Burleighs’ beloved coffee roastery takes on new Quest

Owning a business right now is one of the most challenging thing many Gold Coasters have ever experienced. The lightning fast pivoting, the turbulence, the future completely unknown. It’s been a lot to say the least.

One such business who have certainly experienced every single one of those things over the past few months is Quest Coffee Roasters, found on James Street in Burleigh Heads.

The beloved roastery changed hands recently, right at the beginning of the global pandemic to be exact and new owners Alex Mears and Paul Rosenkranz were forced to changes things up in ways they never imagined when taking over on March 2nd.

Having made the move up from Sydney, the pair decided to purchase the business in December 2019, when things were still rosy and the coffee market and tourism statistics were strong. They had researched plenty of potential places to make their new home but settled on the Gold Coast because as we all know, it’s the best one.

A few days into their takeover, news began to spread about the virus outbreak and things needed to change fast. As we all know, change also brings new opportunities to grow and this is what Alex and Paul focused on.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, in-store traffic declined by over 30% and wholesale orders dropped around 70%, however online demand for Quest’s roasted coffee has boomed.

They say online orders have more than doubled with locals wanting to enjoy the quality of barista-style coffee, so they have turned to homebrewing. We Gold Coasters are buying up Quest roasted beans, Falsum Instant Brew and Quest Coffee pods and they’re all so very tasty, so why wouldn’t we?

With 10 years experience in coffee and hospitality, Paul is determined to ensure local coffee lovers don’t need to sacrifice the taste of good quality coffee just because they’re confined at home.

Going forward, the pair are comitted to building an environmentally and socially sustainable business and to build a more caring and empathetic society that makes people excited about their future and that of their children.

Accompanied by exceptional coffee of course.

Can’t wait to see what Quest Coffee Roasters looks like on the other side, keep up the good work team.

Grab some goodies to sample for yourself here.



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