5 singles dates for Valentine’s Day

Friends, we’re torn. The part of us that’s compelled to deliver the news knows that we should write articles on delightful Valentine’s Day dos but the part of us that knows we’re destined to spend the night with wine and Netflix isn’t all that keen.

So, what we’re going to do is provide V-Day stories for those who are in love and for those who are not. Balance see.

Here’s one about things to do with your best friend/mum should you be sans date on the one day of the year when everyone else seems to have someone’s hand to hold (eye roll emoji).

Galentine’s Day Moving Feast
Umm, yes. Celebrate your gal pals (and also food) with the meets + eats Galentine’s Day Moving Feast. It’s a three course progressive dinging experience where you make some new (perhaps also single) friends and eat your way around the Gold Coast. Not sure there’s anything better than that.

Wild at Heart at Tiger Island
So the words “romantic candlelit setting” are used here but WE DON’T CARE because you can eat food and drink wine while also being close to real life tigers who would definitely demand all the attention you’d be expected to give your date. You’ll get a three-course meal, a premium beverage package, live music and TIGERS. Proceeds to to Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

Paint Your Mate Picasso
This one should be a laugh a minute, particularly since it’s BYO and you get to unleash your creativity on your best friends face. Kinda. You get to paint them on a canvas so same same. Brush and Barrel is relatively new to the Gold Coast and basically it’s a chance to have a few drinks and splash a bit of paint around. Good times.

Get your makeup done
One of the most relaxing things you can do in the whole world is sit in a chair while someone makes you look pretty. Looking pretty makes you feel good and feeling good is key on the day of love. Make an appointment with your gal pal/s to pop into Clean Beauty Market for a natural makeup application that you can redeem for product and then go do the below thing and look super glam while you’re at it.

Picnic on Burleigh Hill
A cheap and cheerful no-brainer. Yes you will be surrounded by couples gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes but that’s nothing a couple of bottles of champagne and some belly laughs with your bestie won’t fix. Finish your night off with some live music and a dance at Nightjar (where anything goes) and who said Valentine’s Day was lame.


Words by Kirra Smith.


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