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Get in your higher self era

Make spiritual self-care a priority with Black Iron Arts.

Hong Kong (image via unsplash)
Hong Kong (image via unsplash)

Gold Coasters, when push comes to shakra – on a scale of one to full-blown witchy-type, how woo-woo are you? Whether you love dabbling in all things alternative healing or you just feel you’re lacking a little direction in your life – if you’re ready to open your mind, nourish the soul and embrace your enlightened era, Black Iron Arts is the name you need to know.

At its core, spiritual counselling aims to help people feel happier, more peaceful, connected and more aligned with the life they really want to live. And really, who couldn’t use more of these things in their lives?

Aki Scribe, Black Iron Arts (image supplied)
Aki Scribe, Black Iron Arts (image supplied)

A man who has dedicated his life to mastering the mind body connection, Aki Scribe believes connecting to your authentic self can transform your life. After 20 years of spiritual practice, a deep spiritual insight in 2022 inspired him to channel his life’s calling into assisting others on their own journey of self attunement. Enter Black Iron Arts.

Specialising in practices such as the ancient art of I Ching Divination, Aki has poured his passion into making spiritual guidance more readily accessible to all. Under the banner of his newly launched spiritual studio, Black Iron Arts, Aki offers a range of spiritual counselling services, including a series of guided modules which offer a framework for kick starting the powerful journey of personal growth.

Pattaya City, Thailand (image via unsplash)
Pattaya City, Thailand (image via unsplash)

Designed to deep dive right into the transformative process, the 1-on-1 modules guide participants through concepts such as connecting with The Authentic Self and Creating Your Dream Life, which Aki says can create deeper relationships with other people and open up a deeper level of intelligence.

Throughout the first module, for example, Aki walks you through concepts such as ‘your Self-Concept creates your reality’ and Samskaras (Negative Energy Scars), exploring the idea that the way that you see yourself and the way that you feel about yourself, forms the parameters of the life you can achieve.

Aki also provides insight to help identify and define your dream self, Aki believes that your authentic self is your dream self and that you authentic self gets obscured by Samskaras (Negative Energy Scars) and negative or unconscious beliefs, by removing Samakaras and by questioning those unconscious beliefs, you can begin to connect with your authentic or ‘Dream’ self hidden within. Which brings a whole new meaning to ‘living our best lives’, no?

Wat Mahathat (image via unsplash)
Wat Mahathat (image via unsplash)

Spiritual services such as I Ching divination, on the other hand, are based on the ancient Chinese divination text that’s been used for thousands of years to provide guidance, insight, and wisdom. Often considered world’s oldest oracle – for the uninitiated, I Ching is based on the principle that the universe is in a constant state of change. By decoding a series of hexagrams which represent different situations and energies, diviners can provide insights on the mysterious and changing ways of the universe; offering guidance and advice on how best to navigate it along the way.

Bayon Temple, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia (image via unsplash)
Bayon Temple, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia (image via unsplash)

For those with something specific in mind, Aki also offers his in depth expertise via general Spiritual Counselling sessions. With 1-on-1, in person or video call coaching available to receive guidance on the spiritual subject or goals of your choosing.

So what say you, Gold Coasters? Has life been feeling a little flat, or do you feel like you’re lacking clarity or purpose? Ready to dive in to the fascinating world of alternative healing and unlock your higher self?

If it’s answers you seek, Aki Scribe and Black Iron Arts’ holistic spiritual approach is where it’s at.

Where: Broadbeach
By appointment only
Website: blackironarts.com


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