Tim Sherwin

Oh magical and humble crumpets how we love you. But we didn’t know that they could be taken to a whole new level by simply adding sourdough (well not so simply as you’ll read below). But that’s exactly what Tweed local Tim Sherwin did. He brought the organic sourdough crumpets to the people at his market stall and was so inundated every weekend, Tim then decided to deliver his scrumptious sourdough crumpets direct to you or via some pretty great cafes on the Coast. The organic sourdough crumpets have since been added to many a cafe’s menu and Tim’s even started producing his own line of curds to accompany said crumpets. Tim sat down for a chat to give us the story to date…

How long have you been a local?
I live in Murwillumbah in The Tweed, this is also where our production kitchen is located. We moved up from Sydney in 2016.

What do you love most about living here?
I love the relaxed lifestyle, the slower pace and the emphasis on healthy living and fresh produce.

Tell us how Sourdough Crumpet Co. came about?
The move up here meant my wife and I swapped roles, she went to full-time high school teaching and I went from full-time chef to stay-at-home Dad for our 2 little ones. This gave me a lot more time to play and experiment in the kitchen with some disciplines I had not had time to practice, one of those being sourdough baking. The thought came to me one day to try my hand at sourdough crumpets, they were so delicious I just kept making them until eventually my friends and family wouldn’t let me get away with NOT doing a market stall.

We LOVE sourdough crumpets, what’s the process of making them?
Well the first stage is developing and maintaining a really great starter, this is where the flavour develops. You have to feed it just the right amount of flour and water and leave it to ferment for just the right amount of time. This becomes super challenging in our climate because heat and humidity drastically change how long you can let the batter ferment. Then we add a few basic ingredients like salt, sugar and milk before it hits the rings on our hotplates.

Have you always been in the food business?
Yes, I come from a food loving family and I started as an apprentice chef in 2005.

Will you be adding more products to your repertoire in the future?
YES! I’m itching to add a few more things to the repertoire. The only thing that’s holding me back is simply keeping up with the current demand and having the right systems in place, so that I can step away (slightly) from crumpets and develop some more exciting treats and condiments.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2020 for you and the business?
We plan to add another baked treat to the line, also adding a few more retailers and ramping up the production of our ever popular curds so that they can be stocked on the shelves at some of the awesome pantries speciality stores around the coast

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Cafe for breakfast: Double Barrel Kitchen and Bar, Benowa
Coffee spot: Jefferson’s, Palm Beach
Restaurant for dinner: Francies Pizzeria, Coolangatta
How does your weekend usually look:
After we are all packed in the kitchen on Saturday, I’ll have a play with the kids, a Nanna nap, many cups of tea with wifey, cook some dinner and lately, a pit fire and marshmallows in the garden. Sunday is all about family time and we’ll usually end up at the beach or enjoying some sunshine somewhere beautiful on the coast.

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