9 fun things to do on the Gold Coast in winter

We’re currently experiencing our very own version of winter here on the Gold Coast; slightly chilly temps, jackets for the first hour of the day and all of the snuggling under the doona for as long as possible.

It only lasts a little while but we’re all about making the most of it while it’s here.

So we’ve compiled a list of nine fun things to do in winter on the Gold Coast for your time-passing pleasure.

Smack some golf balls
Our latest golfing good time comes in the form of TopGolf, a multi-storey establishment up north that is indoors and also comes with heaters (should you need them) plus a bar for inner warmth and plenty of tasty eats options too. There are also actual golf courses if you’re brave enough to get out in the weather. Whacking balls makes you warm though. So do bulk beers afterwards.

Create something cute
There are so many little creative nooks popping up all over the Gold Coast of late, meaning many options for making things and keeping your hands warm at the same time. Hands on workshops are where it’s at friends. From pottery making to paint and sip classes, knit your own winter woollies and macramé, all of the things are on offer. The Craft Parlour has quite the array of classes plus here’s a few we prepared earlier.

Treat yourself to some pampering
Getting all cosy on a massage table sounds like the perfect way to warm up to us. There are many a five-star day spa on the Gold Coast to choose from and most of them have very warm spas to soak in. Burleigh also scored Erva Nail Spa last year, a stunning space using all organic goodies and offering up the most luxurious of manis and pedis ever. So treat yo’self for warmth and also pampering purposes… here’s the latest day spa offers too!

Eat and drink things
It goes without saying that the Gold Coast is an up and coming foodie destination with stellar new venues popping up every single week. Recently we’ve had a new brewery, gin distillery, mouthwatering baked goods, a new Burleigh cafe, Greek food, all of the varieties. You name it, it’s opened on the Gold Coast this year. Plus eating and drinking can certainly be indoor activities so you’ll be warm and full of goodness. Win, win.

See a show
Not only a foodie destination, we’re also a cultural one with stage shows, art exhibitions, backyard parties and musical events starting to happen again across the Coast. The newest take on a live concert is from the comfort of your car at a drive-in. Live at the Drive-In is making it’s debut on Saturday 4th July  and we’re pumped to see live music return! Check out our What’s On page to keep up to date with everything going on.

Release your inner child
Perhaps the very best way to warm up is to forget you’re an adult with responsibilities and a reputation to uphold (boring) and just let loose doing kid-type things. There is a whole lot going on in Surfers Paradise including locking yourself in rooms and attempting to escape, mini golf (warning: outdoors), dancing amongst holograms, racing go karts, air hockey, jungle gyms, you name it. Check out some favourites here.

Look in all honesty, leaving the Coast probably won’t make you warmer but it will give you something to do to take your mind off the chilliness. We’re so very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and even luckier that there are more beautiful places right on our doorstep. Mt Tamborine has some beautiful wineries, breweries, rainforests, day hikes, anything and everything you could possible want. It’s all good.

Happy wintering.

Words by Kirra Smith



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