5 secret Gold Coast swimming spots

While everybody knows Gold Coast beaches are some of the most beautiful on Earth, finding a car park on a summery Sunday morning is a nightmare equivalent to a creepy red headed clown peering out of your storm drain.

It’s quite the conundrum because summer is set to be a stinker and getting immersed is non-negotiable around these parts.

SURPRISE, we’ve got a solution. Here are five (soon to be not-so) secret local swimming spots that’ll solve all of your stinky summer problems.

Cougal Cascades
This one is so secret even we (knowers of all) hadn’t heard of it until now. Found underneath the towering peaks of Mount Cougal, the cascades are serenity in a swimming spot. Think creeks that flow into rock pools and cool, fresh water that’ll soothe even the saltiest of souls.
Where: Start at the end of Currumbin Valley Road

Box Forest Circuit
Lamington National Park is the local legend that keeps on giving. It’s a bit of a trek to get there but on the brightside, you’ll have earned your swim and there are plenty of Insta-worthy spots to stop for a snap. The water is clear and the vibes are chill, pack your walking shoes.
Where: Start at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

Twin Falls
Two good things are always better than one good thing (profound yes). Which is great because TWIN Falls guys. A short little (4km) circuit will take you through the national park, behind the waterfalls and through some rock caves before you’ll feel the need to strip off for a dip. It’s a feast for both the eyes and your heat-affected, cool water-craving skin.
Where: At the Natural Bridge via the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road car park

Froggies Beach
While Froggies is perhaps a little less secret than some spots, it’s no less golden. Between Snapper Rocks and Point Danger, it’s the perfect place for a spot of sunbaking if being seen by hordes of people ain’t your thing. Froggies is protected from the elements so perfect for a day of fun in the sun.
Where: Coolangatta

Araluen Swimming Hole
The biggest secret since Cougal Cascades, Araluen is a Tallebudgera locals’ favourite and one they probably wish we didn’t mention. But, since sharing is caring, here it is on the list. It’s a fresh water hole complete with a rope swing and it’s pretty much the epitome of Gold Coast summer fun. Take a picnic and your best fun-loving attitude.
Where: Close to the corner of Araluen Road and Tallebudgera Creek Road

Words by Kirra Smith



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