11 reasons locals love Nobbys Beach

We know, we know, what’s not to love about the little seaside suburb packed with epic eats and plenty of personality.

The beach is a beauty, the good vibes are everywhere and, best of all, it’s a little community of Gold Coasters doing exciting things for our city and welcoming the rest of us along for the ride.

Since this is a story about things locals love, here are some things locals love about Nobbys Beach.

The new kid on the block by the clever gals who brought us the Nobby’s Arc revamp and delicious treat-filled cafe Forreal Kitche, Mr. offers up a sleek, casual vibe with share-style eats like zucchini flowers and soft shell crab risotto. The drinks menu is equally impressive with three pages of tasty tipples to choose from including The 8 Year made up of of chilli infused bacardi 8 year old with joseph carton apricot liqueur, lime juice, angustora bitters with a dash of house made ginger and chilli syrup. How good.
Where: 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach

The Cambus Wallace
A favourite not just among Nobbys locals, but folks across the Coast, The Cambus Wallace is always a good time. Somewhat hidden behind a heavy wooden door, the space is low-lit, close knit and usually raucous. Head in there for a cleverly crafted cocktail, some share plates and of course, live tunes that (more-often-than-not) get the crowd on their feet. This place just gets better and better.
Where: 4/2237 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach

First of all, Mexican food deserves to be loved by everyone, all of the time. Especially when it’s consumed in a sweet little space filled with eclectic art, under-the-stars eating options and neon signs guaranteed to make you giggle. Mexicali has all of those things plus cocktail jugs and the tastiest of tacos. Love indeed.
Where: Level 1, 2223 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach

That mural
Speaking of Mexicali, and sweet art, one of the most noticeable and much-loved aspects of the Nobbys highway strip is the mural taking up one side of the restaurant in hues of pink and blue. Designed and painted by local legend Luke Day, the colourful creation has quickly become a fave Insta-snap opp for well, pretty much everyone.
Where: The north side of Mexicali (you won’t miss it)

Bine Craft Beer Bar
The perfect spot for an afternoon beverage or two complete with live tunes and almost every single Nobbys local under the age of 30. The gang at Bine, know how to show you a good time and with a menu oozing with burgers, loaded fries, nachos and all the other delicious diet-busting thangs, you’ll be forgiven for rolling out of there, holding your belly and groaning with happiness.
Where: 1/28 Chairlift Ave, Nobbys Beach

Rare Groove
A hidden gem that is also a Gold Coast institution, Rare Groove buys, sells and trades records, tapes and CDs of all genres and ages. Step inside and you’re transported back in time with old-school band posters adorning the walls and hundreds of albums to browse through. It’s a beautiful nod to the musical ways of old and it’ll certainly bring a smile to your face.
Where: 2241B Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach

Mount Lebanon Deli
Oh my, this place. You may not have even noticed it but once you’ve entered, there’s no turning back. Boasting all the finest Lebanese foods in a supermarket/deli/café style situation, Mount Lebanon is one in a million. Try a (homemade) falafel wrap, the most delicious of dolmades and any number of cheeses and desserts and we guarantee you’ll be in foodie heaven.
Where: A/2241 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach

We’ve sung the praises of Gemelli Italian (in Broadbeach) a million times and not without good reason, it’s one of the best. Little brother Gemellini (the Nobby’s version) is also a local fave boasting a menu, made up of dishes only a Nonna could create. It’s one of the best around and, combined with a cosy, low-lit space and plenty of opportunity for red wine sipping, Gemellini is a must-visit. It’s the baby of the Carney brothers who have popped their own spin on every single aspect of the venue. It’s amore.
Where: 2247 Gold Coast Highway, Nobbys Beach

About a Girl
The one and only fashion boutique along the Nobbys strip, About a Girl stocks all the cute little outfits your bank balance is terrified of. It’s a favourite of gals (and well-trained guys) the Coast over and they’re guaranteed to have a little something something to spruce up your next Saturday night outing. There’s also delightful homewares and jewels so catch ya later paycheck.
Where: 1/2221 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach 

Clean Beauty Market
Clean, natural beauty products are rapidly gaining popularity with gals who value only the good stuff soaking into their skin. Luckily for the Nobbys crew, Clean Beauty Market opened last year bringing a whole store full of incredible clean beauty products to the people. From makeup to hair products and of course, skincare, they’ve got it and it’s clean. Go see for yourself.
Where: 1/32 Lavarack Rd, Nobbys Beach 

Ahh the huge white house on the corner with sea views, a yoga room and some of the best eats around. BSKT is a healthy food café and good vibe mecca offering nourishing meals the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also COCO WHIP which is a coconut ice cream style scenario developed by the BSKT gang and taking the Gold Coast by storm. It’s winter obviously but well worth a chilly mouth for a minute.
Where: 2235 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobbys Beach 

Words by Kirra Smith




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