• The Wax Museum

    56 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

    Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

The Wax Museum

Last updated 30th November, 2021


Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, The Wax Museum is home to the largest collection of authentic wax figures in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are two exhibits in the museum. The Famous People area contains wax figures that are carefully crafted and dressed in authentically reproduced costumes of their times. From movie and music stars, to politicians and notable figures in history, you will surely recognise many of the faces in this area. The Chamber of Horrors documents and dedicates its memory to the grim, staggering record of human cruelty throughout the ages. It contains  spine chilling depictions of various torture techniques through history, and is the only type of its kind in the world.

The dioramas feature characters from Australian history and famous Nursery Rhymes. Admire the attention to detail on these pint sized displays. These are very popular with the younger visitors!

The Wax Museum also contains full size replicas of the Crown Jewels, commissioned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her Coronation Rehearsals. Sparkling crowns, fabulous swords and beautiful sceptres and orbs!

From the famous faces we know to the gruesome and gory Torture Chamber, there is something for everyone at The Wax Museum!


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