Old Tom Restaurant and Bar

Broadbeach is set to pay homage to the days of old with the launch of a new Prohibition-style bar. You’ll be taken back in time as soon as you set foot inside the dimly lit, London public house-esque establishment dedicated to gin and fine dining.

Old Tom Restaurant and Bar will open in the heart of Broadbeach mall, formerly occupied by Hank Dining & Bar.

You’d be forgiven for expecting to see groups of men in ankle-length overcoats huddled over smoking pipes and arguing about politics. Alas, hidden behind a towering, lantern-lit façade and guarded by a carved tomcat, what you’ll actually find is a luxurious dining room, marble flooring and a library of classic English books.

What’s with the cat you say? In 1736 a Gin Act was established in an attempt to stop people excessively drinking gin by adding a tax. In order to avoid this pesky tax, public houses (pubs) would have a tomcat carving outside the business. Patrons would place a coin in the cat’s mouth to receive a shot of gin and contribute to paying the tax. What a time to be alive.

Back to Old Tom. As you may have gathered, the drinks menu will feature heavily around gin. In happy news,  there’s many new brands, flavours and even colours of said spirit lately and we cannot wait to sample every single one.

Behind the bar the big guns have been called in, in the form of world-class bartender Tom (probably not a coincidence) Angel (also not a coincidence). The former Kyomi godsend will lead the way with a passion for cutting edge cocktails.

Old Tom’s Summer Cup is everything you want for a Sunday arvo sesh with Four Pillars rare dry gin, nectarine, lime, roobioos tea and ginger beer.

The Ginacillin is made with Brookie’s gin, lemon, honey and a ginger and mezcal foam with ginger ash on top. It’s actually to die for friends.

The formal dining room will offer a set three, six and nine course menu of modern Australian dishes while the lounge and library will have a more relaxed bar snack and share plate menu.

The Southern Squid Puttanesca looks the goods with line caught calamari cooked in dashi (made from locally foraged kelp) and with nasturtium capers, kim chi purslane and smoked, cured egg yolk.

We’re also partial to the Duck Porridge with dry aged Maremma duck cooked in soft jus gras, paperbark smoked prune puree, puffed buckwheat, wilted beach mustard and oxalis leaves. Sounds intense, tastes amazing.

Fun fact: Maremma ducks are farmed in Taralga, NSW and are the epitome of free-range ducks, allowed to roam around and forage for bugs and leaves as they please.

Check out Broadbeach coming up with the goods. Old Tom Restaurant and Bar opens Friday November 24th.

LOCATION: Shop 12-15 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach
HOURS: Tuesday to Thursday 5.30pm – late. Friday 12pm – late. Saturday 12pm – late, Sunday 10am – 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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