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Black Iron Arts

Last updated 3rd May, 2024

Whether you love dabbling in all things alternative healing or you just feel you’re lacking a little direction in your life – if you’re ready to open your mind, nourish the soul and embrace your enlightened era, Black Iron Arts is the name you need to know.

At its core, spiritual counselling aims to help people feel happier, more peaceful, connected and more aligned with the life they really want to live. And really, who couldn’t use more of these things in their lives?

Aki Scribe, Black Iron Arts (image supplied)
Aki Scribe, Black Iron Arts (image supplied)

A man who has dedicated his life to mastering the mind body connection, Aki Scribe believes connecting to your authentic self can transform your life. After 20 years of spiritual practice, a deep spiritual insight in 2022 inspired him to channel his life’s calling into assisting others on their own journey of self attunement. Enter Black Iron Arts.

Specialising in practices such as the ancient art of I Ching Divination, Aki has poured his passion into making spiritual guidance more readily accessible to all. Under the banner of his newly launched spiritual studio, Black Iron Arts, Aki offers a range of spiritual counselling services, including a series of guided modules which offer a framework for kick starting the powerful journey of personal growth.


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