Yamagen Whisky Dinner

It’s difficult to name many things that are better than a Japanese food feast. In fact, the only one that springs to mind is a Japanese food feast paired with the finest of Japanese whisky.

Which is lucky because that combination is a thing you can get amongst at Yamagen Japanese Restaurant in Surfers Paradise in March.

That’s right lovers of all things delicious and alcoholic, you’re invited to partake in what may just be the dinner event of the year and yes, we’re calling it early and yes, we’re usually right about things that are delicious and alcoholic.

The six-course degustation is made up of Yamagen’s finest culinary fare and perfectly paired with six Suntory whiskies from the famed Japanese distillery’s portfolio.

Dan Woolley, Beam Suntory’s Australian Whisky Ambassador (best job ever) hosts the evening, introducing guests to the world of next-level whisky including the history and how to properly sniff* the flavours (*not the technical term). It’s all very interesting as it turns out.

While absolutely everything that passes your lips at Yamagen is worth raving about, we definitely had a couple of favourites.

The Sakura Smoked Ocean Trout with negi, fennel, crispy leek, ikura and lime zest is all the very best things in the world and paired with a Hakushu Distillers Reserve, it’s a party in your mouth.

The second dish we loved was the Wagyu Beef Sirloin, which is a Darling Downs Kobe cut with buckwheat, edamame, shiitake and yakiniku. That guy is paired with the Yamazaki 12 year and it might be just be our favourite combo since cheese and wine.

Of course, every single pairing is a pure delight but we better leave some to the imagination.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at QT Hotel’s cutting edge restaurant, do yourself a favour and let this be your introduction. If you have, well, you’ll understand just how good the Yamagen Whisky Dinner is going to be.

Fun fact: Suntory created the first Japanese whisky back in the 1920’s and the demand for it is so high that there may just be a drought in the not too distant future.

Which is even more reason to get your tickets for Yamagen’s Whisky Dinner RIGHT NOW.

Tickets are just $99 per person and you can get yours here!

DATE: Tuesday April 19th from 6.30pm

Words by Kirra Smith



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