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Newbie Crew brings specialty coffee to Burleigh Heads

Epic eats too.

The Gold Coast’s coffee culture has grown at a rapid rate of late with boutique brewers and specialty coffee spots popping up all over the place.

The latest is Crew Burleigh, which landed a few short weeks ago, created by some folks from Melbourne who really know what’s up when it comes to quality brews, epic eats and sweet spaces. Lucky us.

Found on Connor Street, Crew is perfectly at home amongst the Burleigh set, all white everything with natural wood accents, pops of greenery, glossy tiles and the very best thing we’ve seen in a long time – a portrait of the fresh prince himself, Will Smith in the back corner. The only piece of art gracing the walls, setting the scene for what you know is going to be a good time.

And indeed it is a good time at Crew Burleigh, in all of the possible ways.

Let’s begin with the coffee because theirs is as good as it gets. As we mentioned, the team behind the newbie are also the people behind some of Melbourne’s most-loved establishments including Bentwood Fitzroy, MOB Camberwell, Clubhouse Malvern, Stanley in Mount Waverley and Winter Malvern (there’s a few reasons to visit Melbourne too if you needed any).

They also micro-roast their own specialty coffee under the name Inglewood Coffee Roasters, for some of Australia’s best cafes including, you guessed it, Crew.

Crew Coffee

There are many varieties on offer including Sunset Blvd made up of Colombian, Brazilian and Honduras beans and made for espresso drinkers. Black Lion from Ethiopia is said to be made for both espresso and filter brews and quite the crowd pleaser.

Of course there are plenty more, each brewed perfectly and for a specific type of coffee drinker including a very, very good cold brew. Which is serious bean business Gold Coasters. Go in there and ask them which would best suit your tastes, there is nothing they don’t know about coffee.

Right to the food. The menu is also very impressive (and quite extensive) with very tasty dishes like Pitaya Chia Pudding with buckwheat granola, pitaya, raspberry, orange, passionfruit, Coyo, kiwi and strawberry. Healthy and delicious guys.

There’s also a Grilled Salmon dish with raw zucchini noodles, edamame, avocado, sriracha, fried basil and herb dressing – also healthy and delicious and quite photogenic if that’s your thing.

The Beef Burger is one of the best we’ve tried with fried onion rings, BBQ glaze, smoked cheese (winning combo), salad things, a spiced thousand island dressing and mustard served on a milk bun with rosemary fries. Perfection.

The Dirty Bird is a burger you should absolutely get behind too. Or perhaps the Smashed Chickpea Roll if you’re in need of a vego option.

The point of all this is, Crew Burleigh is so good and we’re stoked to get a bit of Melbourne expertise to boost our caffeine scene and paired with a menu like that, there’s nothing more we could ask for.

LOCATION: 3 Connor St, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Daily from 6am to 4pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith


Just as it was starting to seem like there weren’t enough nights in the week to visit all the sweet bars Burleigh has to offer, another one pops up to demand your time and your cash.

You can thank Scott Imlach and his talented team for the latest dive bar-style back alley haunt, which is guaranteed to be your daily (too far?) go-to.

In their signature style, the gang behind Bine, Hideaway and Soho have decked the place out in traditional, Sailor Jerry, tattoo-style artworks and over 50 hanging bottles that provide a low-lit, dark and debaucherous vibe.

Opening on October 6th, Nightjar will take the bar scene back to basics with a focus on the ideals of freedom-seeking, wanderluster Sailor Jerry himself. There’s no dress code, no fancy fittings and no uptight rules (high fives all round).

It’s just a bar, down an alley, where good times are the name of the game.

There’ll be live music, cold beer, creative cocktails and crazy dance offs (may have made that up but a girl can dream right).

The name Nightjar pays homage to Scott and Michael’s Kiwi roots – in NZ their fave (also made up) phrase is “let’s have a jar at the pub” which in Aussie talk translates to “let’s get a beer”.

Can anyone confirm that beers in NZ are served in jars? Asking for a friend.

It’s the good old fashioned party bar Burleigh wants and deserves and there’s absolutely no doubt that all the best things will go down behind that roller door.

So pals, let your hair down, get your tattoos out and let the good times roll.

LOCATION: Justin Lane, Burleigh Heads (located next to Lockwood Bar)
HOURS: From 4pm to 12am Wednesday to Friday and 12pm to 12am Saturday and Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Iku Yakitori Bar

I think we can all agree Japanese food is a gift from the Gods. Particularly when it’s consumed in a floating, recycled railway sleeper booth and with the sweet smell of charcoal wafting through the air.

There probably aren’t enough words to describe the sensory experience that is Burleigh’s new back alley Japanese Yakitori Bar, but in the name of delivering the news, we’ll give it a crack.

Iku Yakitori Bar is the latest baby of local restaurant dream team Mitch and Nerissa McCluskey (of Etsu Izakaya and Commune fame) who will soon be welcoming an actual baby into the world (because sleep is overrated yo).

The vibe is dark and moody with the aforementioned booths floating a foot off the floor opposite the Binchotan (grill) and decked out with leather cushions and cosy, up-close-and-personal feels. At the alley end of the venue, a low-lit bar and velvet corner lounge await and you may dine in any area that tickles your fancy. With an authentic, somewhat massaging cobblestone floor, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just stepped off the streets of Tokyo. Alas, work tomorrow.

In case you’ve never heard of a yakitori bar, the gist is this – yakitori quite literally translates to grilled chicken and no part of the chook will escape the Binchotan uncooked. That’s right foodies, your boundaries are about to be tested and you should not be sad about it. Thighs, liver, skin, cartilage and hearts will all be skewered for your tasting pleasure.

Tenderloin, seafood and veggies will also be stuck on sticks and there are other delightful things such as edamame dip and raw fish to consume too.

Bar manager extraordinaire Adam Bastow was brought down from Etsu to work his magic in the Japanese whiskey-focused space. He and the team will also be creating a new, fresh produce focused cocktail menu each week to keep you on your toes. Ambitious lot aren’t they.

Charcoal for the Binchotan is imported from Japan and everything from the plates to the leather menus and napkins have been handmade by the team (read: Nerissa). It’s tiring just reading that.

So many words, so many reasons to go. Thanks for reading.

LOCATION: 1730 Gold Coast Hwy (front entrance) or head in through the back on Justin Lane (next to Lockwood Bar).
HOURS: 5pm until late daily.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Authentic ramen bar brings tasty new bites to Burleigh

Lots of ramen-related news across the Gold Coast right now isn’t there? The latest of which comes fresh out of Burleigh Heads and is that of Goukai Ramen.

The newbie opened just last week in the space Bondi Grill’e once occupied and they’re bringing authentic ramen dishes and tasty Japanese tipples to the people.

Found underneath Ambience on Burleigh Beach, just down the way from Oh My, Waffle, Goukai Ramen is the work of Hiroshi Takeyama and Noriyuki Sato who wanted to bring their dream of owning a restaurant to life.

It’s a spacious venue, decked out in dark wood and a few interesting little arty accents with the smell of spicy goodness wafting through the air.

The menu is simple and filled with tasty bites including ramen in a variety of flavours. From the Goukai Original to Red Hot Spicy, Tasty Miso, Black Garlic, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Goukai Prawn and they’re all absolutely bursting with flavour.

You may also indulge in rice bowls along the lines of a Karaage Bowl, a Sweet Chilli Karaage Bowl and a Chopped Pork Bowl and there’s Karaage Chicken bites, edamame and Gyoza for sides too.

The kiddies aren’t forgotten either, there are little people options to keep them happy too.

Drinks-wise you can wash all that down with Japanese beers like Asahi, Sapporo and Kirin and two types of sake are on offer. There’s a plum liquor and of course, Japanese whiskey and soft drinks.

If you’re in the market for a tasty, authentic ramen feast (and we know you are), look no further than Burleigh’s latest Goukai Ramen.

They’ll cure what ails ya.

LOCATION: 3/1837 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 11am until 3pm and 5pm until 9pm Wednesday to Monday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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