10 Gold Coast coffee shops open after 2pm

For those who love themselves a coffee (isn’t that all of us?), getting yourself a cup of steamy — or icy — inspiration after a particular time of the day can be a tricky affair. We’re aware most cafes close around 1pm or at a push 2pm. And that’s all perfectly well and fine. However, if your cravings for caffeine don’t have any sense of time, this situation undoubtedly causes you some unnecessary upset.

So much so, you may find yourself backed into a corner and considering coffee from some sort of vending machine. Don’t do it — there is an answer!

A mustering of Gold Coast cafes recognise coffee never sleeps and continue to serve it well into the afternoon, and in some cases, the evenings. So, when your mid-afternoon caffeine withdrawals begin to kick in, fear not. This handy list of vendors serving coffee after 2pm has got you covered.

Canvas Palm Beach and Nobby Beach
Having one outstanding little arts and crafts-inspired café in Nobby Beach wasn’t enough for these guys. Opting to expand their operations south into Palm Beach, they have opened an incredible café come shop that can only be described as a trove of homewares, candles, clothes, and the prettiest flowers. Need a late afternoon coffee — swing in up till 4.30pm. Need the perfect gift for someone — swing in up till 5pm!
Where: 7/2221 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach and Magnoli Building Shop 3, 1338 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Elk Espresso exterior (image supplied)
Elk Espresso exterior (image supplied)

Elk Espresso
The eternally lauded Broadbeach café that has been in all our lives for so long — and shows no sign of going anywhere! Elk Espresso has always been the place you go to for fabulous breakfasts, but did you know they serve coffee right up until they close at 4pm? Owner Andrew Whiting is clearly for the caffeinated people.
Where: Shop G044 The Oasis Shopping Centre, 12 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach

Rose Gelateria
Should you find yourself in Sanctuary Cove after a fabulous lunch, a mini shopping spree, or even a game of golf, this gelateria is serving up delicious gelato right up until late (9pm in fact). The same is said for their perfectly made coffee, which you can have poured over gelato. Just saying…
Where: Shop 39a Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove

Commune Café
If a sunbathing session on Burleigh Beach has swallowed up most of the day (hey, it can happen to the best of us), then your best option for a nearby caffeine injection is this neighbouring local’s fave which closes at 3pm (it’s tight, but we’ll take it!). And if you’re not too late, enjoy yourself some delicious lunchtime specials!
Where: 1844 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Fixx Cafe and Lounge at QT Gold Coast (image supplied)
Fixx Cafe and Lounge at QT Gold Coast (image supplied)

Fixx Café and Lounge
See what you could be missing out on when you step inside QT Gold Coast’s open to the public Fixx Café and Lounge? When the clock goes past twelve, their irresistible high tea comes into action with all the trimmings. Fancy a quick takeaway order though, these guys have got you covered until 4pm.
Where: QT Gold Coast, 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Bumbles Café
This elegantly styled café is like a breath of fresh air for Surfers Paradise, and once you see their selection of house-made sweet treats, you may even forget about coffee altogether. Mark this one down as your go-to spot for an afternoon pick-me-up, and you won’t look back.
Where: 19 River Drive, Surfers Paradise

South Coast Coffee Co.
Being one of the Gold Coast’s best roasters and dispensaries of magnificent coffee is not enough for these guys, oh no. They also have an adjoining café space with out-of-this-world sweet treats and coffee flowing till 5pm during the week (4pm Sundays).
Where: Shop 3G10, Capri Via Roma, Surfers Paradise

South Coast Coffee Co (image supplied)
South Coast Coffee Co (image supplied)

Merlo Torrefazione (Brickworks)
If coffee is a happy part of your life and you can’t see that changing anytime soon, we suggest you pay a visit to these guys in Southport. With pretty much every known piece of coffee apparatus under one roof, you can’t go wrong. They also roast on-site and serve coffee right up till 6pm most days.
Where: The Brickworks Centre – Market, 107 Ferry Road, Southport

With owner Davide holding a Diploma of Gelato making from the Gelato University of Carpigiani in Italy (no joke), you’d be right to have a sneaking suspicion the gelato here is likely out of this world. And in truth: it is! Mix it with all-day (until 9.30pm-10pm every night) served coffee utilising beans roasted in Italy, and you have a slice of Europe in Coolangatta.
Where: 18/52 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Daark Espresso
The highly sought-after enclave of Chirn Park simply keeps on impressing. Part of the formula is extraordinary and well-executed cafes such as Daark Espresso. Always dishing up impressive breakfasts and lunches, if you find you need a mid-afternoon break from your desk, look no further, these guys are serving the daark fluid till 3pm.
Where: Shop 2/41 Musgrave Avenue, Chirn Park

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Daark Espresso exterior (image supplied)
Daark Espresso exterior (image supplied)



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