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Meet Dave Galvin

Is this the Gold Coast's busiest restaurateur?

Dave Galvin, owner kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin, owner kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Dave Galvin is the man behind some of the Gold Coast’s most beloved dining establishments, including kōst, Mozza Mozza, and Crafty’s. But that’s not all – his culinary empire is about to expand even further with a massive new development set to open in Kirra this November. Despite being possibly the busiest restaurateur on the Coast, he carved out some time to answer our questions about his new ventures and what he loves about the GC hospitality scene.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
On and off since 2010 while opening QT Gold Coast, and then I opened my first venue Crafty’s in 2018 so true local since then.

What do you love the most about the Gold Coast?
The lifestyle is amazing, laid back people, a stunning coastline and a climate that can’t be beaten!

Dave Galvin at the opening of kost, Boradbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin at the opening of Mozza Mozza, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I love to have fun first and foremost, everything personally and professionally has to a whole heap of enjoyment involved in it. We have a new family, so I love spending as much time as I can with my little man as possible. On the professional front, hospitality is in my blood and I love delivering amazing hospitality and building great teams. Hospitality is a people game, and you can’t do it by yourself, so a positive culture and amazing leaders are super important to me.

Exterior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Exterior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

You recently opened a new restaurant in Broadbeach. Congratulations! Tell us a little bit about kost.
kōst bar and grill is our latest venture at SITE Hospitality, and it is a coastally inspired, wood-fired grill and cocktail bar. It’s a stunning design, beautiful cocktail bar, private dining room and plenty of amazing outdoor seating. The food is world class, and the cocktails are next level. It has hit the mark from the start, and we are very busy with so much local love, and tourists alike.

Dave Galvin at the opening of kost, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin at the opening of kost, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

You own and manage a lot of venues, so tell us, what’s the secret to running a good business?
It’s tough running multiple businesses, as you need to be in all of them equally, although when you open a new venue they are all-consuming. Our secret sauce is having really strong concepts, great brands and beautiful designs, and backed up by our people, and I’m lucky to have some great leaders in the business, that can keep the vision and culture aligned and on track, so the businesses can run successfully with new openings happening fairly regularly. Next year is a year I’m really looking forward to, and it’s all about stabilising our businesses and innovating at the same time.

What do you think about the hospitality scene on the Gold Coast
I think there is a lot of good, but not a lot of great hospitality on the Coast. There are some great operators doing some cool things, however there are a lot of old school operators comfortable doing what they have been doing for years. I see the Gold Coast as an exciting region for hospitality. in saying that, it can be fickle so you have to be good at what you do, and be consistent, as no one wants to waste their time or money on something average.

Dave Galvin, Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin, Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

What do you love the most about running businesses on the Gold Coast?
The people, it’s a region where you can nurture passionate staff with minimal experience and build them up to deliver something special in each of our venues. I’ve also spent 20 years in Sydney, so having venues close by and minimal traffic is a huge bonus, and having a beach at every turn helps dealing with the pressures of business.

Do you have anything else exciting in the pipeline?
We have our biggest and most exciting project which just got announced last week, being Kirra Beach House at Kirra Point. It’s the Kirra Beach Hotel redevelopment which launches in November. Kirra Beach House will be a 1200sm beachside, hospitality and entertainment venue consisting of 3 cocktail bars, cabanas over the beach, sprawling terraces and a stunning large scale wedding and event venue in one. I’ve been working on the project with the KTQ group for the past five years, and I have never experienced such a commitment to design and delivery, and an amazing group of people as well. This is going to be a Gold Coast, if not South East Queensland destination hot spot!

Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)
Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites:
Favourite café: Daark Espresso, Chirn Park
Favourite restaurant: Now it is kōst obviously
Favourite bar: Paloma Wine Bar, Burleigh
Favourite beach: Kirra Beach

How do you choose to spend your days off?
In the old days it was long lunches and rounds of golf, these days it’s more family time and champagne on the balcony.

Dave Galvin (image supplied)
Dave Galvin (image supplied)

Broadbeach’s hottest new haunt is flamin’ grill-i-ant

Interior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Interior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Something grill-iant has been a ‘cookin in Broadbeach, with the eagerly anticipated arrival of kōst Bar & Grill set to swing open its swanky new digs this Saturday.

A brand new spot for sophisticated sips taking up residence in the Oracle Blvd precinct will lure us in with the hypnotising aroma of flame-grilled food and an equally enticing facade.

kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

A contemporary bar & grill concept, boasting one of the city’s only charcoal wood-fire grills, this mammoth new space is set to redefine the way we meet and eat in Broadbeach.

Along with seafood towers, roving champagne and caviar trolleys, and a purpose-built dry aged cool room that can be seen (drooled over) from Oracle Boulevard, our wining and dining game is about to cop a serious upgrade.

Interior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Private dining at kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

A meticulous project three years in the making for hospitality honcho Dave Galvin, kōst is the ultimate culmination of 25 years of hospitality experience all poured into one shiny, sleek and sexy venue.

After already bringing us faves such as Crafty’s, Mozza Mozza and Bird Royale, Dave has really been playing the long game to ensure kōst is a show stopper in every sense of the word.

kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
O’Connor Beef T-Bone, kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

The brief was to deliver a coastal inspired, design led space with a sensory immersion through food, wine, cocktails and live fuel cooking methods — with the first two-metre Mibrasa charcoal grill and oven in Australia the venue’s crowning jewel.

Dave adds “I have always been a huge fan of charcoal and live fuel cooking and dining in a beautifully designed venue. These are just two of my passions that were part of the inspiration for creating Kōst. After an extensive search, we finally managed to find the perfect location where we could bring this concept to life.”

Dave Galvin, owner kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin, owner kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Seizing the opportunity to snap up three previous tenancies, kōst has amalgamated the sites into one sprawling super-venue.

The luxurious space boasts an impressive 130-seat restaurant, in addition to private dining room, bar dining and outdoor pavilion spaces.

Though the space is just as pretty as it is functional, with cascading greenery, marble surfaces, chic lighting and arches a-plenty.

Charcoal grill at kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Charcoal grill at kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Returning to Australia this year to oversee the culinary direction for kōst, Executive Chef Sebbie Keynon developed the entire menu, bringing inspiration from restaurants across the globe in Paris, London, Moscow and Jakarta.

The trademark theme of relaxed luxury is also carried through the menu, with top shelf produce elevated with a little help from the signature wood-fire treatment.

Treat yourself to everything from boujee ‘bar snacks’ like coal roasted potato, labne, smoked roe, through to the roll of the moment, bay lobster roll, gem lettuce, kōst signature sauce, and the premium Australian wood-fired lobster where 24 hours notice is required #worththewait.

Exterior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Exterior of kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

There’s a full suite of premium seafood with options like the Raw Bar, and dishes such as kōst ceviche, citrus rressing and a prawn cocktail, kōst signature sauce revival, through to the seafood platter and seafood tower when it’s truly time to indulge.

kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Margra Lamb Rack. kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Though, how coal-d you skip the kōst specialty ‘Over Embers’ offering, with a full selection of ocean, land and earth delights to spark a whole lot of culinary joy?

Even the drinks get the grill treatment, with a Mahalorita, 1800 coconut Tequila, Cointreau, charred pineapple, toasted coconut, lime, smoked salt we’d be tempted to walk over hot coals to get our hands on.

kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Though it might come at great kōst to our social budgets and waistlines — we’re tipping that pretty soon, reflecting on Broadbeach’s eats scene will be defined as a whole new era: before-kōst and after-kōst, with this impressive new venue set to steal the show.

Where: 3 Oracle Blvd, Broadbeach
When: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 11:30 am–9 pm, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 am–9:30 pm and Friday, Saturday 11:30 am–11 pm
Instagram: @kostbarandgrill_au
Website: kostbarandgrill.com.au

Words by Kellie Leader.
Images by Mathilde Bouby.

kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
kōst Ceviche. kōst Bar & Grill, Broadbeach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

The Inside Scoop

Renders of Vikasati Bathhouse, Southport (image supplied)
Renders of Vikasati Bathhouse, Southport (image supplied)
Vikasati Bathhouse to Open Second Location on the Gold Coast this Spring

Vikasati Bathhouse, renowned for its holistic approach to wellness, is excited to announce the opening of its second location at The Alcove, near Ferry Road, in Southport this spring. Following the success of their Brisbane location, founders Ben Murphy and Will Stodulka are bringing their innovative wellness destination to the Gold Coast.

Vikasati, known as the House of Wellness, offers an outdoor bathhouse experience featuring hot and cold magnesium plunge pools, stand-up ice baths, and a state-of-the-art sauna. Every element is designed to optimise hot and cold immersion, providing a sanctuary for both escape and community connection.

“We can’t wait to bring Vikasati Southport to life this spring. While Will and I have been doing ice baths and saunas for almost 10 years, we enjoy welcoming those who are ice bath curious and just want to give it a go,” said Murphy.

Vikasati Bathhouse will be located at The Alcove, 15 Pinter Drive, Southport. Guests will have the option to visit casually, with sessions starting from $46. Memberships for those who join the waitlist prior to opening will be available from as little as $25 a week.

Bluey & Bingo are coming to Main Beach (image supplied)
Bluey & Bingo are coming to Main Beach (image supplied)
Bluey’s coming to Main Beach Gold Coast!

It’s time to get your wag on with the biggest event in the dog social calendar about to hit Tedder Ave, Main Beach.

It’s the Gold Coast’s famous 2024 Top Dogel & Dachshund Dash event and it promises to have more tail sniffing, more good boys and more fun and excitement than ever before.

In its fifth year, the modelling competition is sporting new talent and sponsors. And one of the world’s most vertically challenged breeds, dachshunds, will be putting it all on the line to see who’s fastest on the ground.

Entries are closing July 26 so if you think your four-legged pal has what it takes to be crowned Next Top Dogel, now’s the time to get into the competition.

As well as seeing furry companions fly and pooches of all varieties compete for the prestigious Top Dogel title, this year’s event will also feature a Live Interaction Experience with Bluey and her little sister Bingo, plus a chance to meet the Heeler sisters.

Find out more here.

Tarte Market (image by Jade Quinlivan Photography)
Tarte Market (image by Jade Quinlivan Photography)
Bring the best of Tarte into your home with Tarte Market

In fantastic news for Tarte lovers (aka everybody), Tarte Market has officially opened in Currumbin, right next door to Tarte Beach House Restaurant & Cafe.

With everything fans love about Tarte now available to buy at Tarte Market customers will be whisked away by their famous sauces, jams, and pickles, ready to take home. They’re not loafing around, with a selection of take home meals, their signature crockery, stylish homewares, plants, pots, and more all up for grabs.

Patrons can now enjoy house-made raspberry jam, lemon curd, and salted caramel anytime. Plus, they offer artisanal Queensland gelato with signature house-made toppings such as choc chip cookie crumble, salted caramel, pistachio praline.  Plus the finest strawberries coated in melted chocolate to order!

It’s truly a mixed bag of delightful offerings, designed to bring the best of Tarte into your home. They also have custom branded Tarte stand up paddle boards coming soon to keep the tradition going for the community and stay true to the well-known shop that was previously on the corner.

George Calombaris, Palette, HOTA (image supplied)
George Calombaris, Palette, HOTA (image supplied)
George Calombaris to lead exclusive culinary events at HOTA

HOTA, Home of the Arts, has today announced celebrity chef George Calombaris will team up with Palette restaurant to deliver Greek-inspired events across the precinct for one day only on Saturday 17 August. Presented by Experience Gold Coast, culinary and foodie enthusiasts are in for a rare delight with the high-profile Greek chef teaming up for a Greek takeover of HOTA that promises to be a feast for the senses.

Known for his innovative approach to Greek cuisine and his celebrated role as a judge on MasterChef Australia, along with multiple award-winning restaurants and cookbooks to his name, Calombaris is a prominent figure in the culinary scene. Calombaris will bring his culinary expertise to HOTA for a day of not-to-be-missed events including a masterclass, an exclusive up-close and personal dinner at Palette and a ‘Souva pop-up’ in The Exhibitionist Bar.

Guests can join an interactive afternoon masterclass on HOTA’s outdoor stage for a hands-on experience where Calombaris will share his secrets to creating exquisite Greek dishes, offering tips and techniques for guests to elevate their own skills and create culinary masterpieces at home. Guests will complete the masterclass with a cocktail that will leave tastebuds tantalised.

For those looking for something more intimate, an exclusive 5 course dinner event will be held at Palette, with a bespoke menu jointly curated by Calombaris and Palette’s Executive Chef, Dayan Hartill-Law. The bespoke menu will pay homage to the Hellenic traditions that have shaped Calombaris’s culinary journey, with each course reflecting the vibrant flavours and timeless techniques of Greek cuisine, reimagined with a contemporary twist. From the freshest locally sourced ingredients to the meticulous presentation, the menu will celebrate the essence of Greek gastronomy. This Hellenic lens will bring a touch of Calombaris’ current restaurant The Hellenic House Project’s sophisticated style for an evening of culinary excellence finished with a Q&A session of fascinating insights hosted by Hartill-Law.

The Exhibitionist Bar will play host throughout the day to a Souva pop-up event featuring three of Calombaris’ signature souvlaki flavours and his famous feta fries. The Souva pop-up will be available from 11am, with guests strongly recommended to book ahead.


Elk Espresso Winter Menu (image by Nosh by Jade Quinlivan)
Elk Espresso Winter Menu (image by Nosh by Jade Quinlivan)
Elk Espresso drops a stellar new winter menu

Elk’s new winter menu will have you wanting to emulate the Europeans and dine alfresco, while soaking up the sun and catching feels over every single new offering. Bold flavour combinations link up to sing harmoniously on the plate. Think curried vegemite scrambled eggs with pecorino. Or a delectable miso-caramel porridge topped with apples, quince and almond cream. Or, for those yet to get on the matcha train, the initiation can start with the matcha panna cotta, offset with strawberry caviar and a yuzu yoghurt.

Weekdays in winter are at their best when the sun is high in the sky, and the Elk lunch special is available. A casual $35 nabs you a fat cheesy croquette starter, a main; be it house-made ricotta gnocchi with sage and nduja, or the brisket toastie which feels like part Big Mac, part Reuben sandwich, and a glass of wine from a winery in McClaren Vale.

Dessert aficionados can also find relief in the honey lavender French toast, which features a piece of brioche coated in sugar so that the top cracks like a brûlée, emitting a stream of lavender cream. It is a dish made for the theatre; made for those days where taking the sweet option and maybe adding an extra layer during this glorious Queensland winter feels nothing but luxurious.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts (image supplied)
Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts (image supplied)
Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to State of Origin supporters!

The State of Origin is heating up, and Krispy Kreme is here to sweeten the deal for fans around the country…
Here are all the delicious details:

  • On June 26, celebrate the Men’s State of Origin second game with a FREE Original Glazed doughnut when you wear either NSW Blue’s or QLD Maroon’s footy shirt, scarf, hat or a like in-store!
  • And AGAIN on June 27, show your team pride during the Women’s State of Origin final and snag another free Original Glazed doughnut just for sporting your team’s gear.
  • + Limited Edition Blues and Maroons doughnuts are now available at all Krispy Kreme locations – talk about the ultimate game day snack!
Prestigious artworks from the National Gallery of Australia at HOTA (image by Adam Shaw, Axis Productions)
Prestigious artworks from the National Gallery of Australia at HOTA (image by Adam Shaw, Axis Productions)

Prestigious artworks from the National Gallery of Australia will be unveiled and on display at the HOTA gallery for the next two years, in what is a significant coup for the Gold Coast.

As part of the Sharing the National Collection initiative, locals and visitors to the Gold Coast will have the rare opportunity to view artworks from distinguished international and Australian artists acquired from the National Gallery of Australia’s Collection in Canberra as part of the new exhibition “A Bigger View.”

A Bigger View, presented by Experience Gold Coast, will bring together masterpieces of monumental proportions to transform Gallery 3 and will also include major works of art from the HOTA Collection spanning decades and continents, with each piece epic in scale and subject where visitors will embark on a journey of epic proportions. The exhibition will feature several paintings all demonstrating various approaches to the genre of landscape painting, allowing visitors to be awestruck as they contemplate the world around them whilst exploring a bigger view.

The artworks from the National Collection will hang alongside works from the HOTA Collection, available for free public viewing in Gallery 3 as part of multiple curated exhibitions throughout the loan period.

Renders of the propose Lyric Theatre at HOTA (image supplied)
Renders of the propose Lyric Theatre at HOTA (image supplied)
Gold Coast Sets the Stage for $538M Lyric Theatre

The Gold Coast City budget accelerates plans for HOTA’s $538 million Lyric Theatre. The city council has allocated at least $1 million in the budget to accelerate this ambitious arts project, aiming to bring a world-class theatre experience to HOTA, Home of the Arts.  Mayor Tom Tate emphasized the importance of this investment, stating, “This new allocation is simply a top-up needed to make the project shovel ready for future state and federal funding.”

The new theatre is designed to host major productions and is expected to draw an additional 260,000 visitors annually, contributing significantly to the local economy. The potential integration of a conference center and major renovations to the existing HOTA central building are also under consideration. This project promises not only to elevate the cultural landscape of the Gold Coast but also to deliver substantial economic benefits, with projected returns of $35 million in accommodation and visitor spending over five years. The investment marks a significant milestone in the city’s cultural development.

Brooki Cookies (image supplied)
Brooki Cookies (image supplied)
Crumb-tastic News: Brooki cookies hit the Gold Coast!

Hey Gold Coasters, get ready to crumble (in the best way possible)! The cookie connoisseurs at Brooki Bakehouse have answered our sugar-coated prayers and, thanks to a sweet collaboration with QT Gold Coast, brought their famous chunky cookies to the Gold Coast for the whole month of June. That’s right, you can now snag Brisbane’s best cookies without leaving our sunny shores, right at the QT Gold Coast.

These TikTok famous cookies, baked fresh daily, are available for pick-up from Fixx Cafe at the QT Gold Coast. Whether you want just one to satisfy your sweet tooth or a six-pack to share (or not), they’ve got you covered. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

Shiraz Persian Restaurant, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Shiraz Persian Restaurant, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
First Table celebrates a decade of innovation and connection

As First Table marks its tenth anniversary in September this year, the restaurant discovery platform is celebrating a decade of revolutionising the way food enthusiasts engage with venues and cuisines and providing restaurants with a unique tool to attract off-peak diners.

Since its humble beginnings in Queenstown in 2014 and expansion to the Gold Coast in October 2015, the company has grown to operate in over 50 cities globally.

The concept for First Table was sparked by founder Mat Weir’s experience at a small French restaurant in Queenstown, which offered 50% off the food bill when you booked the first table of the night. The ‘locals’ secret’ was used as a promotional tool by the restaurant to attract other diners by seating them at a table visible to those passing by outside.

This idea led Mat, a software developer, to create an online marketplace that benefits both diners and restaurants by enhancing visibility and dining traffic during quieter times.

Today, First Table connects over 1.4 million foodies with over 1,700 restaurant partners across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The platform’s success lies not only in its numbers but also in how it has transformed dining culture. It encourages people to try new cuisines, enjoy more meals with friends and family, and support the hospitality industry by filling otherwise empty tables.

The First Table app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

First Table has given Inside Gold Coast a special offer to share with our readers. Sign up on the app using the code INSIDEGC or via the website on this link to receive $5 First Table booking credit towards your first booking.
Usually $10.
New accounts only.
First Table offer is 50% off the food bill for 2-4 people and drinks are regular price

Pacific Fair’s Beauty Weekend will host a Paullie pop-up (image supplied)
Pacific Fair’s Beauty Weekend will host a Paullie pop-up (image supplied)

Following the immense success of last year’s event, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre is thrilled to be bringing Beauty Weekend back to the centre this June.

Fuelled by the rise of social media, the beauty industry continues to witness a significant transformation in the consumer decision making process, with TikTok being a powerful driving force among shoppers due to its authentic and influential nature.

The Gold Coast shopping centre has felt the impact these purchasing habits firsthand, with an increasing number of shoppers seeking out trending products showcased on social media platforms, thus the creation of ‘Beauty Weekend’.

This year’s event welcomes an added element of excitement, as Pacific Fair’s Beauty Weekend will host the inaugural pop-up shop for Paullie – the skincare brand which sold out within 7 minutes of launching last September.

Pacific Fair’s Beauty Weekend will run from June 15 to June 16, with exclusive giveaways, a free Beauty Lounge to indulge in samples and experiences from beauty brands including Sephora and Tom Ford, and a pop-up Beauty Bakery offering complimentary Cinnabon’s.

Additionally, alongside the Paullie pop up shop, two-hundred lucky customers will win a meet and greet with the brand’s founder, Anna Paul.

Tipsy Tea, Coastal Moon Distillery (image supplied)
Tipsy Tea, Coastal Moon Distillery (image supplied)
Coastal Moon Distillery Launches Tipsy Tea: A Refreshing New Take on Spiked Iced Tea

Gold Coast based Coastal Moon Distillery is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest product, Tipsy Tea, a delightful blend of premium vodka and real black tea. This innovative spiked iced tea promises to deliver a refreshing experience perfect for any occasion.

Tipsy Tea, crafted by Coastal Moon, offers a unique twist on traditional iced tea by incorporating high-quality vodka and natural flavors. The first flavor to hit the market, Sparkling Peach, combines the juicy sweetness of ripe peaches with the classic taste of brewed black tea, all with a gentle sparkle to enhance the drinking experience.

“We wanted to create something that not only tastes great but also stands out in the ready-to-drink market,” said Harley Anderson for Coastal Moon Distillery. “Tipsy Tea is our answer to those looking for a sophisticated yet fun beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.”

Tipsy Tea is proudly produced in Australia, supporting local artisans and ensuring top-notch quality. Currently available in packs of 4 or 24 cans, Tipsy Tea can be purchased online and at select retailers across the country.

Harbour Town Premium Outlets renovation render (image supplied)
Harbour Town Premium Outlets renovation render (image supplied)
Harbour Town Premium Outlets Unveils Major $7 million Development

Harbour Town Premium Outlets is thrilled to announce an exciting development set to transform the Southern mall into a premium destination with the introduction of the Convenience Mall Upgrade.

Spanning the length from JB Hi-Fi to the Fruit Market and extending to the area adjacent to the Harbour Town Eats water fountain, this development marks a significant enhancement to the Centre’s infrastructure and aesthetics.

Scheduled to commence construction the first week of June and anticipated to conclude in late November 2024, the Convenience Mall upgrade is an investment of approximately $7 million.

The project aims to rejuvenate the oldest section of the Centre, harmonising it with the modern, biophilic design elements present throughout the rest of the open air centre. Highlights of the upgrade include the introduction of two new dining and food kiosks, revitalised flooring, enhanced landscaping, more seating and shade, and the creation of a picturesque courtyard outside Woolworths, replacing the existing fountain.

Throughout the duration of the construction, retailers will remain open.

New Private Diing Room at Kiyomi, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
New Private Diing Room at Kiyomi, The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)

Japanese signature dining experience, Kiyomi, has opened its doors with an elevated look and feel, delivering on its promise of an ambience anchored by ritual and art.

The Star Gold Coast’s acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Kiyomi, is taking the ordinary to the extraordinary, showcasing its collision of ritual and art throughout its interiors, elevated menu and a brand-new private dining space. The creative philosophy of Ritual and Art brings theatre to Kiyomi for a multi sensorial experience, promising unexpected twists to dining, and a lasting impression on guests to return for more.

Guests seated in the 112-seat main dining space, including the bar and sushi counter, will experience contemporary mood lighting and a warm, welcoming ambience that plays delightfully with a hint of traditional Japanese calligraphy artwork across the walls. The entry experience has been further refined, welcoming guests with a lavish blend of raw and transformative textures.

The space is also elevated with a new 16-seat private dining space, thoughtfully designed to create an intimate and moody dining experience that uplifts the senses. The space features dramatic textures, innovative lighting, and bold graphic artwork, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese elements and the venue’s sophisticated aesthetic. The design aims to provide a luxurious and engaging environment for all guests, enhancing the overall ambiance of Kiyomi.

Guests will have the opportunity to experience Kiyomi’s new look, feel and taste and reserve an exclusive dining experience in the private dining room from 23 May 2024. The new private dining space will be open for lunch, offering a selection of set menus and a Sushi and Sashimi grazing table. For dinner, guests can choose from a 10-course Omakase menu or the Premium Omakase menu, featuring a Chef demonstration.

Big City Lights (image supplied)
Big City Lights (image supplied)

Following an extremely successful pilot program in 2022, BIG CITY LIGHTS* is back this winter.   Experience Gold Coast has announced the impressive BIG CITY LIGHTS* program which features more than 39 works across more than 40 locations, including Nerang Street, Scarborough Street, Regent Lane, Davenport Street and Davidson Lane in Southport.

The festival is family friendly and free. It will be presented over three weekends from 21 June – 7 July 2024, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights, 5.30pm till 10pm. The cutting-edge, self-guided festival features immersive audio-visual experiences, large-scale digital works, 3D-mapping and installations that transform Southport’s laneways and buildings into an outdoor gallery – literally using the building façades as a blank canvas.

BIG CITY LIGHTS* will also feature live music and performances in venues and at outdoor sites across the Gold Coast CBD, adding to the appeal of the free, family-friendly and accessible festival to a wide demographic of locals and drive-market visitors.

RACV Royal Pines Resort’s ballroom, largest hotel LED screen in the Southern Hemisphere (image supplied)
RACV Royal Pines Resort’s ballroom, largest hotel LED screen in the Southern Hemisphere (image supplied)

RACV Royal Pines Resort’s ballroom unveiled the largest hotel LED screen in the Southern Hemisphere last night, measuring 24 metres long, securing RACV Royal Pines Resort’s place as a leader in the Australian conferencing and event market.

The multi-million-dollar investment in this immersive technology is complemented by additional major audio-visual system extensions, including motorised production cameras, stage and studio lighting, upgraded distributed audio system, laser projectors and mobile staging solutions. There is also improved outdoor lighting and wheelchair and limited mobility access at the venue.

RACV Royal Pines Resort hosts an impressive array of local, national and international conferences each year, with 15 versatile event spaces, accommodating up to 1800 delegates within a 333-room luxury resort. It is one of the largest conferences and event spaces in the Gold Coast market.

Technology is just one aspect of the recent upgrades, with additional improvements including a new executive lounge, refurbished rooms and elevated dining experiences, giving event organisers endless customisable options.

Crafty's 1.5kg burrito challenge (image supplied)
Crafty's 1.5kg burrito challenge (image supplied)
Are you ready to take on the ultimate 1.5kgs burrito challenge?

Get ready to devour the biggest burrito of your life! Bring your appetite and your A-game to Crafty’s Sports Bar on Sunday 26th May from 12pm for the ultimate 1.5kgs burrito eating challenge.

Prizes, glory, and bragging rights await the champion!

Think you can handle it?

Register to attend before Thursday 23rd May and they’ll email you everything you need to know!

QTea x Brooki Bakehouse Takeover (image supplied)
QTea x Brooki Bakehouse Takeover (image supplied)
Brisbane’s viral cookie sensation, Brookie Bakehouse is taking over the QT this June!

From Sunday 2 June until the month’s end, Brooki Bakehouse takes a sweet steer on QTea high tea. Indulge in Brooki’s viral-worthy cookies or take a bite of her mouth-watering macarons, together with savouries by QT Chefs.

To kick-off the month-long collaboration, QT Gold Coast presents, Q’s and Tea, an exclusive event on Saturday 1 June, hosted by Brooke Saward, the powerhouse behind the Brooki Bakehouse brand.

Guests can be the first to experience the Brooki QTea high tea as they listen to the baking sensation share how she turned her culinary passion into a viral sensation. Delving into business insights and the future trajectory of Brooki, this event promises to dive deep behind the brand and its sweet success. For more information go here.

Yo-Chi Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Yo-Chi Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Cult-followed frozen yogurt and acai brand, Yo-Chi opens in prime Soul Surfers location

Yo-Chi, Australia’s favourite frozen yogurt and açaí brand makes more waves on the GC, opening its doors to the beachfront paradise of Soul Surfers. Situated directly across from the beach, the exciting addition marks Yo-Chi’s 3rd Gold Coast location and 8th for the state of Queensland.

Joining the renowned Soul Boardwalk, the beachside location perfectly aligns with Yo-Chi’s no-fuss, relaxed ethos. With nearby venues Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise already known for huge crowds most nights, it’s anticipated that locals and visitors to Soul Surfers will flock to the newest location.

Luna’s at The Oasis (image supplied)
Luna’s at The Oasis (image supplied)
Luna’s at The Oasis is now open for breakfast!

Luna’s at The Oasis, a premier authentic Italian restaurant in Broadbeach, is thrilled to announce that they will be opening for breakfast, and the menu is certain to delight locals and tourists.

“We are incredibly excited to now open for breakfast. It was our customers that requested we open for breakfast and serve some of their favourite dishes to start the day with gusto,” said Henry Hunt, Director of Luna’s at The Oasis.

Breakfast at Luna’s will be served from 6am to 12pm daily. An extensive selection of fresh pastries, mouthwatering breakfast options including ricotta & smoked salmon toast, spicy scrambled eggs, croque monsieur, almond croissants are just some of the dishes on offer, along with specialty coffee. Guests can now indulge in a rich espresso and start their day with a taste of Italy at Broadbeach.

NFL Academy Artist impression (image supplied)
Gold Coast NFL Academy Artist impression (image supplied)
National Football League to Open NFL Academy on the Gold Coast

The National Football League has announced it will open an NFL Academy in Australia in September 2024 to service the Asia-Pacific region, as the league continues to invest in long-term global football development efforts and pathways for international talent.

The NFL Academy is a major global initiative by the NFL offering talented student athletes the opportunity to combine full-time education alongside intensive training in American football (tackle) — under the guidance of a world class coaching staff.

“We are excited to bring the NFL Academy program to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region – underlining the league’s ambitions and commitment to grow the sport and the fan base in the market in the long term,” said Charlotte Offord, general manager NFL Australia and New Zealand. “The NFL Academy, alongside the ongoing investment and development in NFL Flag, will not only see more boys and girls engage with our sport, but offers more pathways for young athletes to play the game in the region in the years ahead.”

NFL Academy Artist impression (image supplied)
NFL Academy Artist impression (image supplied)

The NFL Academy will be based at A.B. Paterson College in south-east Queensland on Australia’s Gold Coast, and in partnership with the college will focus on athletic, educational and career pathway opportunities for the student-athletes and the wider community.

Opening its doors in September 2024, student athletes aged 12-18 years old will be eligible to apply for a place in the elite football development program in Australia. The NFL Academy and A.B. Paterson College will support students with the best education and resources, while promoting football performance, player pathways and future collegiate scholarship opportunities.

The NFL and A.B. Paterson College, supported by the City of Gold Coast and the Queensland State Government, will also fund and build an elite high-performance NFL Academy facility on existing college grounds, to be completed in 2026, that will also be available for community use.

This will be the second NFL Academy for the league globally, with the first in the U.K. supporting athletes from across Europe and Africa. More than 40 alumni have secured college football scholarships in the U.S. since its inception with over 30 students set to play college football in the 2024 season, and 19 of those athletes playing in Division 1 college programs.

NFL Academy talent recruitment camps will take place in Australia and New Zealand beginning in June 2024, with successful participants from these trials joining the first academic class of the NFL Academy in Australia. Athletes who cannot attend a camp are also eligible to apply at www.NFLAcademy.com

Bird Royale, Southport, now offers catering (imager supplied)
Bird Royale, Southport, now offers catering (imager supplied)

Bird Royale, the purveyors of crispy, succulent, juicy charcoal chicken, salads, burgers, roasts as well as being Gluten Free specialists, has gained a cult following since opening in late 2022. Due to so many requests for private and corporate catering, Bird Royale has announced today that a full catering menu is now available, cooked fresh daily from their Brickworks location on Ferry Road. Exceptional flavours for every occasion.

Fresh wholesome salads brimming with locally sourced produce, crispy gluten-free and halal certified fried chicken, made-to-order sandwiches, hunger-busting burgers and their signature charcoal chicken are now all available for private or corporate catering. There are plenty of vibrant and delicious options, including gluten-free for 10 to 300 people, ideal for office lunches, meetings, corporate / special events, parties and Christmas parties!

Kirra Point (image by Elise Hassey)
Kirra Point (image by Elise Hassey)
Kirra Point Holiday Apartments invite you to ‘stay a while’ in the lap of luxury

Developed by KTQ Group, the creators of award-winning Elements of Byron, Kirra Point Holiday Apartments open on 12th April, as part of Kirra Point’s buzzy new lifestyle Precinct. The high-end rental apartments are set to usher in a new era of luxury accommodation for the coastal region.

Located just a short five-minute drive from Gold Coast airport, Kirra Point Holiday Apartments cleverly balance hotel-like comforts with the ultimate in elevated modern apartment living. The generous, elegant, and well-appointed apartments are designed to suit families, couples and larger groups alike, and offer a mix of one, two and three-bedroom iterations. Decorated in effortless contemporary style, the apartments boast expansive ocean views of Kirra Beach

Kirra Point Holiday Apartments are located mere metres from the beach and within the highly anticipated Kirra Point Precinct, allowing travellers direct access to the recently unveiled Kirra Beach House and Kirra Beach Hotel — both superb spots to enjoy a cold beer or cocktail and casual meal overlooking the beach.

Basq House Hotel, Byron Bay render (image supplied)
Basq House Hotel, Byron Bay render (image supplied)

Located in idyllic Byron Bay, and on Bundjalung Country, Basq House is a 32-room boutique hotel set to open in Autumn 2024. A discrete haven for travellers, Basq House will be a hideaway in the heart of Byron’s village centre, offering guests an oasis of calm and sophistication, and a hotel from where you can explore the hinterland, vibrant restaurant scene and renowned beach-culture.

Much like a house, and with a distinct indoor-outdoor aesthetic, the floor plan of the hotel consists of a reception area, that doubles as a bar, a generous, speakeasy-style Lounge Room, which flows through to the outdoors, and a Library, which will feature bespoke floor-to-ceiling bookcases and shelves filled with an eclectic collection of books, low-slung sofas and a large open fireplace for an extra cozy vibe in the cooler months. Landscaped greenery will frame the jewel in Basq House’s crown, the central swimming pool, to create a welcoming sanctuary with custom cabanas and sun loungers.

With Byron Bay being the wellbeing capital of Australia, Basq House will have a holistic approach to health and wellness. The hotel’s rooftop will be a space to retreat to for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. During the day there will be zones for yoga, meditation and personal training sessions. Come sunset, it will transform into a chilled place for sunset drinks and star gazing for hotel guests only. The hotel will also have and a multi-level wellness destination with infrared saunas, ice plunges, flotation tanks, massages and more.

Tallebudgera Creek boardwalk render (image supplied)
Tallebudgera Creek boardwalk render (image supplied)
‘Final piece of the puzzle’ in Tallebudgera Creek upgrades

The Tallebudgera Creek glow-up continues with the boardwalk undergoing a $3.4 million upgrade. The boardwalk follows other improvements in the popular beachfront location including upgrades on the nearby training wall and Tallebudgera Creek Park, which was completed in February.

“A new and improved boardwalk will be the final piece of the puzzle in our Tallebudgera Creek upgrades,” said Mayor Tom Tate.

“Tallebudgera Creek is one of the coast’s most popular spots for locals and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of our city.”

“The improvements are crucial to accommodate a growing number of people and improving safety and aesthetics, as well as reducing future maintenance and boosting protection against erosion impacts from floods, storms and king tides.”

A new 4-metre-wide deck will replace the existing 2 metre boardwalk and new features will include seating, lighting and a viewing platform. The upgrade also includes new landscaping with 30 new trees being planted alongside a range of coastal vegetation. There will be new support piers constructed and a small rock wall added to provide erosion protection.

The boardwalk renewal and upgrade is supported by an Australian Government grant totalling $2,473,650 through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

Work on the boardwalk is taking place Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm with access along the boardwalk and beach between Tallebudgera Creek Park and dog off leash area temporarily closed. A temporary detour via the Gold Coast Highway and nearby surf club is available during construction.

The Tallebudgera Creek boardwalk project is expected to be completed in August this year.

Italian Renaissance Alive, HOTA (image supplied)
Italian Renaissance Alive, HOTA (image supplied)
HOTA has today unveiled the Australian premiere of Italian Renaissance Alive created and produced by Grande Experiences, opening March 30 at HOTA Gallery.

From this weekend, HOTA Gallery’s expansive 1000m2 exhibition space transforms into a vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound with Italian Renaissance Alive, the next major exhibition from the contemporary arts and cultural precinct.

Audiences can prepare to be captivated by the beauty and brilliance from arguably the most significant artistic period in history, as they explore some of the most notable masterpieces from famed historic artists including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Caravaggio.

From the creators and producers of the most visited multisensory experience in the world – Van Gogh Alive – Grande Experiences brings to life this interactive experience featuring stunning Renaissance art as an immersive digital experience.

Visitors can treat themselves to an exclusive Italian Renaissance Feast by Palette Restaurant, featuring renowned Italian television personality and author, Silvia Colloca, kicking off the evening with a Q&A and drink on arrival, with tickets on sale in the coming weeks.

Gold Coast Airport Master Plan Aerial Plaza (image supplied)
Gold Coast Airport Master Plan Aerial Plaza (image supplied)
New Master Plan unveils airport of the future

Gold Coast Airport today unveiled plans to deliver a future-focused precinct with the addition of a retail village, health and wellness hub and conference and tech centre as proposed in its 2024 Preliminary Draft Master Plan.

The document outlines the strategic vision and sustainable growth objectives of the airport and surrounding precinct over the next twenty years, with a more detailed focus on the initial eight years leading up to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Under the plan, Gold Coast Airport will reinvent itself as a destination within its own right – delivering a reimagined precinct that serves the communities of the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales.

Queensland Airports Limited CEO Amelia Evans said the Master Plan vision is to deliver an airport of the future.

“We want to be more than an airport, we’re committed to creating a mixed-use precinct that would further benefit the local community, with the addition of a retail village, health and wellness hub and a conference and tech centre,” she said.

Gold Coast Airport’s 2024 Preliminary Draft Master Plan is open for public consultation and community feedback until 14 June 2024. It is available to download on the website www.goldcoastairport.com.au/masterplan

Zirque La La, The Pink Flamingo, Broadbeach (image supplied)
Zirque La La, The Pink Flamingo, Broadbeach (image supplied)
Get ready to party because the Pink Flamingo Gold Coast is BACK and BETTER than ever!

After dazzling audiences at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Pink Flamingo Gold Coast has been RELOVED and will be REOPENING its doors on Friday 22nd of March.

Get ready to experience the glitz, glam, and pure entertainment that only the Pink Flamingo Spiegleclub can deliver. From electrifying performances to decadent cocktails, they’re bringing the heat back to the Gold Coast!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate night out! Secure your tickets to one of their three world-class productions and experience an unforgettable evening of spectacle and excitement. Let’s flockin’ go!

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab, native finger lime, green apple, coconut, chilli, Citrique Producer Spotlight (image by Markus Ravik)
Fraser Isle Spanner Crab, native finger lime, green apple, coconut, chilli, Citrique Producer Spotlight (image by Markus Ravik)

In the vast expanse of Australia’s local aquaculture and nearby oceans lies a treasure trove of undiscovered ocean produce, waiting to be brought into the limelight.

JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa’s signature restaurant, Citrique, has partnered with fish provedore Umar Nguyen (@thefishgirl) to showcase the most unique sustainable seafood from Australian seas in a new six-course degustation menu that launched on 11th March 2024. The menu will bring underutilised species and produce to the forefront in an exquisite culinary odyssey curated by Paul Smart, Executive Chef.

“Our collaboration with Umar Nguyen is the first in a series of ‘Producer Spotlight’ menus set to launch over the coming year at Citrique as a demonstration of our commitment to celebrating the finest local produce. Each menu will showcase a unique new ingredient captivating diners to join us on a new culinary journey. This new launch heralds a new era for Citrique as we continue to champion Australia’s bountiful seafood produce and experimentative flavours with subtle nods to Asia”, said Executive Chef, Paul Smart.

Wagyu and Scampi, potato rosti, blue caviar,Citrique Producer Spotlight (image by Markus Ravik)
Wagyu and Scampi, potato rosti, blue caviar,Citrique Producer Spotlight (image by Markus Ravik)

The elegant ambiance of Citrique has always made it a favourite destination for locals, and the new Producer Spotlight Menu is a decadent way to experience a taste of the modern Australian cuisine Citrique is known for with a special homage to the bounties of our nearby seas.

The Producer Spotlight menu will be available at Citrique from 11th March on Mondays to Thursdays until the end of May 2024 for $129pp (additional $59pp for six-course wine pairing). Bookings can be made via www.citriquerestaurant.com

Highlights from the collaborative menu with Umar Nguyan are also available on Citrique’s new a la carte menu, available Mondays to Thursdays.

Heinemann Australia ribbon cutting at Gold Coast Airport’s domestic terminal (image supplied)
Heinemann Australia ribbon cutting at Gold Coast Airport’s domestic terminal (image supplied)
New Heinemann store in Gold Coast Airport creates world-class, seamless shopping experience for all travellers

Heinemann Australia has officially opened the doors to its new store in Gold Coast Airport’s domestic terminal. Commemorated by an elevated ribbon-cutting ceremony and launch event attended by senior partners, stakeholders and local media on Thursday 7th March, the landmark store formally opens ahead of the busy Easter travel period.

A first for the domestic terminal, and as part of ongoing upgrades to the precinct, the store brings a world-class luxury shopping experience to Gold Coast domestic travellers, now with a full beauty, fashion and accessories offer, exclusive to Heinemann. Featuring iconic brands such Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Clinique, Gucci, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace, the range mirrors Heinemann’s offering in its international equivalent, spoiling beauty enthusiasts for choice regardless of whether they are flying domestically or internationally.

On Thursday 7th March, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was presided over by Heinemann Asia Pacific Chief Operating Officer Johannes Sammann, Heinemann Australia Managing Director George Tsoukalas and Queensland Airports Limited’s CEO Amelia Evans and Chief Commercial Officer Adam Rowe.

The Restaurant launches at Kirra Beach House (image supplied)
The Restaurant launches at Kirra Beach House (image supplied)

Kirra Beach House has announced that they will officially open their restaurant to the public today. Since opening, Kirra Beach House has become the Southern Gold Coast’s hottest seaside venue and now guests have the option of experiencing the restaurant with an elevated dining experience and table service, available for booking inside the restaurant at Kirra Beach House and ordering apps also available outside on the western terrace for the first time.

Dave Galvin, owner of Kirra Beach House explains,

“We wanted to open Kirra Beach House with our offering and see what the feedback was from locals. They are loving our bars, seaside menu, cabanas and our brand-new Sunday Beach Club, however the locals were asking for a more elevated dining experience complete with full table service. The Restaurant at Kirra Beach House was created and opens this Thursday with an amazing Mediterranean seaside menu and cocktail list.”

The Restaurant at Kirra Beach House, where every moment of the day carries a distinct ambiance. The menu has been curated by selection divided into three clear sections for a progressive experience.

DinoFest Gold Coast – Age of the Tyrannosaur (image supplied)
DinoFest Gold Coast – Age of the Tyrannosaur (image supplied)
Dinosaurs to roar into the Gold Coast!

Families on the Gold Coast are in for a roarsome experience when more than 30 of the most popular dinosaur species – including one with special ties to Queensland – stomp onto the grounds of Country Paradise Parklands, for the biggest outdoor dinosaur festival that has been taking Australia and New Zealand by storm.

With life-size, real walking and moving dinosaurs, DinoFest will show on the Gold Coast for the first time ever from Saturday 23 March and continue throughout (most days) of the Easter school holidays until 14 April 2024.

Enjoyed by thousands of families since its launch in New Zealand and its recent showings in other Australian states, DinoFest is a highly unique and interactive, outdoor experience-based event that is family friendly and especially designed for children aged eight and younger.

Specialising in Tyrannosaurs, DinoFest Gold Coast – Age of the Tyrannosaur tells the story of how Tyrannosaurs grew from small dog-sized dinosaurs to become the world’s most fearsome predators over the course of 100 million years.

While T. Rex is understandably ‘king of show’, DinoFest will also showcase a range of other popular dinosaurs that attendees can touch, pat, and interact with in a way that is deliberately designed to engage young children as a magical and life-long memorable experience.

Gold Coast Airport Artist impression (image supplied)
Gold Coast Airport Artist impression (image supplied)
Uber smooth pick up for passengers at Gold Coast Airport

An all-new Uber pickup zone has landed at Gold Coast Airport, providing a seamless and comfortable experience for arriving passengers.

Uber riders now have access to a dedicated Waiting Lounge inside the arrivals area of the terminal, before meeting their driver directly in front of Gold Coast Airport, outside baggage reclaim. The lounge is the first of its kind globally, with the built-in space featuring lounge seating and amenities for arriving travellers.

Queensland Airports Limited’s Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said the new partnership with Uber is about providing customers with an exceptional experience at Gold Coast Airport.

The construction of the new Uber pickup zone also provided an opportunity to enhance the safety and accessibility at the front of the terminal – including additional ramps and a dedicated accessible pickup bay.

The taxi zone at Gold Coast Airport has also been relocated to the front of the Southern Terminal Expansion, providing greater space and flexibility for drivers as the precinct extends. “For our customers who prefer to take a taxi, we’ve dedicated a brand-new area to them as well with seating and shade in front of our new terminal building,” Ms Charlton said.

Fred again.. (image supplied)
Fred again.. (image supplied)
Fred again.. announces surprise Australian tour including mystery Gold Coast pop up location.

Hold onto your glow sticks because British DJ Fred again.. is hitting the Aussie shores like a musical tsunami!

With his surprise arena tour about to kick off next week, it’s time to start practicing your dance moves and clearing your schedule. This electronic maestro is bringing his beats to seven epic shows across Australia, including a stop in the Gold Coast!

No pre-sales, no excuses—just pure, unadulterated ticket-grabbing action! Be sure to have your browser tabs ready and your refresh button at the ready because these tickets are gonna fly.

More information here.

Joe’s Deli 5PM menu and beer range (image by Lucy Lumen)
Joe’s Deli 5PM menu and beer range (image by Lucy Lumen)
Grab your mates, Joe’s Deli has launched an exclusive 5PM menu and new beer range.

The O.G deli team from Joe’s are upping the sanga game with an exclusive menu available after 5PM to team up with the launch of Joe’s new canned Lager, Pale Ale and Ginger Beers.

The cheapest and best tasting beers on the block (from our very loose research), the range comes served the old fashion way in a frosted glass and will set you back only $6 from 5PM until 7PM so perfect for a few knockoffs or pre-gaming in the city!

Not all just about the cheap, happy hour booze, the exclusive 5PM dinner menu is one not to be missed and features the Cotoletta; a parmesan crumbed pork cutlet on the bone that boasts browned onion, coleslaw, roasted garlic aioli, salsa Verde and lemon wrapped up in a famous sesame bun ($24.90).

If you’re keen to share, The Italian Job is plenty for two or three and is packed with a chilli and garlic rope sausage, wild rocket, roasted red peppers, provolone, balsamic onion jam and chimichurri served on a toasted ciabatta ($44.00). Giving off an 80’s Budweiser vibe, the new brews have been created by the team at Range Brewing in Newstead, so you know they are going to hit the spot.

The 5PM menu and happy hour prices are available at Joe’s Deli Pacific Fair and Brisbane City daily from Friday 23rd February 2024.

The Homestead, wedding and events venue, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (image supplied)
The Homestead, wedding and events venue, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (image supplied)
Iconic New Venue ‘The Homestead’ Coming to the Gold Coast

A contemporary, new wedding and events venue, ‘The Homestead’ is now taking bookings. Nestled amongst the scenic backdrop of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the venue forms the signature feature of the award-winning attractions’ newest precinct.

Designed in collaboration with global leisure and entertainment company Pico Play, the 841sqm property draws inspiration from the famed ‘Queenslander’, complete with a wrap-around verandah, soaring ceilings and cosy sandstone fireplace. Now in its final stages of construction, bookings for The Homestead are now open ahead of the venue’s grand opening in May 2024.

The Homestead, wedding and events venue, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (image supplied)
The Homestead, wedding and events venue, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (image supplied)

The Homestead offers a uniquely Australian experience and can comfortably seat 200 people for private functions. A bespoke menu will be launched over the coming weeks which will feature a selection of unique dishes, inspired by the Australian Outback.

“The concept of paddock to plate is at the forefront of our dining experience at The Homestead, keeping in mind our heritage and the community to ensure our dishes are reflective of the region,” says Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary General Manager, Travis Couch.

Peter’s Fish Market renders, Southport Spit (image supplied)
Peter’s Fish Market renders, Southport Spit (image supplied)
Gold Coast seafood mainstay Peter’s Fish Market set for significant premises upgrade on the Southport Spit.

Following on from the major development currently underway at The Southport Spit, Gold Coast’s most loved Peter’s Fish Market has secured the plans for larger and upgraded premises. The permanent and enhanced establishment will serve to complement the newly refreshed Southport Spit as well as cement its place as a tourism destination.

The new build will feature an increased sales floor area, increased covered dining while maintaining the classic local “fish and chippie” that patrons have loved for over 30 years. The redevelopment will overlook the Broadwater, effectively showcasing the best that the Gold Coast has to offer. In doing so Peter’s Fish Market will continue to serve the local and tourist community, support local economic growth, and provide further job opportunities for the Gold Coast.

The existing business will continue to trade as usual, with the new build expected to be completed by Christmas 2025.

Bu Deli, plant based butter (image supplied)
Bu Deli, plant based butter (image supplied)
Bu Deli is poised to redefine Australia’s vegan spread market.

Hold onto your avocados because the plant-based butter game just got a glow-up! Claire Beard, Luke McCartin, and Hellenika owner Simon Gloftis have unveiled Bu Deli – a vegan butter that’s fancy and won’t break the bank. It looks like cow’s butter, comes in a foil packet that’s snazzier than your aunt’s Sunday hat and it hit selected stores in Brisbane and the Gold Coast last week.

Bu Deli is not your regular vegan spread – it’s a culinary high-five from the trio that knows their way around a kitchen. Their culinary expertise and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of Bu Deli. This isn’t just a butter; it’s a statement. Bu Deli officially rocked the shelves last week and folks are already buzzing. Claire, Luke, and Simon are throwing a flavour party that’s got everyone from foodies to the casually curious ready to dive into the plant-based good times.

Don't Dairy (image supplied)
Don't Dairy (image supplied)
Don’t Dairy, an exciting new player in the drinks industry with a mission to shake things up!

Based in Coolangatta, Don’t Dairy officially launched on Monday, January 22nd, offering a product range that includes three ready-to-drink Oat Milk varieties, a Chilled Double Shot Coffee Latte and Mocha, and a Chilled Chocolate – all made in Murwillumbah, NSW. The entire Don’t Dairy range is dairy-free, with no added sugar or preservatives and can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months (though best served chilled).

The journey began on an epic road trip through Western Australia when the founders of Don’t Dairy faced disappointment after disappointment while searching for a decent cuppa during a fourteen-hour drive. Frustrated with the lack of dairy-free options and tired of the same old sugary drinks, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create something better.

Cunnamulla Hot Springs (image supplied)
Cunnamulla Hot Springs (image supplied)
Peninsula Hot Springs Group to open new hot springs in Cunnamulla, Queensland

Award-winning, Peninsula Hot Springs Group has announced the opening of a brand-new hot spring wellness destination in Cunnamulla, Queensland offering state of the art relaxation experience with sweeping views over the Warrego River.

Scheduled to open February 1st, 2024 the Cunnamulla location will offer a wide range of therapeutic activities in the brand-new premium complex. Guests can enjoy the benefits of geothermal pools as they relax under the shade of the native trees, overlooking the natural beauty of the Warrego River.

The wellness experience will feature several geothermic free-flowing pools of various temperatures, rich with healing mineral water that is naturally heated by the artesian basin that lies below the facilities. With proven health benefits, the act of bathing in geothermic waters can reduce arthritic symptoms, ease muscle tension, improve mental health, sleep, boost circulation and aid in relaxation.

The unique location offers several opportunities for guests to embrace the brilliance of Cunnamulla region, with stunning boat tours, riverwalks, opal fields, national parks and indigenous cultural experiences on offer, guests are sure to depart with a bit of Cunnamulla in their hearts.

Jungle Rush Render, Dreamworld (image supplied)
Jungle Rush Render, Dreamworld (image supplied)
Construction begins on Dreamworld’s brand-new Rivertown precinct

Today marks a momentous occasion as Dreamworld officially begins construction on its highly anticipated Rivertown precinct, following months of demolition and site preparations. Rivertown is destined to become the most thematic and experiential land ever delivered by the iconic Gold Coast theme park.

Rivertown is set to redefine family entertainment with a spectacular array of attractions, featuring the centrepiece ride, Jungle Rush – a thrilling new family rollercoaster that promises to be an immersive adventure for visitors of all ages. This, along with a host of other attractions, contributes to Rivertown’s commitment to providing a brand-new theme park experience for families.

Jungle Rush, manufactured by rollercoaster giant, Vekoma, is set to be the first of its kind in Australia, with the ride design supporting multiple different cycle paths. This has never been seen before in Australia and is only the first of a series of ground-breaking features being offered in the new precinct.

Rivertown is expected to open to the public in late 2024.

The Cheshire Cat Boutique Motel, Palm Beach (image by Andy Macpherson)
The Cheshire Cat Boutique Motel, Palm Beach (image by Andy Macpherson)
The Cheshire Cat Boutique Motel is ready for her close-up with a brand new ‘luxe nostalgia’ refurbishment.

Next week the iconic ‘Cheshire Cat Motel’ in Palm Beach will flick the switch on its neon sign once again and reopen its doors as a newly renovated boutique 7-room accommodation destination, just a 2-minute stroll to the beach and amongst the numerous restaurants & bars ‘Palmy’ has to offer.

Bringing together an eclectic mix of nostalgic Australiana holiday and Palm Springs luxe, the new-look property is an ode to the bygone past of quintessential Motel culture.

Offering seven fully appointed queen rooms – each with individual flair – as well as a two-bedroom bungalow with an eclectically designed kitchen and living space, the Cheshire Cat Motel is the perfect new spot for a couple’s getaway, a group of friends coming to the GC for an event, or a luxe staycay.

The Cheshire Cat Boutique Motel, Palm Beach (image by Andy Macpherson)
The Cheshire Cat Boutique Motel, Palm Beach (image by Andy Macpherson)

The owners, Matty Roberts, manager of MasterChef judge Andy Allen, and his wife, interior designer Monique Luchterhand, felt like this was a calling for them. “It was so important not to knock the building down to make way for another apartment tower” says Roberts. “We wanted to keep the spirit of the Cheshire Cat alive in Palm Beach – it’s a building that has been around for such a long time here, with so many classic stories to tell of its bygone past…so now we’re focused on adding to that tapestry with a new chapter in the life of ‘the Cat’…”

Pipi's Dining View (renders supplied by The Gambaro Group)
Pipi's Dining View (renders supplied by The Gambaro Group)
Brisbane’s Gambaro Group is set to open two showstopping new venues in Coolangatta

Brisbane’s renowned Gambaro Group is set to make waves on the Coolangatta coast with the much-anticipated openings of Pipi’s and Awaken Café. Known for iconic venues like Gambaro Seafood Restaurant, the group is venturing beyond Brisbane for the first time, securing the first two floors of the Awaken Residences in Coolangatta.

Promising a prime location with stunning views over Duranbah and Snapper, the ground floor will host Awaken Cafe, a relaxed bakery and cafe offering a health-conscious breakfast experience, featuring bakery delights and made-to-order items. Outdoor seating will enhance the experience, taking full advantage of the breathtaking sea views.

Awaken Cafe (renders supplied by The Gambaro Group)
Awaken Cafe (renders supplied by The Gambaro Group)

Upstairs, Pipi’s restaurant promises a fusion of Mediterranean products with Queensland/Australian produce. The venue invites patrons to savor locally caught seafood and top-quality steaks. The Gambaro family is thrilled to bring their heritage to this incredible venue, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience.

The Gambaro Group aims to unveil both Awaken Cafe and Pipi’s in mid-February 2024.

Marina Mirage Hotel rooftop renders (image supplied)
Marina Mirage Hotel rooftop renders (image supplied)

The wind is back in the rooftop shade sails of the waterfront Marina Mirage retail and dining precinct on the Gold Coast with plans for its $500-million redevelopment finally approved after extensive collaborative planning with the state and local government.

The project, by Makris Group, delivers a significant economic impact of 500 direct jobs during construction and 460 direct and indirect jobs during the operational phase, adding to the growth of the Gold Coast economy.

While adopting a style to align with the Spit Master Plan, the development proposes an innovative mix of elements to elevate the outdoor lifestyle which the Gold Coast is loved and renowned for.

Marina Mirage proposed redevelopment renders (image supplied)
Marina Mirage proposed redevelopment renders (image supplied)

Key features of the Marina Mirage redevelopment:

  • Makris Group is in the final stages of an agreement with one of the world’s largest boutique hotel brands to deliver more than 110 resort rooms that permeate a strong sense of place.
  • Building on the success of the waterfront dining experience at Marina Mirage, a selection of world-class restaurateurs has been carefully curated to further enhance the culinary offering.
  • Wellbeing and rejuvenation will be a central theme of the mixed-use development, complimented by a hand-picked selection of Australian retail boutiques.
  • For the first time, Marina Mirage will offer a limited collection of timeless residences and villas which combine understated luxury with contemporary Australian design.
Nautical Bowls (image supplied)
Nautical Bowls (image supplied)

Gold Coast locals can indulge in the magical taste of the very first Nautical Bowls store when the doors open at Q Super Centre, Mermaid Beach this Saturday 16 December.

Nautical Bowls is a superfood retail chain from USA with the mantra ‘Make happy customers products fast.’

Australian Area Developer and Master Franchise owner Dean Lightfoot who has had 30 years in the FMCG industry, will be opening 3 company stores before Christmas and customers are in for a real treat.

“I’ve worked for many successful brands over the years and am thrilled to be bringing Nautical Bowls to Australia.

“To celebrate the opening of our first store, we are giving away up to 1000 free bowls. From 11am until 3pm on Saturday visitors can visit our very first store and find out what makes our superfood bowls so different.

Nautical Bowls was built on fuelling your whole life. From superfood bowls to an uplifting, energising atmosphere, the brand’s mission continues to be rooted in providing a full meal and full-of-energy experience for everyone.

Nautical Bowls at Q Super Centre will open 7 days a week from 11am til late.

Suahi, Animal Welfare League Queensland (image supplied)
Suahi, Animal Welfare League Queensland (image supplied)
Make Santa’s Nice List: Adopt an Animal During AWLQ’s Christmas Sale

As the festive season draws near, Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) is calling on the community to open their hearts and homes for the annual “Home for Christmas” adoption campaign, running from 12 to 24 December 2023, across all AWLQ Animal Rehoming Centres.

Adoption prices will be drastically reduced throughout the 12 days, with cats from $29 and dogs from $99, making it more affordable for people to give the gift of a forever home to a furry friend in need.

AWLQ spokesperson Craig Montgomery said the adoption campaign aims to grant homeless animals the most precious gift they could receive this festive season – a place to call home.

“In the spirit of the season, AWLQ is decking the halls with barks and meows, aiming to find loving homes for over 200 animals in need. You could be the Santa Paws these adorable pets have been waiting for!”

“If you cannot adopt, AWLQ encourages the community to consider fostering an animal instead. Fostering saves lives, it is fun for those who do it, and your Christmas guests have never been so cute. So, if you have room in your heart and home to temporarily house an animal, AWLQ would love to hear from you.”

Visit awlqld.com.au/locations to find your nearest AWLQ Animal Rehoming Centre and hours.

House Down Under (image supplied)
House Down Under (image supplied)

Australia’s favourite inverted house photo experience, House Down Under is set to turn the Gold Coast upside down.

Opening its doors on Saturday, December 23 at Pacific Fair, this family-friendly funhouse offers a dizzying array of installations and activities, all of which are completely flipped. It’s the perfect backdrop for aspiring influencers to capture jaw-dropping photos, for kids to defy gravity by jumping off the ceiling, and for families to make unforgettable memories.

Stepping inside the topsy-turvy house, guests will feel on top of the world, walking (or dancing) on the ceilings, visiting a bathroom with an upside down toilet, exploring the inverted kids room, home office, entry way, lounge room, bedroom, kitchen area and more – all of which are upside down!

Guests can perfect their poses, while snapping away to their heart’s content for as long as they like as there’s no time limit inside the house. Plus, to keep things fun, the House Down Under team is always on hand to offer tips, advice, and help visitors capture the perfect shot.

Find out more and book here.

Flannerys, Miami (image supplied)
Flannerys, Miami (image supplied)
Flannerys $1 million Miami store opens at new site after 31 years

It was the first health food store of its kind to open on the Gold Coast in 1992 and now the iconic local establishment is set to open at a new location this month. Flannerys Organic Wholefood Market’s flagship Miami store will open its doors at its new Pacific Avenue site on 13 December following a redevelopment that took place over the last six months.

Flannery CEO Fergus Collins says the upgrade comes as part of the company’s continued commitment to providing an enhanced shopping experience for their customers and longstanding community.

The previous location which fronts the Gold Coast Highway and served the Miami community for 31 years closed its doors on 5 December to make way for the new space. The launch coincides with the company’s celebration of 50 years since its inception in 1973. ‘Celebrating our 50th anniversary has been a moment of immense pride for all of us at Flannerys,’ says Collins.

‘Our journey from a small family business to where we are today is a testament to our dedication to health and wellness and speaks volumes about the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our team.’

Flannerys, now with nine stores across Queensland and two in New South Wales, stands as a beacon of holistic wellness, promoting the power of nutrition and the significance of organic living.

Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens, Mt Tamborine (image supplied)
Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens, Mt Tamborine (image supplied)
Australia’s Top 25 Favourite Picnic Spots Revealed

Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens in Mt Tamborine was chosen as the top picnic location in QLD and 4th in Australia!

In a nation boasting over 30,000 enchanting picnic locations, Food Box Mate has curated a list of Australia’s top 25 picnic spots based on an in-depth analysis of over 12,500 crowd-sourced reviews from the past two years.

The research has delved beyond the most obvious picnic locations, revealing hidden gems and cherished spots that Australians love to enjoy.

Their investigation has led to a ranking of Australia’s top 25 picnic spots, which are spread across 4 different states. Queensland had 7 locations in the top 25, with Mt Tamborine ranked 4th overall.

Keen on some picnic action? Check out our list of 10 of the best picnic spots on the Gold Coast.

World-class Surf Resort at Parkwood Village (image supplied)
World-class Surf Resort at Parkwood Village (image supplied)

Parkwood Village is set to be transformed into a world-class integrated golf and surf village after the mixed-use development received Development Approval today.

The project, which will be anchored by the Gold Coast’s first surf park, will also include an upgraded 18-hole golf course, as well as residential, hotel, retail, medical, entertainment and dining facilities.

“The Endless Surf Wave Pool, Childcare, Retail, Food and Beverage, Commercial and Medical tenancies will dovetail into the existing uses at Parkwood Village to become a readily walkable precinct,” Managing Director of Parkwood Village, Luke Altschwager said.

“There is nothing more quintessentially Australian than surfing and, complemented by the upgraded golf course and Titans training facilities, we want to make sure Parkwood becomes the heart of sport here on the Gold Coast.”

With a proposed completion date of late 2026, Mr Altschwager said the road ahead will be a busy one.

The Endless Surf lagoon at Parkwood Village is intentionally designed with world class surfing as well as efficiency in mind, the surf park technology offers near limitless wave customization and industry leading operating flexibility. All in all, Endless Surf at Parkwood Village will offer up world-class surf for all skill levels, for newcomers to the Australian pastime to seasoned Gold Coast surfers alike.

World-class Surf Resort at Parkwood Village (image supplied)
World-class Surf Resort at Parkwood Village (image supplied)
Drew Wilson, Ash Graetz, Dave Galvin, Adam Keane at Kirra Beach House (image supplied)
Drew Wilson, Ash Graetz, Dave Galvin, Adam Keane in front of Kirra Beach House (image supplied)

The countdown is officially on to the launch of one of the most highly sought after venue openings in Queensland this summer. Kirra Beach House will open its doors from 11am on Friday 8 December, welcoming everyone to experience a new standard of hospitality on the Southern Gold Coast and an unbeatable beachfront rooftop location featuring a mix of jaw-dropping indoor and outdoor spaces, chic cabanas, wine and cocktail bars, and high-end event spaces for all group sizes.

Bookings are now open to secure your spot to soak it all in – perfect for Christmas parties, end of year celebrations with friends and the hottest new spot for New Year’s Eve (more details to be announced soon) and New Year’s Day where Bag Raiders has just been announced as the headline act for the ultimate party celebration to ring in the new year.

Kirra Beach House is a 1200 sqm elevated, chic beachfront dining, drinking destination that sits a level above the iconic Kirra Beach Hotel which reopened this week in the new Kirra Point Precinct. Inspired by beautiful beach bars from around the world, the new venue is unlike anything else on the Southern Gold Coast and is set to become this summer’s ultimate destination for good times, beautiful cocktails, incredible food and a weekly rotation of DJs and percussionists to soundtrack the coastal experience.

BIG CITY LIGHTS*, Southport (image supplied)
BIG CITY LIGHTS*, Southport (image supplied)
Big City Lights* is back bigger & better in 2024!

Following an extremely successful pilot program in 2022, BIG CITY LIGHTS* is back in winter 2024.

Experience Gold Coast has announced today that BIG CITY LIGHTS* will take place in Southport every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 21 June – 7 July 2024.

The cutting-edge self-guided program will feature immersive audio-visual experiences, large-scale digital works, 3D-mapping and unexpected projection sites that will transform the Gold Coast’s everyday urban spaces.

BIG CITY LIGHTS* will also feature live music and performances in venues and at outdoor sites across the Southport CBD, adding to the appeal of the free, family-friendly festival to a wide demographic of locals and drive-market visitors.

BIG CITY LIGHTS* is driven by innovation and will deliver plenty of Instagram-able moments for all who experience this family-friendly and free festival, a place where creativity and technology collide.

Italian Renaissance Alive, Grande Experiences, coming to HOTA (image supplied)
Italian Renaissance Alive, Grande Experiences, coming to HOTA (image supplied)
HOTA unveils a sneak peek into its 2024 program.

The 2024 program promises another year filled with captivating exhibits, contemporary art, breathtaking performances both indoors and out, and family-fun experiences.

From 29 March to 4 August, HOTA Gallery will feature its next major exhibition for the year, the immersive Italian Renaissance Alive by Grande Experiences. This unique and sensory arts experience will offer exploration of the Italian Renaissance. Set to be a visual and intellectual delight for visitors, the exhibition will take audiences on a journey through history and art.

With a bill of shows and exhibitions already locked in on the 2024 calendar, Gold Coast audiences can expect the following program highlights.

The highly anticipated, Australian exclusive exhibition at HOTA Gallery, Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street officially opened to the public this month and runs through until early 2024.

Prepare to be transported back in time and witness the magic and music of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll when musical extravaganza, Elvis: A Musical Revolution, takes to the stage for a mammoth season from 22 June 2024.

Featuring timeless hits set to resonate with all generations, Queensland Symphony Orchestra: Classic Favourites graces HOTA’s Outdoor Stage for one-night only in a special performance on 26 October.

Queensland Ballet returns to HOTA in 2024, when love and mayhem collide in the airy, light-hearted ballet with Australian flair, Coppélia, taking to the stage on 1 and 2 November.

Festive Telstra Phone Boxes, Free Calls to Santa until Christmas Eve (image supplied)
Festive Telstra Phone Boxes, Free Calls to Santa until Christmas Eve (image supplied)
Make free calls to Santa’s Workshop from any Telstra payphone until Christmas Eve

Telstra has officially switched on Australia’s direct line to the North Pole, inviting all Aussie kids to visit their nearest payphone ahead of Christmas to call Santa for free with this year’s wish list.

Nearly 2,000 of our 14,500 payphones have decorative decals on them to show that Santa can be called, including around the Gold Coast. You can find your nearest one here – https://tel.st/festive-payphone-map
Until Christmas eve on 24 December, kids can dial # HO HO HO from any Telstra payphone and speak directly with Santa. Free Calls to Santa offer an easy and cost-free activity for Aussie families to get time in with Santa. It is also a great way to teach children about the use of payphones in case of emergency.

  1. Head to any Telstra payphone around the country until December 24.
  2. Dial #HO HO HO (#464646)
  3. Make sure you’re ready with a few questions for Santa, and to tell him what’s at the top of your wish list!

Messina x SP Sunscreen (image supplied)
Messina x SP Sunscreen (image supplied)
Lick, slop slap. Your new favourite sunscreen has landed

Smelling like tropical Mango, Pineapple and a hint of Vanilla, you won’t be disappointed. Messina x Standard Procedure SPF 50+ Scented Sunscreen lotion includes Australian Super Fruits and offers the highest protection from broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays. It moisturises but is non greasy, no white cast and 4 hour water resistant sunscreen. Made for the harsh sun down under, Messina and Standard Procedure have you covered and smelling like Summer!

At the moment, the product is available online only here at Sephora, Standard Procedure and Qantas Marketplace. The sunscreen will soon be available at all Messina and Sephora stores, so keep your eyes peeled.

As delicious as it smells, this product can not be eaten!

Bonza’s debut flight from the Gold Coast to Launceston (image supplied)
Bonza’s debut flight from the Gold Coast to Launceston (image supplied)
‘Gateway to Tasmania’: Bonza gets wheels up Gold Coast to Launceston

Bonza’s debut into Tasmania starts today with the first flight from the Gold Coast to Launceston. The three times weekly service is a welcome boost for tourism in both directions as Bonza continues its mission of stimulating new domestic tourism markets.

The new service will operate on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with fares starting from just $79 per person (one way).

“As Bonza’s gateway to Tasmania, we know there’s strong demand for locals on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and South Brisbane to fly direct to Launceston. In fact, the route is proving one of our most popular from the Gold Coast so far,” said Tim Jordan, CEO of Bonza.

Heinemann Australia Gold Coast Airport domestic store (image supplied)
Heinemann Australia Gold Coast Airport domestic store (image supplied)
Heinemann Australia opens new Gold Coast Airport domestic store

With more than 1.2 million passengers expected to travel through Gold Coast Airport over the December and January festive period, Heinemann Australia has opened the doors to its new 200 sqm store in the airport’s domestic terminal, creating an enhanced retail experience for those transiting Australia during the holidays.

Building on its existing footprint in the international terminal, Heinemann’s full Fashion and Accessories range is now available at Gold Coast Airport’s domestic terminal, including 22 brands from international luxury to uniquely Australian products, with a full Beauty line-up joining the offer soon.

Products and brand highlights include local brands All Kinds, PE Nation, The Upside and Frank Green, all new to domestic travel retail and giving a unique Australian touch. Heinemann also brings iconic Australian luxury resortwear brand Camilla to Gold Coast Airport for the first time, following the brand’s launch into international duty-free in Heinemann’s Sydney store.

Rick Shores, Burleigh (image by Mathilde Bouby)
Rick Shores, Burleigh (image by Mathilde Bouby)
Queensland’s top restaurants revealed in OpenTable’s Top 50 list… and three of them are on the Gold Coast

OpenTable has announced the Top 50 Restaurants in the country, with 15 venues from Queensland making the list. Venues which received nods included Palette Restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Rick Shores in Burleigh Heads and Etsu Izakaya in Mermaid Beach.

Additionally, OpenTable has unveiled brand new insights from its network of diners that unpack how we wined and dined in 2023. Key insights include:

  • Table for one? Solo dining saw a 14% year-on-year increase.
  • Regional restaurants make up over half of the venues on OpenTable’s Top 50 Restaurants list, with QLD having the most restaurants making the list.
  • Modern Australian cuisine was the most prevalent cuisine in this year’s Top 50 list, and international flavours gained traction. Trending cuisines – those seeing the largest YoY increase – include Afghan (+73%), Scandinavian (+62%) and Irish (+38%).
  • Dining demand remains steady. Despite the rising cost of living, national dining demand remained flat year-on-year, while the average spend per person per meal slightly increased from $59 to $61.
Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcoholic beverage, CHETTI Little Cherry (image supplied)
Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcoholic beverage, CHETTI Little Cherry (image supplied)
Introducing CHETTI: The first of its kind amaretto and cola premix with an aspiration to own the afternoon

Two local friends from the Gold Coast are thrilled to introduce their ground-breaking Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcoholic beverage, CHETTI Little Cherry. This Italian inspired RTD is the first of its kind blending amaretto and cola, and is set to revolutionise the way we enjoy our sunset afternoons.

Founded by two best friends, Lachlan Yarwood and Max Gutjahr-Holland, CHETTI is the first of its kind and is derived from the Italian suffix ‘etti’ meaning little fused with cherry to form CHETTI, otherwise known as Little Cherry.

Inspired by the afternoon aperitif culture of Italy, Lachie and Max sought to create a drink that encapsulated those sun-drenched Australian afternoons that they have come to love on the Gold Coast, combined with their love for the afternoon aperitif culture of Italy. The result is a delicious and original RTD with 4% alcohol content that captures the nostalgic taste of cherry flavoured cola, with only 1.3 grams of sugar and gluten free.

CHETTI will be available at select retailers.

Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)
Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)
The much-loved Kirra Beach Hotel is back

The wait is over – the much-loved Kirra Beach Hotel will swing open its doors and the first beers will be poured from 10am on Monday 27 November, welcoming locals back to their favourite watering hole for a summer like no other.

Having stood proudly as a local icon and community landmark since 1956, the pub is the anchor and soul of the new Kirra Point precinct and will continue its legacy as a friendly, no-fuss favourite, honouring the fabric of its past and keeping the locals at its heart.

The Kirra Beach Hotel is the first piece of the new Kirra Point precinct, with Kirra Beach House set to open in December on the level above the pub. The magnificent, 1200 sqm elevated beachfront dining, drinking and event destination will feature a mix of impressive indoor and outdoor spaces, wine and cocktail bars, and high-end event spaces perfect for weddings, parties and galas. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

AirAsia X announces return of Gold Coast-Auckland service (image supplied)
AirAsia X announces return of Gold Coast-Auckland service (image supplied)
AirAsia X announces return of Gold Coast-Auckland service

Asia’s leading great value medium haul airline AirAsia X today announces the resumption of the popular Gold Coast – Auckland route from 3 February 2024 in response to strong demand.

At the same time the airline will be suspending services on the Auckland – Sydney route from 31 January 2024 to facilitate the new services to and from the Gold Coast.

Queensland Airports Limited Chief Commercial Officer Adam Rowe said the return of AirAsia X’s Gold Coast to Auckland connection would provide more options for travellers.

“The addition of AirAsia X’s Auckland service will give our customers more choice to connect with loved ones across the Tasman, while also creating more competition and helping to put downward pressure on airfares.”

Three weekly flights from Auckland to Gold Coast take flight from 3 February connecting seamlessly to Kuala Lumpur and adding an additional 6,786 visitor seats weekly through Gold Coast airport. Fares are on sale today from 3pm Gold Coast/5pm NZ time, starting from just AUD199/NZ179* for travel between Auckland and the Gold Coast commencing 3 February 2024.

Brodie Green, Buoy Cafe, The Oxley1823, Nobby Beach (image supplied)
Brodie Green, Buoy Cafe, The Oxley1823, Nobby Beach (image supplied)
Buoy is Coming to “The Oxley” – The Brain Child of Seadog is Bringing a Whole New Concept to the Nobby’s Community

A new breakfast hotspot is set to open in Nobby Beach’s most anticipated new retail and dining village, with Buoy (pronounce boo-ee) to call The Oxley home from late November.

From the brains behind Burleigh Heads institution Seadog, Buoy will introduce a whole new concept based on the premise of serving locals and beyond with a range of elevated breakfast favourites, focusing on quality produce curated from a hand-selected assortment of suppliers.

Founder Brodie Green was firm on ensuring Buoy took things back to basics, paring back the menu to be less on frills but big on flavour.

“Breakfasts have gotten too complicated because of Instagram, and we think people are over it. Gold Coasters want their classic breakfasts back. We’ll be doing an all day breakfast menu from 5am-5pm.,” said Brodie.

Whether you are after a grab-and-go experience or a full dine-in, Buoy has a hole-in-the-wall section as an ode to the original Seadog that hailed from a vacant ATM space, while also offering a cosy and intimate dine-in space with comfortability at the core of it.

Buoy has been designed to enhance community within Nobby Beach, celebrating coffee and food with the people who care. Buoy’s official launch date will be announced in the coming weeks, along with The Oxley’s opening date.

Buoy will be open daily from 5am to 5.30pm for coffee. The kitchen will be open for all day breakfast from 6.30am to 2pm.

Joe's Deli Catering boxes (image by Lucy Lumen)
Joe's Deli Catering boxes (image by Lucy Lumen)
Office Christmas Parties Never Tasted So Good with Joe’s Deli Catering Now Available

Joe’s Deli launches catering just in time for the silly season!

Just in time for Melbourne Cup and the silly season, Joe’s Deli has launched its catering packs so now you can get the best sangas in bulk to feed the office troops and score that ‘best boss’ Chrissy card this year!

With catering for everyone taken care of including veggo, vegan and gluten-free peeps, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’ve got your favourite sanga picked out, want to mix a box yourself or happy with Joe’s Favourite Combos which includes all the best sellers, boxes start from $186 and can feed 12-18 people per box!

Not just sangas, Joe’s Deli also offers an epic range of its sides to accompany your favourite sangas including crisps and pickles or for those with a sweet tooth the Hollywood two tone cheesecake is perfect to replace the store-bought mud cake.

You can even throw in a few bottles of Lofi Wines to wash it all down!

Reach out to the team at [email protected] and really impress your guests. Pick-up is free from the Joe’s Deli Brisbane City or Gold Coast location and only requires 24- 28 hours notice, so start planning your Friday office lunches or mess free weekend picnics and parties!

Amy Hembrow, Emilee Hembrow, Tammy Hembrow, Star Hembrow, Kwila Lodge (April Werz Photography)
Amy Hembrow, Emilee Hembrow, Tammy Hembrow, Star Hembrow, Kwila Lodge (April Werz Photography)
For the first and last time in Australia, rare pieces from Coco Chanel’s private collection of Chanel haute couture & artworks will feature at two exclusive events at Kwila Lodge.

Cable International Fine Art and Kwila Lodge have announced today that rare pieces from Coco Chanel’s private collection of Chanel haute couture and artworks will be on display for two exclusive events this November. The unique collection has been previously exhibited in London, Milan, Paris and across the US and has recently been expanded to include never-seen- before portraits of Coco Chanel.

A selection of Chanel haute couture including garments and jewellery, all drawn from Coco’s private wardrobe, will be modelled one final time by the Hembrow sisters on 18 November at the COCO CHANEL: l’art de vivre exclusive event.

COCO CHANEL: l’art de vivre is the first of the special events which will feature the very best of French fine dining by Daniel Ridgeway, vintage Chanel haute couture and world-class artworks painted in the CHANEL atelier and the finest entertainment. Internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning violinist, Yena Choi will perform at the exclusive evening and Queensland Ballet will perform a pas de deux, choregraphed especially for the evening by Artistic Director, Li Cunxin AO.

“This is an extremely rare opportunity to see this impeccable museum-quality exhibition, the first chance for the public to see this collection and the last.” said Mrs Karen Nash, Curator of the collection, Cable International Fine Art.

Whilst guests dine on delicious French cuisine by award-winning chef, Daniel Ridgeway, they will be treated to a 1968 inspired runway, featuring the Hembrow sisters, showcasing the clothing and jewellery drawn from Coco’s private wardrobe.

Tickets for both exclusive events are now available.
COCO CHANEL: l’art de vivre
COCO CHANEL: l’art de vivre Evening Soirée

The Oxley 1823, Nobby Beach, Render by BDA (image supplied)
The Oxley 1823, Nobby Beach, Render by BDA (image supplied)
Introducing “The Oxley” – Nobby Beach’s Premier High-End Dining and Lifestyle Destination

The Gold Coast’s newest dining and lifestyle destination – The Oxley – is set to open its doors next month, with the precinct announcing completion of the project expected in November 2023.

One of the city’s most anticipated new arrivals, The Oxley will introduce a vibrant and luxurious food and shopping experience to the heart of Nobby Beach.

Named in homage to the rich history of the beachside suburb, The Oxley will become a gastronomic and lifestyle haven, featuring a carefully curated collection of hand-selected restaurants and shopping experiences bringing a new world of convenience for locals and visitors.

The first element of the precinct will be The Oxley Village Grocer, an expansive 1,000sqm grocery shopping experience with previous tenant Steve of Gourmet Meats returning to the precinct to bring the community a butcher, while additional offerings such as a juice bar and gelato shop round out the grocer’s shopping experience.

The Oxley is set to be a celebration of culture, food, and community, all under one roof – it’s not just a precinct; it’s an experience. The Oxley’s official launch date will be announced in coming weeks, along with the key retailers that will take residence within the city’s newest culinary and lifestyle gem.

Everybody Love Everybody (E.L.E) Bar, Burleigh Heads (image by Always Adventure Photography)
Everybody Love Everybody (E.L.E), Burleigh Heads (image by Always Adventure Photography)
Everybody Love Everybody (E.L.E) opens in Burleigh

Everybody Love Everybody (E.L.E) is newly opened bar in Burleigh Heads with a punchy, sophisticated and fun drinks menu. You can order food from their sister venue next door Oi Izakaya.

The E.L.E mission statement:
One demographic we have thought for the longest time that is overlooked in the Gold Coast is the LGBTIQA+ community. This community is the inspiration for our space and we hope they will welcome us with open arms. Our goal is to be a safe-space for this community, and anyone else that feels like an outsider.

Certainly calling ourselves a “gay bar” doesn’t make us a gay bar – the community will decide. All we’d ask is an open mind and to give us a chance. To further break the mould, our goal first and foremost is to be a really cool bar that anyone would love to be in. For those looking for a traditional gay bar vibe this may not be it. We just want to be a safe space for this community and anyone else that can approach others without judgement.

So – to the mould breakers, outsiders and weirdos – make this your space. To the community at large who want a space to just be yourself.- make this your home.
To the LGBTIQA+ community especially – thank you for inspiring us to create the venue, and we hope you can find a home here too. Love whoever you want.

Chuan Spa, The Langham Gold Coast (image supplied)
Chuan Spa, The Langham Gold Coast (image supplied)
Australia’s Chuan Spa at the Langham, Gold Coast claims industry accolades at the 2023 World Spa Awards

Australia’s newest luxury destination, The Langham, Gold Coast – is thrilled to announce that its acclaimed Chuan Spa, has been honoured with two esteemed titles at the recent 2023 World Spa Awards – “Oceania’s Best Hotel Spa” and “Australia’s Best Hotel Spa.”

Emma Sirett, Director of Spa & Leisure, The Langham, Gold Coast said, “we are incredibly honoured to receive these prestigious awards, as they acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our entire team who strive to create world-class wellness experiences for our guests.”

Chuan Spa offers a diverse range of treatments, including the Chuan Harmony Massage, a fusion of acupressure and relaxation techniques, and the 2.5-hour Chuan Ritual, allowing guests to customise their own treatment experience. Notably, Chuan Spa boasts an exclusive Australian partnership with AMRA Skincare, introducing advanced serums, oils and 24kt gold treatments. Other esteemed partners include Qi Beauty and Biologique Recherche.

Blowfish Alfresco renders, Broadbeach (image supplied)
Blowfish Alfresco renders, Broadbeach (image supplied)
New Broadbeach Restaurant, BLOWFISH Ocean Grill + Bar starts to take shape

Four weeks in and you’d be hard pressed to recognise the previous venue. Walls have come down, the bar has been demolished, the venue has been extended and the builders now have a clean canvas to work with.

When it came to choosing the right design studio to help them create their first world class Seafood Restaurant -BLOWFISH Ocean Grill + Bar, Steve & Autumn didn’t think twice – they knew it had to be Gold Coast based SPACE CUBED DESIGN STUDIO.

SPACE CUBED Associate Interior Designer Jill Chilton has been the lead on this project and has created an immersive coastal dining experience.

“The interior concept takes a romantic approach to the idea that – “We are all of the sea”. The clients wanted to create an immersive dining experience for their guests, and this narrative is carried throughout the venue through the expression of materials and details that all share a coastal sensibility. Our decisions were largely inspired by the mythical tales of the seductively beautiful creatures that lured mariners with their siren songs, resulting in a serene, yet whimsical dining experience,” said Jill.

One of the unique features of the restaurant is the private dining space – The Ripple Room which is located on the upper floor. In contrast to the sea green, pearly white and sun-bleached timber that adorns the downstairs area, the design The Ripple Room embraces the darker colours of the ocean depths, and the qualities of iridescent fish scales.

BLOWFISH OCEAN GRILL + BAR is located at 2 Oracle Blvd, Broadbeach and will open on Friday 24 November, 2023.

The Smoking Camel partners with Brookie’s Gin to create a Turkish Delight Gin (image supplied)
The Smoking Camel partners with Brookie’s Gin to create a Turkish Delight Gin (image supplied)
The Smoking Camel partners with Brookie’s Gin to create a Turkish Delight Gin

Byron Bay’s newest Middle Eastern restaurant, The Smoking Camel, has partnered with Brookie’s Gin to create a Turkish Delight Gin. A passion project between the two brands and owners Kim Stephen (The Smoking Camel) and Eddie Brook (Brookie’s Gin), the gin is emblematic of the close-knit Byron Bay community, and combines The Smoking Camel’s signature Middle Eastern flavours with Brookie’s expertise in gin making.

The Turkish Delight Gin is made by infusing Brookie’s Gin with the perfect balance of fragrant rose, orange blossom, delicate Meyer lemon and balanced with a touch of sweetness. Harvested from the Cape Byron Distillery rainforest, the fragrant white aspen (which tastes like lemon gelato) and native raspberries are distilled into Brookie’s gin, and paired with the rose, sweet lemon and orange blossom to create a unique and special Turkish Delight Gin.

The Smoking Camel x Brookie’s Turkish Delight Gin is exclusively available in The Smoking Camel, Light Years Asian Diner, and Moonlight Japanese, and through the Cape Byron Distillery website (www.capebyrondistillery.com), the Cellar Door in Byron and local bottle shops. It is recommended to enjoy it on the rocks, elevate your next G&T, or shake it up in a cocktail.

The team behind the Smoking Camel will also be holding multiple launch parties for Brookie’s Turkish Delight Gin.


Australian exclusive Sneaker Unboxed: Studio to Street

Contemporary cultural precinct HOTA, Home of the Arts has today announced the Australian premiere of Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street, opening 25 November 2023.

First unveiled by The Design Museum, London, Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street explores one of the most universal design objects, bought and worn by millions of people worldwide every day. 

An Australian exclusive, the blockbuster summer exhibition at HOTA Gallery will present over 400 objects, including over 200 shoes, process material, photography, posters, videos and artworks, charting the design and cultural journey of sneakers. 

EXHIBITION DETAILS: Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street

From 25 November 2023 
HOTA Gallery, 135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast
Open 10am-4pm daily

Tickets starting from $10 here


Gareth Jacobs, Hayley Martin, Shubshri Kandiah, Rohan Browne and the company of Disney's Beauty and The Beast the Musical - performing Be Our Guest - Photo by Daniel Boud (image supplied)
Gareth Jacobs, Hayley Martin, Shubshri Kandiah, Rohan Browne and the company of Disney's Beauty and The Beast the Musical - performing Be Our Guest - Photo by Daniel Boud (image supplied)
Be our guest when brand new Beauty and the Beast opens in Brisbane

Brisbane audiences will experience the romance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when the much-anticipated respective seasons of the hit musical opens in Brisbane in February 2024. This will be the first time the show has ever played in Brisbane!

A waitlist to be first in line for tickets is now open at www.beautyandthebeastmusical.com.au

This enchanting and timeless tale has been brought to life in a reimagined production boasting all the spectacle and grandeur audiences know and love. The incredible new production from the producers of The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Frozen will play at Brisbane’s Lyric Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Havana Brown is set to play at the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 (image supplied)
Havana Brown is set to play at the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 (image supplied)
Three nights of music returns for Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500

Off track entertainmnet for October’s Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 has been confirmed, with seven of Australia’s best live acts to perform over three nights within the track precinct, thansk to a new strategic partnership between Mushrrom Group and Supercars.

The Presets, Client Liaison, Illy, Havana Brown, Mashd N Kutcher, John Course and DJ Total Eclipse will all light up the stage within the race precinct from 27-29 October 2023, as world-class entertainment returns for Queensland’s biggest annual sporting event.

Supercars CEO Shane Howard said: “We saw over 200 thousand fans walk through the gates at last year’s event and we want to break that record in 2023.

“The Club 500 stage will come alive with seven major acts over all three nights of the event, and we can’t wait to get back to our famous Gold Coast street track in October to get the party started.”

All entertainment is included as part of a same day event ticket to the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500.

The music acts join a packed on-track schedule for the 2023 event, which includes the first ever Gold Coast outing of the Gen3 Chevrolet Camaros and Ford Mustangs, Porsche Carrera Cup, V8 SuperUtes and Sports Sedans.

Tickets are now available through Supercars.com and Ticketek.

Soak Bondi - Curved Pools (image supplied)
Soak Bondi - Curved Pools (image supplied)
Soak Bathhouse to open in Bondi Junction

The secret is out. Soak Bathhouse is getting ready to open it’s third bathhouse and this urban oasis is set to be the biggest and most exciting one yet.

Nestled in the heart of Bondi Junction as part of the new Verdical development, the new bathhouse expects to welcome guests in late 2024, offering a new type of social wellness and relaxation for Sydney-siders.

True to Soak Bathhouse’s style, the Bondi Junction location will be a fusion of urban convenience and natural serenity, boasting an array of amenities, including two large mineral pools, three hot springs inspired thermal spas, sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool and an invigorating cold bucket.

Guests will also have the option of enjoying additional features including two state-of-the-art infrared saunas, captivating LED facials, and full body massage.

The Bondi Junction location is poised to elevate Soak Bathhouse’s legacy, delivering an experience that effortlessly marries luxury with accessibility. The indoor facility, seamlessly connected to the urban surroundings, offers a fresh take on social wellness that’s poised to redefine the Sydney spa landscape.

Following the unprecedented success of its pioneer location on the Gold Coast and subsequent location in West End in Brisbane, Soak Bathhouse owners Alexis and Niki Dean said Soak Bathhouse will offer something never before seen in Sydney.

Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)
Streetscape render of Kirra Beach House & Kirra Beach Hotel (image supplied)
Kirra Beach Hotel and Kirra Beach House to open this November

KTQ Group have unveiled plans for the first stage of its spectacular and highly anticipated Kirra Point Precinct, launching two of the most exciting hospitality destinations to ever hit the Southern Gold Coast just in time for summer. Located directly opposite the beach, Kirra Beach Hotel and Kirra Beach House will both open this November and are set to become major draw cards for both locals and visitors who are keen to drink in the magic of Kirra.

Wednesday 8 November will see the doors swing open to the revitalised Kirra Beach Hotel, a quintessential Australian pub that is a celebration of life by the coast for all to enjoy 7-days a week. Having stood proudly as a local icon and community landmark since 1956, the pub is the anchor and soul of Kirra Point and will continue to be a friendly, no-fuss favourite, honouring the fabric of its past and keeping the locals at its heart.

Holding the ground floor, corner position on Marine Parade and Miles Street, the new 1300 sqm Kirra Beach Hotel will be a beachside haven with something for everyone including an expansive, sun-drenched beer garden positioned directly across the road from the surf and is unlike anything else that exists on the Coast, a vibrant family-friendly bistro, kids area, public bar, sports bar with large-screen TVs, and a boutique bottle shop stocked with all the local faves. There will also be 130 parking spaces in a new underground car park, making it easy for guests to pop in any time of the day.

Opening mid-November, Kirra Beach House will sit directly above Kirra Beach Hotel on the second level, a magnificent, 1200 sqm elevated beachfront dining, drinking and event destination with an unparalleled and unobstructed view of the shimmering blue horizon of ocean and sky from every vantage point in the venue.

The venue will be operated by hospitality entrepreneur from SITE Hospitality, Dave Galvin (Kōst, Mozza Mozza), who has spent four years developing the concept for his dream venue. The stunning design and interior décor is a stylish yet quietly understated ode to coastal living and will feature a mix of impressive indoor and outdoor spaces, wine and cocktail bars, and high-end event spaces perfect for weddings, parties and galas.

An expansive terrace will wrap around the whole venue giving guests front row seats to the stunning Kirra Beach and city skyline of Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise. The space will have three bars – a wine bar, terrace cocktail bar and Preston’s, an intimate cocktail bar that can also be booked out for events.

Papa Salt Coastal Gin by Margot Robbie and friends (image supplied)
Papa Salt Coastal Gin by Margot Robbie and friends (image supplied)
Papa Salt Coastal Gin, from Margot Robbie and friends, is back!

Initially a passion project between five friends, Papa Salt’s final iteration – after five years and 59 variations – is an award-winning ode to the laid-back Australian lifestyle.

Papa Salt is an Australian coastal gin brand made by five friends; Josey McNamara, Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie, Charlie Maas and Regan Riskas Maas. The brand launched exclusively in the Australian market on May 12, 2023, with its first product run selling out within 48 hours.

Initially united through their work in film, the founders share an equal passion for gin and began working together to formulate their own gin in 2018.

Distilled at the award-winning Lord Byron Distillery, Papa Salt is crafted in a 100% zero waste facility powered entirely by renewable energy. Byron Bay was the natural choice for the brand’s production due to the region’s abundant botanical offerings and Robbie’s Gold Coast upbringing.

Revealing subtle notes from native Australian botanicals – roasted wattleseed and pink peppercorn, wax flower, hibiscus and citrus peel, finished with just a hint of minerality from
oyster shell – Papa Salt has been formulated to pair perfectly with soda, or in any gin cocktail of choice.

Papa Salt won a Platinum Medal and Best Gin at the LA Spirits Awards, and is available in Australia through select venues, and is distributed through Iconic Beverages. Find stockists here.

Tiny Tamborine, Wongawallen (image supplied)
Tiny Tamborine, Wongawallen (image supplied)
Tiny Away has launched a series of new houses across Queensland

Tiny Away, the tiny house company that’s all about experiencing nature in comfort, has grown its network of rural getaways in Queensland. Boasting a range of stunning designs and state-of-the-art features both inside and outside, these impressively self-sufficient “compact homes on wheels” are made with sustainable materials and include waterless compost toilets, rainwater collection tanks for showers, and solar panels.

Spend a weekend getaway at Tiny Tamborine, Wongawallan, overlooking a valley of ferns and vast mountain views across the Gold Coast hinterland. The two sites (Tamborine 1 and Tamborine 2) both have sprawling balconies and offer the perfect gateway to explore the nearby Tamborine National Park, home to basalt columns, cliffs, rocky outcrops, numerous waterfalls and lush rainforest.

Explore some of the park’s walking tracks that lead to scenic views, beautiful waterfalls, forests of large red cedars and groves of tall piccabeen palms. And when you return to your tiny abode, sit around the fire pit, sharing stories all while admiring nature’s beauty.

Netflix and chill, Coles (image supplied)
Netflix and chill, Coles (image supplied)

Coles is bringing a taste of two of the most watched Netflix shows to customers, with a range of frozen products inspired by Stranger Things and Squid Game now available to purchase in Australia for the first time.

Freezers across the country are about to get a whole a lot cooler, with nine unique products exclusive to Coles available that draw on inspiration from the popular franchises, allowing customers to experience the shows at home in a fun new way.

Straight from Starcourt Mall, customers can scoop up a nautical treat from the iconic Stranger Things ice cream parlour Scoops Ahoy. The 1L tubs are available in three fun flavours, U.S.S Butterscotch, Cinnamon Buns and Vanilla and Cookie Pieces and will have fans setting sail on an ocean of flavour.

Squid Game fans can create their own dinner table game with Coles launching a 9 pack of BBQ Chicken Nuggets in the shape of triangles, circles and squares taking inspiration from the iconic guard masks, alongside a 12 pack of Stuffed Potato Mashies with a red and green filling, playing on the red light, green light game from the show.

Colour Your Imagination, HOTA Children's Gallery (image supplied)
Colour Your Imagination, HOTA Children's Gallery (image supplied)
HOTA Gallery launches children’s exhibition: Colour Your Imagination – Just Add Books

HOTA, Home of the Arts announces its upcoming Children’s Gallery exhibition, Colour Your Imagination – Just add book, officially opening to the public on Saturday 19th August in line with National Book Week.

This free exhibition offers a vibrant and immersive experience springing from the vivid imagination of Gold Coast artist Victoria Reichelt, one of Australia’s leading realist painters.

In collaboration with HOTA for the Children’s Gallery, Colour Your Imagination – Just add books invites children and adults alike to rediscover the enchanting beauty of libraries and their treasured contents.

Picture a colourful collection of giant books in an immersive library-inspired space. With places to climb and explore, or comfy places to settle in with a book in hand from the reading trolley, this exhibition has been carefully curated to let your imagination run free.

Coinciding with the start of National Book Week on the Gold Coast and celebrating the links between art and books, the exhibition offers a range of interactive activities to engage children and foster their love of art and reading.


Soccer image via unsplash
Matilda’s live site announced on the Gold Coast

Never fear Gold Coasters, we officially have a live site to watch the Matilda’s take on England in the Women’s World Cup semifinal on Wednesday night! 

Mayor Tom Tate announced that large screens will be set up at the end of Cavill Mall in Surfers Paradise to broadcast the big match.

The site will open from 5pm ahead of the game starting at 8pm.

If you’d prefer to catch the action at a Sports Bar check out our list here.

Good & Fugly (image supplied)
Good & Fugly (image supplied)
Food waste startup Good & Fugly lands on the Gold Coast

Sustainable foodies, rejoice! Food waste startup Good & Fugly has made its eagerly awaited debut on the Gold Coast. The fresh produce delivery service – serving up quirky but tasty seasonal fruit and veg boxes straight to consumers’ doors – has just launched Gold Coast deliveries.

With 25% of all Australian produce not even leaving the farm, Good & Fugly launched its offering in Sydney in 2020 to help fight Australia’s food waste epidemic. The team have since delivered over 620,000 kgs of quirky fruit & veg to consumers, helping save perfectly imperfect produce deemed cosmetically unsuitable for supermarkets from going to waste.

With boxes and delivery being roughly 20% below the supermarkets, it’s an easy way to combat the rising cost of living while doing good for the planet.

Every box will be filled with fresh, seasonal produce direct from farmers, bundled with loving care and delivered direct to consumers’ doors for a small delivery fee. The team also includes tasty recipe cards into fruit & veg boxes to inspire consumers to utilise the produce in new and exciting ways

Palazzo Versace has now transformed into the Imperial Hotel (image supplied)
Palazzo Versace has now transformed into the Imperial Hotel (image supplied)
Palazzo Versace transforms into the Imperial Hotel

From today, Tuesday August 1, Palazzo Versace is now known as the Imperial Hotel, marking the start of a new chapter for the renowned, luxury five-star resort.

While the iconic exterior, and Imperial Suites will remain unchanged, the hotel’s 200 rooms will undergo some refurbishment, to reflect its new beginnings. The iconic, antique chandelier will continue to greet guests upon their arrival, while the lobby’s rich furnishings and bespoke tableware will also remain.

With the evolution into the Imperial Hotel, the iconic property will continue to transcend expectations, offering guests exceptional service, and delectable cuisine.

This exciting new era will continue to build on the Hotel’s legacy of luxurious accommodation and exquisite dining experiences for guests.

The Hotel’s dining outlets will be introducing new menus within the coming weeks but will continue to offer incomparable culinary creations and flawless service delivered by highly trained Chefs.

KOST renders, Broadbeach (image supplied)
KOST renders, Broadbeach (image supplied)
The Gold Coast’s brand-new coastal inspired, contemporary bar & grill is about to be unveiled.

Kōst will open in the heart of Broadbeach in August!

A slick, brand-new venue is set to open on the Gold Coast in a matter of weeks! A place where sensory meets the sea. Rustic meets refined. A contemporary bar & grill concept, boasting one of the city’s only charcoal wood-fire grills. Kōst has been meticulously designed to provided top-notch dining and beverage experiences in a relaxed coastal environment. Kōst will open mid-August and is located on Oracle Boulevard, right in the heart of Broadbeach. 

Kōst has taken over three previous tenancies on Oracle Boulevard and amalgamated the space to create one venue. The exquisite venue will offer a 130-seat restaurant, with an additional 50 seats for cocktail drinking and bar dining in the restaurant or outside on the brand-new impressive outdoor pavilion. Pull up a bar stool and watch the world go by, right in the heart of the busy Broadbeach precinct. 

“Think fire-kissed food, immersive drinks, killer cocktails, impressive wine list and impeccable service in a space we have created, led by the best in architectural design. This is 25-years of my hospitality experience all poured into one shiny, sleek and sexy venue. We cannot wait to welcome you all to Kōst next month!” said Dave Galvin, owner of Kōst. 

Casamigos, Splendour in the Grass (image supplied)
Casamigos, Splendour in the Grass (image supplied)
George Clooney’s award-winning tequila brings margaritas to Splendour for the first time

Calling all margarita fans! Get ready because Casamigos has arrived at Splendour In The Grass in a big way with the Casamigos Tequila Oasis debuting coastal-inspired margaritas and tantalising tequila cocktails for the first time in the festival’s history.

And if ice-cold margaritas weren’t enough, Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde is descending onto the Casamigos Tequila Oasis for a surprise ‘House of Friends’ DJ set to ignite the atmosphere on Friday 22 July.

Alongside Adam Hyde and an incredible lineup of live DJ sets and background beats, visit the epic bar or take a load off on the Casamigos couches. The latest edition to Splendour In The Grass has plenty of vibe and VIP guests to keep things fresh, so grab your mates, raise your glasses and embrace the essence of Californian chic as Casamigos paints the town teal!

Read more here.

Smirnoff Seltzer Springs, Splendour in the Grass (image supplied)
Smirnoff Seltzer Springs, Splendour in the Grass (image supplied)
Smirnoff Seltzer brings the vibes back to Splendour In The Grass with Smirnoff Seltzer Springs

Smirnoff returns to Splendour in the Grass this July taking festival-goers to sunny Palm Springs via its immersive experience Smirnoff Seltzer Springs.

Located close to the main stage, Smirnoff’s sensational two-storey mega-marquee is the ultimate haven in the heart of the festival grounds and was the place to be seen last year. Evoking tranquil Palm Springs vibes by day with an aura reminiscent of Las Vegas by night, Smirnoff Seltzer Springs is an idyllic sanctuary for those seeking to unwind and immerse themselves in the best new music from emerging artists and internationally acclaimed DJs, while enjoying Smirnoff’s delicious Seltzer flavours.

Read more here.

Kwila Lodge, Mudgeeraba (image supplied)
Kwila Lodge, Mudgeeraba (image supplied)
Kwila Lodge, the Gold Coast’s most prestigious wedding & events venue is opening soon

Restored, reimagined and redefined.

Tucked away in Mudgeeraba, a short drive from the Gold Coast coastline, the Gold Coast now boasts a spectacular wedding and events venue, Kwila Lodge.  Located on Boomerang Road, the 5.5-acre property houses one of the Gold Coast’s original dwellings which dates back to 1923.  The formidable team behind The Bower Estate and hospitality powerhouse, Daniel and Ruggie Ridgeway, have united.

Kwila Lodge can cater for wedding and corporate/private events for 160 sit down or up to 200 cocktail style.

Kwila was born from a passion shared between our two families, to extend our specialty of creating stunning venues that incorporate and nurture our natural surroundings. It was important to us to honour the history of the property and provide the Gold Coast with a beautiful option to celebrate in a heritage style setting.” Said co-owner Amanda Appel.

Opens August 2023.
Where: 5 Boomerang Road, Mudgeeraba

Spa by JW - Signature Treatment Room (image supplied)
Spa by JW - Signature Treatment Room (image supplied)
JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa unveils an unrivaled world of balance and tranquility

Experience the art of unwinding at JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa’s, newly launched Spa by JW from Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

The new spa complements the $35 million hotel transformation, providing both local and discerning travellers a sanctuary dedicated to fostering mental and physical balance.

Spa by JW delivers tailored treatments focused on delivering on one of our four distinctive benefits our guests wish to achieve – calm, indulge, invigorate and renew. Featuring six treatment rooms, a signature couple’s room including relaxation lounge, ensuite stone bath and twin showers, traditional saunas, showers, tranquil pods and an alfresco outdoor garden terrace, Spa by JW aims to create an effortless and intuitive experience that leaves a lasting experience.

Read full story here.

Where: 158 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Horizon Sky Dining, Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise (image by Markus Ravik)
Horizon Sky Dining, Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise (image by Markus Ravik)
A beloved Gold Coast icon is reborn as Horizon Sky Dining

With 360-degree views of the stunning Gold Coast skyline that revolve as you dine, a beloved Gold Coast icon is being reborn as Horizon Sky Dining on Friday, 30 June, in a nod to the breathtaking views atop the newly refurbished Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise.

With a vast spread of fresh seafood and glistening ocean views – Horizon Sky Dining is the pinnacle of Crowne Plaza’s multimillion-dollar refurbishment – sitting sky-high above the hotel’s 26th floor.

Formerly the iconic Four Winds 360 Revolving Restaurant, the impressively renovated space, which caters to 126 diners, offers the only rotating view of the Gold Coast, changing in beauty and aspect as you dine.

A clucking good fancy chookery opens in Southport

Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

One bird evokes a strong reaction from us all and no, we’re not talking about a female or the polarising bin chicken. We’re referring to the actual chicken, AKA the universal palette pleaser. Fry it, roast it, grill it, boil it, whatevs – we love it all.the.ways, but are particularly partial to a charcoal chook. So when word spread about Bird Royale, a charcoal chicken slinging newbie set to open at Brickworks Ferry Road this Friday 2nd December, it really ‘beaked‘ our interest. But this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill chicken joint, it‘s a high-end, fancy-pants version! Set to be the most hensome of its kind, we have big eggs-pectations and cannot wait to chick it out!

Dave Galvin, Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Dave Galvin, Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

The latest brainchild from Dave Galvin and SITE Hospitality, Bird Royale joins an exciting (h)ensemble of the company’s eats offerings, including northern watering-hole fave Crafty’s Sports Bar and the brand spanking new MOZZA MOZZA Italian noshery at Southport Sharks. To ensure this bougie chookery keeps the Galvin/SITE names in high regards, renowned Group Executive Chef Nic Wood is on board, and has created a clucking awesome menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with vegetarian options to boot), they’ve taken it one-step further and offer kerbside collection from 5pm via the open-air chicken shop window. And the plot chickens, coz they also deliver and cater for functions and srsly, genius mode is officially activated!

Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Let’s start with the signature dish which is obvs the whole or half charcoal chicken. Cooked to juicy perfection with just the right amount of charcoal charm courtesy of the custom-built charcoal rotisserie, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner. To elevate the flavour another notch, choose from the original house sumac seasoning or the signature miso and chilli spiced variety, and throw in a seasonal salad, roasted vegetables or a vegetable bake.

Salads, Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)
Salads, Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)

If you’re trying to give those love handles the ‘ole heave-ho, how about a fresh wholesome salad packed with locally sourced produce? Or if you couldn’t give two tosses about the kg coz duh, it’s the silly season, have a go of the crispy gluten-free fried chicken range, served by the box (five pieces) or bucket (10 pieces) with pickles and hot sauce.  Seasoned with secret spices and a combination of rice, potato and corn flours, just add a salad, side of chips, or potato tots dusted in Old Bay seasoning, and can someone pls pass a hanky coz we’re drooling.

Super Fly Roll, Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)
Super Fly Roll, Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)

There are also made-to-order burgers including the Classic Bird (fried chicken breast, lettuce, aioli, pickles), fresh sangas like the Super Fly Roll with charcoal chicken pieces, house-made chicken gravy and smoked butter on a crusty white roll, and a special menu for the kiddos.

The brekky set can start their day with the likes of the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, featuring a sausage patty, crispy bacon, fried egg, cheese, and ketchup in a milk bun. Or nom something from the grab-and-go cabinet, choccas all-day-long with snacks like fruit salads, chia puddings with caramelised pineapple and coconut, a selection of breakfast wraps, and roast chicken and salad rolls to name a few. And let’s not forget the sips, with coffee by popular Melbourne roaster ST. Ali, house-made iced tea in rotating flavours, cold-pressed juices by The Fix, Liberty kombuchas, soft drinks, and non-alcoholic beers by UPFLOW Brewing Co.

Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)
Bird Royale, Southport (image supplied)

So folks, from this Friday make sure you eggs-it stage left to Bird Royale for the ultimate fancy chick fest (in more ways than one, given the Brickworks location wink wink).

Where: Brickworks Ferry Road (next to Merlot Coffee), 107 Ferry Road, Southport
When:  Opening Friday 2nd December. Main shop: 7am – 5pm Monday – Sunday. Kerbside pickup 5pm – 8pm Monday – Sunday

Words by Bianca Trathen.
Images by Brittany Kreskas.

Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Bird Royale, Southport (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
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