Fresh, healthy fish and chip eatery sails into Miami

How good is a Sunday arvo by the water as the sun sets with a cold beer and/or rosé in hand, some delicious lemon laden fish and chips and a few of your favourites by your side? So good is how good.

Imagine then, if said lemon juice-laden fish and chips were actually healthy (as opposed to the usual greasy, finger-lickin kind) and you could add a crisp, tasty side salad AND you knew were eating fresh, Aussie fish cooked to perfection. What an absolute time.

So surprise, all that is now available for your fish and chip loving selves in Miami thanks to the opening of The Jolly Roger on Mountain View Ave where you can also find That’s Amore (excellent Italian eats) and Little Itoshin (excellent Japanese eats).

It’s a nicely decked out little space with just the right amount of ocean paraphernalia and a rustic, relaxed vibe that makes it a sweet spot to spend a bit of time in. Which you should because there are a couple of Black Hops beers on tap which are served in giant skull glasses (that’s our fave thing) plus a range of wines and a little piccolo should you wish to partake in a tipple while awaiting your eats.

As mentioned the seafood is as fresh as fresh can be with all the Aussie fish, prawns, squid etc. brought in a few times a week to ensure max flavour and goodness. All batter, crumbs, salads and sauces are made in house, so again with the freshness.

On the menu are all your usual favourites including yes fish and chips of the Hoki (the only non-Aussie one on the menu), Flake, Barramundi and Tofish plus calamari, prawns, scallops, fish bites, potato scallops (hand cut YUM), coconut prawns and seafood sticks.

There are also burgers including the Cow Shed Beef Burger with a premium Angus Beef patty and all the burger things (for just $12 guys), a Soft Shell Crab Burger with a whole crab and a Fish Burger that is also just $12. So that’s cool.

On the little Street Grill section there’s Baby Squid and Trawler Prawn Skewers and they are very delicious and your choice of regular potato or sweet potato chips.

Now all of those things are made with health in mind, they’re as good-for-you as possible and far more so than the regular BUT the piece de resistance of healthiness at The Jolly Roger comes from their Keto section.

That’s right folks, Keto fish and chips are a thing now meaning there’s no carbs and no sugar and they’re high in fat which is very good for you. The crumbs are made from almond meal as opposed to flour and you can have those on fish and calamari and also zucchini chips. Which is so great even if you’re not a Keto person and want to eat fish and chips but be good about it.

Either way, it’s all very tasty and you actually feel good after eating it so that’s a big old yes from us.

LOCATION: 3/110 Mountain View Ave, Miami
HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 11am until 8pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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