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6 of the best Gold Coast buffets

Terraces, Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast (image supplied)
Terraces, Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast (image supplied)

The history of buffet styled eating is a mixed affair. Its origins could be said to hark back to a mixture of cultures — from Asia to Europe. The ‘smorgasbord’ became internationally known as such at the 1939 New York World’s Fair exhibition, because the Swedes had to invent a new way of showcasing the best of Swedish food to large numbers of visitors. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Whoever can claim to have been responsible, we’re not fussed! The point is buffets — and smorgasbords — are amazing ways to reach newfound eating goals, and we’ve got quite a few exceptional ones right here on the Gold Coast. Happy binge eating, folks!

Terraces Restaurant
It’s the seafood buffet extravaganza in Main Beach that locals keep returning to time and time again, and as one of those locals, we can tell you it’s got all of the very best things you’ll love. Yes, fresh seafood galore but also a whole charcuterie section, an excellent Asian dish section, and so many delicious desserts to choose from. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Where: Level 1, Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, 71 Sea World Drive, Main Beach

Harvest Buffet
The much-loved, and greatly-missed Buffet has finally made its post-COVID return – and boy are we excited! Now back open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, you’ll be sure to leave this place bursting at the seams. We must make special mention of their dinner offering which includes the freshest seafood like oysters, prawns, sushi, roasts from the carvery as well as crowd-pleasers like pizza, pasta, curries, soups and salads. Should we also mention they have a decadent dessert bar? Yep, complete with a chocolate fountain! It’s our buffet dreams answered!
Where: The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach

Il Barocco, Palazzo Versace (image supplied)

Il Barocco
It’s a quality over quantity affair at Palazzo Versace’s Il Barocco. After all, this is a 5-star luxury property we’re talking about! The team use only the very best, locally sourced seafood and the aim of the game is to create a fresh, diverse looking buffet — which they nail. Besides exceptional seafood, there are hot and cold meats, vegetarian dishes and the prettiest looking dessert section. Treat yourself, why don’t you to the most luxe buffet setting on the Coast. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Where: Palazzo Versace, 94 Sea World Drive, Main Beach

Frenzy’s Food Court
Catering to the entire family, Frenzy’s at Southport Sharks is open for dinner and offers an extensive buffet selection featuring dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. The all-you-can-eat buffet offers a tasty range of meats, salads, international dishes and desserts, all available between 5.30pm and 8.30pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Yep, we don’t know about you but we have our plates ready!
Where: Olsen Ave & Musgrave Ave, Southport

Citrique at JW Marriott Gold Coast (image supplied)
Citrique at JW Marriott Gold Coast (image supplied)

One of the most beautifully presented buffets around is Citrique at the JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa. Recently renovated, they are renowned for a next-level, seasonal seafood selection, and folks; it is the goods. Every dish you could possibly want is available at Citrique, including yum cha, sushi, curries, antipasto, European dishes, and speciality plates you’ll absolutely fall for in a big way. It’s open for buffet breakfast daily, with Thursday — Sunday buffet sittings in the evenings and lunches Saturday and Sunday. Plus be sure to check their monthly feature flavour at the buffet! Currently, for the month of July expect to see an array of Incredible Indian.
Where: JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa, 158 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise

We would like to boldly state that QT Gold Coast’s Bazaar is exceptional, and if you have not been, no excuse will suffice! Feel like a steak cooked perfectly medium-rare? Not a problem. Their helpful chefs can create made to order dishes right in front of your eyes, bake pizzas, and dish up fresh and cooked seafood, slow-roasted meats, epic salads, an Asian food section and the most delectable dessert offering on the Coast. It’s an absolute must-try and is open for breakfast daily as well as dinner Tuesday — Saturday.
Where: QT Gold Coast, 7 Staghorn Ave, Surfers Paradise

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Bazaar, QT Gold Coast (image supplied)

11 of the best Gold Coast restaurants for seafood

Omeros Bros (image supplied)
Omeros Bros (image supplied)

Everyone loves a bit of oceany goodness on their plates, do they not? Okay, maybe not everyone but WE DO, so here’s a tale of tasty feasts from the sea and the best local Gold Coast venues to enjoy them at.

If you’re in the market for a seafood extravaganza, here are 11 exceptional Gold Coast venues to hit up ASAP. 


Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant
A stunning space overlooking the water at Marina Mirage, Omeros Bros have been serving up the highest quality seafood for as long we can remember. If you’re a fan of all the ocean eats, grab yourself a platter and let the good times (and full bellies) roll. Next-level indeed.
Where: Shop 55/74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

Part of The Star Gold CoastKiyomi is a stunning Japanese venue showcasing the highest quality seafood in an array of dishes you’ll probably never forget. Executive Head Chef Chase Kojima has received a prestigious Chef’s Hat, so you know you’re in for an absolute treat.
Where: The Star Gold Coast, Casino Drive, Broadbeach

Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Seafood Buffet (image supplied)
Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Seafood Buffet (image supplied)

Terraces Restaurant
Located within the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort at Main Beach, Terraces is a much-loved seafood buffet (currently serving an ocean-to-plate dining experience) that’ll make your mouth water on sight. The produce is the freshest and tastiest and you can go back for seconds or thirds. It might be time to loosen that belt…
Where: 71 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

George’s Paragon
Every local knows, George’s Paragon is where it’s at when it comes to seafood on the Gold Coast. Their legendary and huge seafood platters include fresh king prawns, smoked salmon, mixed oysters, barbequed bugs, barbequed prawns, garlic prawns AND battered prawns. The extensive Greek-inspired menu is perfectly complemented by the restaurants’ perfectly positioned location overlooking the marina at Sanctuary Cove.
Where: 46 The Promenade, Sanctuary Cove

Moana Restaurant and Bar
Moana can be found at Capri on Via Roma serving up the freshest of seafood, all locally sourced and with a focus on the flavours of the Pacific Rim, and let us tell you, there is many a tasty morsel on the menu. The Tahi is made up of the fish of the day, juicy prawns, scallops, bugs on rice and white wine beurre blanc sauce. YUM.
Where: Capri on Via Roma, Isle of Capri

Moana Restaurant & Bar (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Seascape Restaurant + Bar
Pop your fancy pants on and get up to Seascape Restaurant + Bar. Perched above the Surfers Paradise oceanfront, you’ll experience some of the most incredible seafood of your life. It’s locally sourced and mouth-watering the whole lot of it.
Where: 4 The Esplanade, Soul, Surfers Paradise 

Choofas Smokehouse and Seafood
At the southern end of the coast, you have the casual dining option of Choofas to satiate your need for all things seafood and delicious. The selection of seafood is huge meaning there is likely something for everyone. You also have the option to eat your prawns there or take them home with you to enjoy at your leisure. With a well-stocked bar full of drinks to boot, this Coolangatta gem is a seafood lover’s dream come true.
Where:  150 Griffith St, Coolangatta

Rick Shores
I’m not sure we have to say much more here than… Bug Roll. Rick Shores famed the Moreton Bay Bug Roll with Sriracha, Bug Mayonnaise and Gem Lettuce. It may only seem like a few ingredients but it’s mighty big on flavour and reputation. Yes, every dish on the menu is top-notch and the magical view adorns many an Instagram account… but people, Bug Roll!
Where: 43 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Rick Shores Moreton Bay Bug Roll (image supplied)
Rick Shores Moreton Bay Bug Roll (image supplied)


Charis Seafoods
The biggest seafood retailer in Queensland, Charis Seafoods has been supplying the freshest of foods to hungry locals for quite some time. Whether you arrive by boat and just want some freshly cooked fish & chips or you’re in the market for some fresh prawns, everything here is the goods, so feast to your little hearts’ content.
Where: 371 Marine Parade, Labrador 

Two Wise Fish
Being hungry + craving seafood = two deciding factors to take you to Two Wise Fish. It can be found in Mermaid Waters and is up there with some of the best takeaways we’ve ever sampled. Get the seafood basket, and maybe some fresh fish for you to take home and throw on the barbeque?
Where: Shop 1/64 Karbunya Street, Mermaid Waters

The Jolly Roger
If healthy fish and chips are something you’d like to sample, look no further. The Jolly Roger offers Keto fish and chips and it’s all very delicious. The crumbs are made from an almond meal as opposed to flour and there’s also the healthier option of zucchini chips. YUM. Oh, and there’s beer on tap to sip while you’re waiting too.
Where: 3/110 Mountain View Avenue, Miami

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

The Jolly Roger (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
The Jolly Roger (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)


7 mouth-watering steak restaurants on the Gold Coast

Black Angus (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
Black Angus (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

We’ve come quite the distance from our caveman ancestors, these days we’re pretty lucky; we can wander into the local supermarket decide between cuts and then potter home to sizzle them up.

The love and taste for a good steak have never changed or indeed grown old (we mean it with the utmost respect for our vegan comrades out there). We think steaks are delicious and can’t imagine for one minute a world where they don’t exist (shudder).

Like most cooked dishes, it’s sometimes best to leave it to the pros — by that, we mean people in tall white hats who are culinary wizards. It begs the question: where does one go to experience the best sensory sensation you can have with steak on our fair coastline? Well, read on to be enlightened on the very best venues you can visit to get your daily dosage of iron.

Harry’s Steak Bistro
Primely positioned in the epicentre that is Burleigh Heads, Harry’s Steak Bistro sets the benchmark pretty high when it comes to damn fine steak. The menu reflects some clever thought as you’ll also see great Aussie produce in the form of delicious Ballina prawns and succulent New England lamb ribs. If you’re the type of person who isn’t scared to put their hand in their pocket, the Signature Cuts section of the menu is there to please your discerning tastes. Oh, and how could we forget, there are unlimited fries to go with all of that as well. Winner.
Where: 1744 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Glenelg Public House Rib fillet, 250g, full blood wagyu (image supplied)
Glenelg Public House Rib fillet, 250g, full blood wagyu (image supplied)

Glenelg Public House
This Mermaid Beach gastro-style pub has a solid reputation as the place to go for incredibly tasty steaks. Make no mistake, this status hasn’t been garnered through anything else but top-notch produce and devoted, knowledgeable chefs. The steak selection is immense, with meat coming from all over Australia catering for all palates and not to mention budgets. Whilst you’re there you’ll enjoy a pleasant low-lit and sultry décor which will certainly make you feel quite relaxed. Food aside, the drinks list is worth noting, with some carefully considered wines and impressive cocktails that will make you leave that little bit happier.
Where: 9/2460 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Cavill’s Steakhouse
Previously known as Cav’s Steakhouse in its previous Labrador location (and famous for its recognisable fake cows that changed costume every so often), this institution is a steak lovers dream. You know there is a strong chance this place is the goods when the menu has a separate section denoting steak toppers, with the option of adding garlic prawns, pork ribs, and the likes to your already delectable steak. Well played. The venue is a firm favourite with the locals and so focused on bringing you the very best cuts of meat they boast their very own butcher shop. Yep, you read that right – so your quality of entertaining at home just got that much better. With great views and a rooftop bar to top things off; a trip to the new Runaway Bay Steakhouse should be firmly at the top of your list.
Where: 6 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay

Black Angus
When a waitperson brings a sizzling smouldering plate of something appealing to your neighbours’ table you can be forgiven for feeling waves of jealousy. Well, no more! If you opt to check out Black Angus — which we strongly suggest you do — you’ll be treated to your tantalising steak arriving at the table on one of their trademark volcanic hot rocks. The experience isn’t just for your eyes and ears, as the rock is intended to continue cooking your meat at the table, ensuring your last bite is as hot as the first. Dinner with a show if you ask us!
Where: 2893 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise

Dry Aged Sirloin, Nineteen at The Star (Image supplied by The Star Gold Coast)
Dry Aged Sirloin, Nineteen at The Star (Image supplied by The Star Gold Coast)

Moo Moo
Moo Moo has been impressing locals and visitors alike with its sophisticated décor and saliva-inducing menu for the last 15 years. Feel like it’s time for a date night? Well, their famed 1kg spice-rubbed Wagyu rump cap could be the decadent choice for a couple who have managed to escape the kids at home.
Where: 2685 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach

Outback Steakhouse
Shopping can be quite the vocation. Should you find yourself at Pacific Fair after a shopping odyssey like no other, and feel it’s time to refuel, then we highly recommend you get yourself a good hit of protein and iron from Outback Steakhouse. The no-fuss service and casual atmosphere will be much to the liking of some people meaning you can walk in and dig into some tender meat in no time. And if you’re not feeling red meat for whatever reason, the Not Steaks section of their menu has you well and truly covered.
Where: 1608, 2-30 Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach

Nineteen at The Star
If James Bond ever made his way to the Gold Coast, we’re sure he would drop by the much-coveted Nineteen to eat some incredible food and sip martinis. The lavish décor and incredible views aside — the selection of mouth-watering steaks here are downright impressive. From grass-fed Victorian rib-eye to grain-fed Queensland Angus sirloin — not to mention an entire section devoted to just Wagyu — this is the kind of place where skipping lunch is a very wise move.
Where: Level 19, The Darling at The Star Gold Coast, Casino Drive, Broadbeach

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

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