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Fly through a hologram of the Gold Coast!

Imagine flying through the Gold Coast with your feet firmly planted on the ground – dodging buildings, darting between trees and over the ocean learning about our iconic landmarks along the way.

Holoverse in Southport, is the world’s first hologram adventure and it must be experienced to be believed.

The feeling is unlike anything else – you’re standing upright but feel as if you’re weightless.

The holograms are extremely realistic and were created by a Brisbane-based business with photos taken from a helicopter flight over the Coast.

Upon entering a hologram room, equipped with goggles, headphones and a throttle-like controller, you’ll place your feet in their designated spot. The floor and walls seem to disappear and are replaced by a 270 degree view of the Gold Coast.

With the controller you begin to fly above and through buildings and trees, over the shoreline and past parked cars.

To keep things interesting, there are rings placed throughout to fly through, in the sky, down low, in the middle of buildings – up down, and all around – and you get points for flying through them.

Fly Over the Gold Coast is the latest hologram experience at Holoverse but you can also go underwater and swim with the fish, jump down holes and visit Africa!

It’s perhaps the most hi-tech amusement attraction in the world and unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

For children and adults alike, Holoverse comes highly recommended for the most fun you can have flying solo, while standing on two feet!

HOURS: 10am to 6.30pm daily.

LOCATION: 59 Nerang Street, Southport.

Words by Kirra Smith.


Infinity Attraction

Up in the air iFLY

Imagine flying through the air without a care in the world and nobody strapped to your back with a HD Camera filming your every (terrified) facial expression.

Enter iFLY – a giant glass wind tunnel in the heart of Surfers Paradise allowing people of all ages and abilities to do exactly that.

Basically, you lean gently into the tunnel and are held in the air by winds of up to 170kph as if you’re flying.

It’s exhilarating, adrenaline pumping and not at all scary, each flight is equivalent to a 14,000-foot sky dive and the best part is, there’s no falling.

Wind speed is controlled based on each flyers weight and size and everyone gets a minimum of two flights. Book into the special High Fly sessions and experience a trained instructor whizzing you up to the top of the tunnel on your second flight!

Flying through the air not your thing? Feel free to sit in the viewing area and take photos of other people attempting to master the art and the impressive instructor demonstrations.

Popular with everyone from the local skydiving community to visiting families and those simply looking to try something unique, iFLY is also a great core fitness workout and the perfect physical activity no matter the weather.

So whether you’re three or 103, if you long to feel the wind in your air but aren’t too keen to leave the comfort of an airplane, you’re in luck.

Hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm.

Address: 3084 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, QLD.

Words by Kirra Smith.


iFLY is holding their first birthday bash on February 11th. There’ll be face painting, a colouring competition, helium balloons and 30% off for first time flyers.

Book online using the promo code WEAREONE.

Escape Hunt

Imagine being wrongly accused of murder, chained to a wall and having to rely on your friends’ detective skills to free you.

Welcome to Escape Hunt, Southport’s brain bending escape game that is guaranteed to test your problem solving skills like they’ve never been tested before.

Here’s how it works:

Players are placed in a room and given an hour to decipher clues and solve a particular mystery. At the moment, there are three unique rooms, each with a story and intricate set of clues.

Every single thing you can see (and some you can’t) within the rooms are part of the puzzle – there are codes etched on walls and hidden keys in unlikely crevices.

Recently added is the prison cell, where players need to decipher who actually committed the crime so they can break themselves out after being wrongfully imprisoned.

An hour seems like a lot of time, but there are many clues involved and if solving crimes isn’t your usual weekend activity, it can be tricky.

You’re welcome to ask for hints via the intercom but many opt to go it alone.

For an entirely unique and extremely enjoyable experience, give Escape Hunt a try. Play an individual room or get a package deal for all three and save them up for a rainy day.

Escape Hunt is the perfect fun activity to enjoy with your friends and family

It’s the most fun you can have inside a locked room.

HOURS: 10am to 10pm

LOCATION: 2/162 Scarborough Street, Southport.

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