Things to do on the Gold Coast at sunset

Sunset is the best time of day (some say sunrise but we wouldn’t know) so sunset it is. Especially here on the Gold Coast where the colours of the sky are both incredible and ever-changing at that time of day.

In celebration of receiving gifts you never knew you needed, we’ve compiled a little list of things to do at sunset on the Gold Coast.

Happy sky gazing.

Overlook the Gold Coast at Mt Tamborine
Way up high above the Gold Coast is obviously the perfect spot for a bit of sunset spying. With 180-degree views of the ocean and the pretty cityscape in the foreground, you’ll be in awe of just how beautiful the Gold Coast actually is. There are lots of vantage spots but we suggest the Eagle Heights Hotel because not only do they offer the very best views, they also have icy cold beer, wine and many other delightful beverages. The food’s good too. Why not make a weekend of it and stay a night or two for extra sunset action.

Kick back at a rooftop bar
No explanation necessary but wait for it. Quite obviously there aren’t many better places to watch the sunset than up high at a rooftop bar of which there are many on the Gold Coast these days. Decide on your fave, pick the very best vantage spot and kick back with a beverage in hand while the sun slips behind the horizon. Poetic. Oh and while you’re there, treat yourself to some tasty treats and you’ll have had quite the time.

Pack a picnic at Duranbah Beach
The hill above Dbah is quite the popular little spot come sunset and it’s not hard to see why. Perched up there you can see for an absolute age and the only thing between you and the sunset is a pretty patch of salt water. Pack a picnic (cheese and wine compulsory) and take someone you really like along to witness the absolute spectacle that is sunset too. You might catch a glimpse of a pro surfer down in the waves while you’re there too.

Take a dip absolutely anywhere
Yep so it makes sense that any one of our numerous beautiful beaches is also the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. Plus, at the moment, the water is an absolute treat so you may as well get immersed in it while you’re watching. Bob around in the waves while the sun sets and marvel at the magical ways the sky changes colour while you lie back and live your very best life. 

Sip frosty beers at a surf club
How lucky are we to have surf clubs? SO lucky. Affordable beers and eats, super chill vibes and, of course, always found by the ocean for bulk sunset watching opportunities. Grab one of those affordable beers, a crew of mates who also enjoy a good time and pull up a table facing the sea. It’s the most laidback, Gold Coast-esque way to enjoy a sunset and some good company while you’re at it.

Prep your schedules friends, a sunset is on it’s way at this very moment.

Words by Kirra Smith