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Two Wise Fish

A fresh new catch for Mermaid Waters.

Pretty sure there’s nothing more ‘summer in Australia’ than fish and chips on the beach with a few cold beers (or rosés if you’re fancy) and fifteen litres of sand in places sand should not be.

Anyway. The purpose of that somewhat unrelated introduction is to let you know that Two Wise Fish opened in Mermaid Waters recently and there’s not a scrap of sand in sight.

Quite the opposite in fact. The fish and chip shop is a little bit fancy with thick strands of rope strung across the ceiling and dotted with those lights we all love that show the actual wire strands all sparkly, zapping around inside. Fishing-related adornments (which definitely have actual names) hang from the ceiling on one side and the front bar, ordering-bench thing is made of thick pieces of wood, reminiscent of fish scales.

From the outside, Two Wise Fish is a little fisherman’s cottage complete with lights at the front door and two big old windows so you can creep on all the goodness being cooked up inside.

Owners Belinda and Nick Gates are delightful characters and after a recent move back to the Coast from Europe decided to open a fish and chip shop with a bit of a healthy spin. They’ve employed all their children and the good vibes are strong in this little space. The fams passion is to deliver “really good fish and chips” and deliver they do.

So quite obviously there are fish and chips but you can choose from snapper and grilled salmon or the fish of the day. There’s also a Golden Crumbed Fish & Salad Sandwich, house made fish cakes and Fresh Prawn Lettuce Rolls and an array of tasty burgers among other delightful snacks.

Snacks is a great word.

The seafood is delivered fresh daily (in a bucket no less) by local fishermen and that may just be our favourite part.

Oh except for the fact that Belinda comes from three generations of fishermen (people) and Two Wise Fish was named after a photo of her grandparents and two huge fish that hangs on the wall and represents the many years of fishing knowledge that brought the shop into existence. Love.

We had mackerel and chips and a seafood basket (it was raining and we shared) and they were THE GOODS.

Clearly you can take all the foods away but a. don’t because it’s really fun in there and b. sand in crevices.


LOCATION: Shop 1/64 Karbunya St, Mermaid Waters
HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 8pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.