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One Spa

Ever had one of those days where you just CANNOT anymore? Same. But you can also never quite put your finger on what it will take to bring you back to life? Same, times two.

Well, we went in search of the answer and you may not be surprised to hear that it is complete and utter pampering at the hands of someone who knows exactly what pampering means.

And we also know just where to get it. You’re welcome.

One Spa at RACV Royal Pines in Benowa is the answer and there aren’t enough words to describe the experience of the pampering you’ll receive there but here we are, giving it a good old fashioned try.

The stunningly decked out space has been there just five short years and in that time, has amassed a following of people who now truly understand the definition of affordable luxury spa experiences.

Upon entering, you’ll notice how calm and quiet it is, especially compared to the chaotic outside world you will quite soon forget. It’s a special kind of magic, all welcoming and cosy and heavenly.

Similar to the extremely fluffy robe and slippers you’ll be handed to pop on while you sit for a minute in the relaxation room overlooking the water and complete with resident ducks and the sounds of bubbling water. Here you may sip on lemon and ginger tea and read health and wellbeing books like the relaxed, stress-free little poppet you are soon to be.

We opted for a 60 minute massage which, by the way, was the best massage we’ve ever experienced all perfect pressure and taking place in a dark room with no talking.


Beforehand though, we took part in a 30-minute steamroom situation, that is optional but should absolutely be taken up. Here you may wash your hair, exfoliate your body, make steamy mist fall from the ceiling, have a cold shower or simply just sit and let yourself be steamed.

It is both the perfect pre-treatment time and 30 minutes alone doing nothing at all which is a godsend in itself.

So obviously we HIGHLY recommend a massage at One Spa but of course, the exceptional team also offer ten-star facials, body, hand and foot therapies and grooming services.

Their piece de résistance though are water therapies consisting of everything from the simple (but life-changing) steam shower to a private outdoor Jacuzzi experience, Hydrotherapy baths, Massage Jet showers and Vichy showers. All of which are the ultimate in indulgence.

If you’d like to extend your time there and try a few different therapies tied up into one sweet little package that is the very best idea you’ve ever had. Choose from Escape, Unwind, Indulge and Nurture each of which last from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. And you obviously deserve that.

At the end, you’ll get more time in the relaxation room plus a few extra treats and then you can be on your merry way, walking on clouds and oblivious to exactly what it was that bothered you at any point in your life before this one.

We cannot overstate the absolutely incredible time that was had during our experience at One Spa. It was, quite simply, something we’ll never forget.

Go see for yourself.

LOCATION: RACV Royal Pines, Ross Street, Benowa

Words by Kirra Smith


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