House of Brews

Since opening last year, House of Brews has made it mark on the Gold Coast by being one of the most memorable places to grab a drink.

It’s got 32 beers on tap, an impressive open-view tap room, perhaps the most creative cocktail list around, and mondo sized food dishes.

After traveling extensively and investigating out what made Americas best bars the best, the Kanaghines brothers put their new found knowledge to the test and opened up House of Brews in Surfers Paradise.
The new restaurant has been fitted in classic American roadhouse fashion, it’s got the dark wood and large bar one would expect from any reputable bbq joint, and enough beers to keep the pickiest of connoisseurs busy for hours. It’s safe to say, they passed the test with flying colours!

We spoke with co-owner Damien, who said the key to their success is keeping everything fun.
From the fun and envelope-pushing cocktails(I’m sure you have all seen the Purple Haze bong drink in the papers), to the quirky menu choices like Russian Roulette Mac and Cheese bites (loser gets the spicy one, depending how you look at it though, I say winner gets the spicy one!), it seems the brothers have found a way to make the most ordinary of dining situations extraordinary.

Inside Gold Coast took a visit to House of Brews last week to get an insiders look at all the exciting things on offer. We tried dish after dish, sampling things like Mexican Margarita wings, Burgers, Mussels, Salmon and Pork Belly and what we found with each dish was the same; the presentation is not what you’ll find anywhere else.

Yes the food tastes good too, but that’s not what keeps this Surfers hotspot filled to the brim. It’s the showmanship. Where else can you get a burger with a foot of onion rings stacked on top, or a slab of ribs bigger than your face? Every plate offered has a WOW factor that keeps people coming back for more. Want to eat your giant plate of ribs with a viking helmet on? You can do that, all you have to do is ask.

What got the most ooo’s and aaaah’s? The cocktails. (even a few photo snaps from neighbouring tables)
Each hand crafted drink looked like something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory.
Smoking drinks, fairy floss, candy bark, plastic pumpkins, wooden boxes. They are outta this world! (but actually they are all on the cocktail menu so you’ll have to go try them for yourself) I suggest trying the controversial Purple Haze cocktail made with Ink Gin, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Cloudy Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Lime Juice, Orgeat Syrup and Rhubarb Bitters and served with frozen grapes and in a bong…It’s addicting!
Nothing says fun like smashing down a big ole plate of ribs then filling your gob with fairy floss and catching a buzz.

The bar is broken up into a few key sections. The downstairs outside patio: good for sipping a beer and people watching. The bar: also good for sipping a beer. The general seating area: in the middle of the action.The upstairs patio: amazing views of the Surfers skyline (word has it upstairs is due for a little makeover soon). So there are plenty of seats and spaces so you can settle in, get cosy and start working through the 32 beers on offer.

Grab the girls, grab the guys and head to Surfers’ most memorable bar, for a night filled with vikings, bongs, onion ring towers and thirty freakin two beers on tap!

Cheers to that!

17 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

By Marleigh Kelly



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