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Ladies & gents, meet the ever-charming Tweed River House

Everything old is new again at this picturesque Murwillumbah dining destination.

Entry, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Entry, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Every once in a while, you stumble across a bona fide triple threat.

We’re talking phenomenal food, an impeccably styled space, a truly unparalleled location, and old-world hospitality. Wait, that’s 4 things, which means this place is so off-the-charts spesh, that it actually qualifies as a quadruple threat! Ladies and gentlemen, please take a bow for the majestic Tweed River House.

From the vantage point of the verdant riverbanks, settled at the tropical foothills of the Tweed Caldera in Murwillumbah, this century-old riverside plantation house has been lovingly restored to maintain its original character and charm. The elegant yet relaxed renovation creates a unique space that reflects the gentle pace of the Northern Rivers, oozing 1930s style with a French twist.

Le Bleu Cocktail, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Le Bleu Cocktail, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Restaurant owner / interior designer Gregory Lording has impeccably styled every inch of this space. From the patterned pressed metal ceilings in the main dining room, to the magnificent chandelier in the 10-seater private dining room, all the way to the wall art and décor choices. It’s also impossible to not mention the tranquility of the Tweed River, and panoramic views of the lush cane fields and mountain ranges. Bundle this all together and you get a truly unforgettable trip to Tweed River House.

Now let’s get to the food because let’s be honest, it’s kinda (really really) important to get this part right in making this a showstopping location. And folks, we are proud to report they nail it.

They offer mouth-watering French-style cuisine so delicious that they’ve been nominated for a Chef Hat Award by the Australian Good Food Guide. Their curated menu is hand-selected by Head Chef Joseph McGrattan showcasing only the best of each season’s produce; from the region’s fertile farmlands, riverways and ocean. Now you’re talking!

Mcauley’s Road Beef, Tweed River House (image supplied)
Mcauley’s Road Beef, Tweed River House (image supplied)

Once you’ve sampled their signature cocktail the Le Bleu, with ink gin, violet liqueur, orange syrup, lemon and whites (drooling over here), it’s time to peruse the menu.

You’re spoilt for choice between their two, three or five-course menus. Or perhaps you should up the ante with their degustation menu served exclusively in the chandelier private dining room.

If you prefer your choice of meals, we suggest to start the Jake Hill Rabbit Terrine, with confit rabbit and fair game chorizo terrine, leek, citrus rhubarb, hazelnuts, bush tomato gel and tarragon mayo. Then, move your way into the Bouillabaisse with Australian bay prawn, scallop, local octopus, chargrilled fish, mussels, cuttlefish, vegetables, house bread and rouille. Or, perhaps the McAuley’s Road Beef is more to your liking, with pink rump, with smoked mash, daube croquette, sautéed urliup mushrooms, bordelaise and pickled carrot.

Native Citrus, Tweed River House (image supplied)
Native Citrus, Tweed River House (image supplied)

And it’s safe to say dining out just isn’t complete without the icing on the cake – dessert. So, we suggest you treat yourself to the Native Citrus, with native citrus lemon aspen and honey cake, aspen ice cream, rum and finger lime cream cheese mousse and gingerbread crumble. Talk about finishing things off on a sweet note! We are sooo here for this.

For a relaxed yet contemporary culinary experience in a setting that captures the stuff dreams are made of, you know where to go.

Where: 131 River Street, South Murwillumbah NSW
When: Lunch – Thursday to Sunday, 12pm to 3pm. Dinner – Friday & Saturday, 5.30pm to 8pm.

Words by Bianca Trathen

River Terrace, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
River Terrace, Tweed River House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Tweed Mall

Cubby BakeHouse

There are very few things in the world we love more than baked treats and in particular, those crafted by people who love them as much as we do (probably more in fact).

So, it is with as much happiness as we can possibly muster, that we bring you this tale. It’s a tale of next-level baked goods, made by the best in the business and, as of this very day (November 7th) they are yours for the tasting.

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting (for them mostly, but also us, the baked goods lovers) Cubby BakeHouse swung open their stylin’ doors in Chinderah today and if anything has ever been worth the wait, it is this.

The southern newbie is the work of Ursula and Ben Watts, of Bam Bam Bakehouse fame, so you know it’s worth the (actually quite short) drive down to Chindy.

The space is directly opposite the Tweed River with a delightful little breeze blowing over to take the edge of this unnecessarily scorching heat we’re currently experiencing.

As you would expect, Cubby is both cosy and stylish with an intricately tiled floor reminiscent of a pretty puzzle, wooden furniture accents and a few perfectly placed pieces that give a nod to the local area and the Bakehouse’s laidback, waterview vibes.

An antique bakers’ trolley is home to some cascading greenery, a high ceiling with exposed beams pays homage to the original bakery tenants (over 100 years ago) and repurposed Tweed River crab pots made into light fixtures complete the picture. The style is similar to that of Bam Bam’s but the little space certainly has a charm all it’s own.

Now let’s get to the part we’re all most excited about shall we?

The menu is an absolute dream and that cabinet stocked with freshly made baked goodies is all the best things in the world.

The star of the show at Cubby, in terms of sweet treats, is the Vanilla Slice and thank you food Gods for you have truly smiled upon us. It’s light and soft and sweet and melt-in-your-mouth and we love it so much.

Savoury-wise, the baguette is your new best friend. Ben travelled to France for what he can actually claim to be work, to learn the art of baguette making from a French baker and of course, he absolutely nailed it.

Baguettes are scattered throughout dishes on the menu and every single one is constantly being batched as they say (baked to us regular folks) throughout the day. Every single thing in the place is actually.

Meaning baguettes, breads and sweet treats will always be of the freshest, crispiest, most delicious variety. Because that is how they do.

Oh and another absolute delight is the Banh Mi which comes in, get this, Karaage Chicken and Pork flavours and probably get one of each.

You may also pop in, grab a coffee and a baggy (as baguettes are affectionately known there), some cheese and some salami from the cabinet and head across to the river for a DIY picnic. But also go back for dessert afterwards.

It’s happy days down south a smidge guys, pop it on your weekend to do list and don’t forget to bring us back some samples.

Ta, bye.

LOCATION: 162 Chinderah Bay Drive, Chinderah
HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday 5.30am to 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Husk Farm Distillery

More and more these days we, the people, love knowing everything there is to know about local businesses. How they were created, how they operate, what goes into creating something that works.

Luckily for us, there are many an incredible local business popping up both on the Gold Coast and within the local surrounds that have interesting stories to tell, the latest of which is Husk Distillers.

Creators of Ink Gin (you know the magical purple elixir that changes colour), Husk Virgin Cane Rum and Spiced Bam Bam (spiced rum, love you), Husk Distillers was born in Tumbulgum, tiny little northern NSW town now home to a quite big, much-loved local brand.

Now, the impressive paddock to bottle brand have announced the opening of Husk Farm Distillery and it’s set to be an absolute must-visit destination.

Set on the Messenger family’s farmland with the stunning Wollumbin (Mt Warning) as the backdrop, the cellar door, bar and café will be open to the public in mid-June and, as you’d expect, there will be many a tasty treat.

The cocktail and café menus will showcase local produce, along with Blackboard coffee, gin and rum infused chocolates, local cheese/charcuterie boards and tasting paddles made from old barrel staves.

So all of the very best things. Plus of course, you can take home a bottle of Ink Gin or three for the cabinet slash that nights’ drinking shenanigans.

In case you haven’t heard the story; Husk is the baby of the aforementioned Messenger family, inspired by their love of all things rum and the culture of Caribbean, the family began their adventure in 2012, creating a plantation distiller on their cattle and cane farm.

Production began with their first paddock to bottle agricole rum, made with their homegrown sugar cane and capturing the flavours of the region.

The cane harvest is restricted to August – November and the months off over summer made way for the development of the ever-popular Ink Gin. Meanwhile, Husk Virgin Cane Rum and spiced rum, Spiced Bam Bam, quietly matured on oak in the background.

Ink Gin hit the market with a bang, with lucky sippers getting on board with the smooth Australian taste and quirky colour change of the butterfly pea (from blue to purple) when you add tonic. So great.

And now, after much hard work from the Messenger’s and much gin sampling from us, Husk Farm Distillery is set to be our new favourite destination drinking hole.

Bring on mid-June for bulk roadtrips down south.

LOCATION: Dulguigan Rd, North Tumbulgum


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