3 escape rooms to solve your way through

Escape Hunt (image supplied)
Escape Hunt (image supplied)

If you’re the type of person who likes to shake things up a little when they go out on the town, then escape rooms are for you. Also known as an escape game, puzzle room or exit game, it is a challenge like no other.

As little as two people or up to a full-blown team will need to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms to complete a specific objective, often with a limited amount of time. The main aim of the game — like the name suggests — is to find your way out!

These venues can come with a variance of rooms, styles, and difficulties. Once you start to become a bit of a professional at these kinds of places, then you begin to come across next-level puzzles and the smallest of clues that require an acute eye for detail.

Sounds like some hella good fun, right? Next time you’re doing a night out, a birthday, or require some team bonding, check out these three Gold Coast escape venues for a captivatingly fabulous time.

The Escape Hunt Experience
Offering four differing themed escape rooms, each and every game has a set timer of an hour, and therefore it is up to you to solve the puzzles and get yourself out in that time! If you’re feeling competitive, you can even set up duplicate rooms and compete against friends, family, and colleagues and see who can solve the clues the fastest. Whether it’s murder or mystery, either way, you’re in for a heart-raising 60 minutes.
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Where: 2/162 Scarborough Street, Southport 

Padlock'd exterior (image supplied)
Padlock'd exterior (image supplied)

The owner of Padlock’d, Sean Wilson, didn’t even know what an escape room was until three years ago, but he was unequivocally hooked after his visit. Spending the next few months visiting numerous escape room venues and brainstorming how he might make his own bigger and better — he finally brought it all to fruition. The Surfers Paradise venue has a whopping seven different games for you to choose from, some scary and some just plain brain taxing. Hot tip: rock up a little earlier and let the small puzzles in their foyer get your upstairs muscles firing on all cylinders. Want to give it a go?
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Where: 3177 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise

Strike Bowling Bar (image supplied)
Strike Bowling Bar (image supplied)

Strike Bowling Bar – Escape Rooms
Being an all-round mecca of good fun and entertainment, Strike Bowling Bar Surfers Paradise not only has nine-pin bowling, karaoke, a Holey Moley and top food and drinks — they also have two unique yet perplexing escape rooms you ought to give a try. Between two and six players can work together to solve their way out of an alien invasion or an old abandoned mansion you just so happen to have taken refuge in. Mix this experience with everything else on offer here, and you’ll be entertained for hours.
Where: Circle on Cavill, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Padlock'd Escape Rooms (image supplied)
Padlock'd Escape Rooms (image supplied)



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