prevent sunburn, always remember the following tips:

Apply and reapply SPF 30+ sunscreen regularly throughout the day
Wear a hat and a collared shirt
Try to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day (10am – 2pm) or ensure your apply extra protection during those hours

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