Trader Trove

4 reasons you need to have Trader Trove on your radar..

This isn’t your stock standard homewares store, it’s so much more than that.. A creative space, full of positive vibes and happy energy. Avalon Beban has created your ultimate zen den, open for all to share and all to enjoy. Here’s why Trader Trove should be on your treasure map…

1. Your “jungalow glow”

If you’ve been eager to create that Bohemian vibe in your own home, this is your one stop shop. Furnishings, homewares, artwork and greenery guaranteed to create the ideal boheme vibe. Papasans, Mamasans couches, hanging chairs, rattan furniture, throws and rugs are just a few of the specialty treasures you can find here. Trader Trove’s delightful products are sourced from all over the world including India, Africa, Turkey, Morocco and even the sunny Gold Coast 🙂

2. Workshops

Trader Trove has been cleverly designed to enable the most use of this inviting space. Owner, Avalon Beban is excited for the space to be shared by like-minded people. She anticipates the likes of yoga, art exhibitions (check out point 3!), craft, book clubs and essential oil workshops just to name a few. The entire space can be rented after hours, or smaller areas can be utilised during the day.

3. Mitch Gobel’s first ever art exhibition!

The exhibition launch party for “Paradise Valley” will be held on Saturday 12th November from 6pm – 9pm, with the artwork on display at Trader Trove until 19th November. Byron Bay local Mitch Gobel, who has just moved to Noosa with his sensual sidekick Sally Mustang; creates some amazing pieces of resin art. Be sure to get your tickets to this, limited numbers available.

Get your tickets here: http://www.mitchgobelresinart.com/prints/paradise-valley-opening-party

Instagram: @mitchgobel_resinart & @ sallymustang

4. Support Local Business

Still only in their first week of opening, Trader Trove are passionate about supporting local business and are aiming to get more local suppliers on board. They currently stock some gorgeous local Gold Coast soy candles and are continuing to unpack boxes of the good stuff sourced from our own backyard.

Make sure you drop in and say hi!

Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

22 Christine Ave, Miami QLD


By Amy Merridan



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