Seadog Burleigh

Well Gold Coasters, we have officially seen everything. Just a few days ago Burleigh Heads became home to a new coffee joint but it is not your average caffeine slinging space, no sir.

It is in fact a literal hole in the wall where an ATM once doled out your daily cash needs, a barista will now dole out your daily caffeine needs. How fun.

That barista is Brodie Green, also the owner of Seadog Burleigh, and the mastermind behind the idea to turn a recently removed ATM into a takeaway coffee shop.

Found next door to J St Barbers, Seadog rolled up their doors just last week and have already cemented themselves as firm favourites in the Burleigh coffee scene.

The reason for such immediate popularity is three-fold. First, Seadog uses organic coffee from Peru (Org) and it is quite the smooth, mellow drop, we dig it (and Seadog is the only spot on the Coast serving it).

Second, Brodie’s smiling face greeting folks from the inside compact space, all stoked and passionate about serving epic brews and third, said compact space bringing a little bit of fun back to our fave little beachside suburb.

What a treat.

Not only exceptional coffee though, you may also sample housemade Jun, a fermented beverage similar to kombucha but made with white tea instead of black, housemade ginger beer and cold-pressed juice from Brisbane legends, Harvest.

There are raw treats to nibble on and plenty of good vibes to soak up too.

Brodie, a third generation Gold Coaster, is also keen to help other young locals open businesses by doing something completely unique but also completely within his financial means and that friends, is something we can get behind. Stay tuned for more on that later.

Oh and here’s a sweet tale; the name Seadog came about when Brodie and his sis took a trip to Brunswick Heads and he asked her what he should name his new venture. She pointed to a building with a lifesaver that said Seadog, they laughed about how he would never call it such a thing and then he did, just to remember that moment.

That’s pretty much the epitome of a business built with a whole lot of heart if you ask us. Which you didn’t, but here we all are.

Get down there and give Seadog some love.

LOCATION: 50 James St, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 6am until 2pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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