Newbie Crew brings specialty coffee to Burleigh Heads

The Gold Coast’s coffee culture has grown at a rapid rate of late with boutique brewers and specialty coffee spots popping up all over the place.

The latest is Crew Burleigh, which landed a few short weeks ago, created by some folks from Melbourne who really know what’s up when it comes to quality brews, epic eats and sweet spaces. Lucky us.

Found on Connor Street, Crew is perfectly at home amongst the Burleigh set, all white everything with natural wood accents, pops of greenery, glossy tiles and the very best thing we’ve seen in a long time – a portrait of the fresh prince himself, Will Smith in the back corner. The only piece of art gracing the walls, setting the scene for what you know is going to be a good time.

And indeed it is a good time at Crew Burleigh, in all of the possible ways.

Let’s begin with the coffee because theirs is as good as it gets. As we mentioned, the team behind the newbie are also the people behind some of Melbourne’s most-loved establishments including Bentwood Fitzroy, MOB Camberwell, Clubhouse Malvern, Stanley in Mount Waverley and Winter Malvern (there’s a few reasons to visit Melbourne too if you needed any).

They also micro-roast their own specialty coffee under the name Inglewood Coffee Roasters, for some of Australia’s best cafes including, you guessed it, Crew.

Crew Coffee

There are many varieties on offer including Sunset Blvd made up of Colombian, Brazilian and Honduras beans and made for espresso drinkers. Black Lion from Ethiopia is said to be made for both espresso and filter brews and quite the crowd pleaser.

Of course there are plenty more, each brewed perfectly and for a specific type of coffee drinker including a very, very good cold brew. Which is serious bean business Gold Coasters. Go in there and ask them which would best suit your tastes, there is nothing they don’t know about coffee.

Right to the food. The menu is also very impressive (and quite extensive) with very tasty dishes like Pitaya Chia Pudding with buckwheat granola, pitaya, raspberry, orange, passionfruit, Coyo, kiwi and strawberry. Healthy and delicious guys.

There’s also a Grilled Salmon dish with raw zucchini noodles, edamame, avocado, sriracha, fried basil and herb dressing – also healthy and delicious and quite photogenic if that’s your thing.

The Beef Burger is one of the best we’ve tried with fried onion rings, BBQ glaze, smoked cheese (winning combo), salad things, a spiced thousand island dressing and mustard served on a milk bun with rosemary fries. Perfection.

The Dirty Bird is a burger you should absolutely get behind too. Or perhaps the Smashed Chickpea Roll if you’re in need of a vego option.

The point of all this is, Crew Burleigh is so good and we’re stoked to get a bit of Melbourne expertise to boost our caffeine scene and paired with a menu like that, there’s nothing more we could ask for.

LOCATION: 3 Connor St, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Daily from 6am to 4pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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