• Nightcap

    2245 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach

    Open Thursday - Monday
    7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
    Closed Tuesday and Wednesday


Last updated 14th May, 2021

Nightcap, found on the highway in Nobby’s is marked with a neon red sign and an inconspicuous (of course) door leading into a space filled with album covers and records which could probably you entertain for hours, but the real entertainment is awaiting you on the other side of a wall that somehow blocks out every single ounce of noise coming from within.

And within is where it’s at folks. As you’d expect, having no doubt frequented their sister venue Nightjar, the walls are covered in neon lights (love) and graffiti-style artwork with a stage for bands in one corner and a very dark booth for whatever you like really, in another.

The bar is decked out with many a bottle of the good stuff obvs but also a few fun things you should keep an eye out for while waiting in line for a tequila shot or two.

On the cocktail menu are tasty treats like the OG Margi, an ACDC Espresso, The Red Hot Chilli Pepper and the Dead Mans Espresso, among others, we can highly recommend each and every one.

Live music is the name of the game at Nightcap and there’s something on every night with new bands getting the chance to take the stage too. It’s a bit of an easygoing, rock music vibe which is fun and very good for dancing the night away.


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