Outback Queensland invites you to explore your backyard

Blackall Sculpture Trail (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)
Blackall Sculpture Trail (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)

How’s your passport looking right about now?

Likely shoved away in a drawer, a little dusty and rejected we reckon. And whilst we could go on about the woes of not being able to travel overseas and how it’s really, really bad and making us all sad, we must remind ourselves — we live in Australia.

We didn’t get the name of The Lucky Country for no reason. International visitors from far and wide are almost always taken back by the vastness and diversity of our nation, then, of course, the glorious beaches and natural wonders we have, before inevitably falling for our enigmatic Outback.

After all, the Outback can be as big if not bigger than most European countries!

How much of the Outback have you seen? For most of us, the answer is very little if anything at all, however, Outback Queensland Tourism wants to change all of that. They have just recently launched a carefully curated driving guide that highlights twelve tailored road trip itineraries and unmissable experiences. The guide promises to excite and inspire anyone who reads it to pack up the car and venture out into the undiscovered back corners of our Sunshine State. We do recommend telling your boss first though.

Explore Outback Queensland (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)
Explore Outback Queensland (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)

The Queensland Outback varies a lot and has all sorts of alluring things to capture the imagination for all of the family, from friendly fossil adventures, hidden gorges, Indigenous art, gold rush pioneering history right through to some jaw-dropping luxury stays.

Queensland’s big backyard spans 932,678km square (two-thirds of the state) and Outback Queensland Tourism is looking to educate Aussies on what the region has to offer and how it can be explored throughout the year.

The recently released Drive Guide showcases in detail eye-opening adventures, rich cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, indulgent retreats, and world-class Outback events – all naturally topped off with a generous serving of quintessential country hospitality.

“It has been a great summer for those in the Outback with the summer rains breathing even more life into the region, bringing along the spectacular Outback Queensland birdlife and wildflowers that truly are a sight to behold,” says Outback Queensland Tourism CEO Denise Brown.

Adels Grove - Lawn Hill (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)
Adels Grove - Lawn Hill (image supplied - Outback Queensland Tourism)

“From unbeatable bakeries to coffee that’d give your suburban local a run for its money, Outback Queensland has a lot on offer, and we are looking forward to showcasing it to the rest of the state.”

It’s not just hospitality either. Queensland has some of the best examples of prehistoric history in comparison to any other state. Add to this, quirky and unique experiences like Windorah’s International Yabby Race or how about a visit to Queensland’s most remote pub in Middleton to wet your whistle?

There is so much to see and do, making it almost impossible to do just one trip! So what are you waiting for? Get to it – start planning here!

Words by Alex Mitcheson.



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