No Name Lane

An early morning coffee and the promise of early evening cocktail are often the two things that get us through the working day (plus Netflix, obviously) and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. Combine the two and stick a fork in us, we’re done.

The point is this: No Name Lane, at The Oracle in Broadbeach, has done exactly that, expanding their once compact little space to bring us an elegant bar and dining space filled with coffee-flavoured (among others) cocktails and share-style bar snacks and as of right now, it’s open for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Having taken over the downstairs area formerly occupied by Endota Spa, No Name Lane decided it was time to offer the good people of Broady a happy medium in terms of eats and thus, the expansion was underway.

Now seating choices extend to the Elizabeth Street side of The Oracle where there will soon be a pavilion to shade your sweet little faces from the sun or, inside seating under what may just be the most spectacular ceiling we have ever seen. The takeaway coffee bar now faces into the laneway and the Black Sheep variety is still the bean of choice.

The new dining menu falls under the banner of ‘simple food, done well’ and includes a range of share plates including Honey Roast Pumpkin and Fetta Arancini with basil mayo and Sriracha Fried Chicken with Kewpie mayo and lemon.

Now cocktails. Clearly, coffee is key here (and in daily life) and there are six varieties of coffee cocktails friends, SIX. Starting with your old mate the Classic Espresso Martini ($10, woo), a cold drip EM, a Salted Caramel EM and an Orange Mocha guy. HELP.

Also, there’s a Turbo G&T with gin, cold brew orange peel and tonic. Who comes up with this magic, honestly.

Other delightful additions include the Wild Irish Rose with Peated Irish whiskey, pomegranate, apple brandy and something known as whites.

Right so there you have it. No Name Lane is now bringing your coffee-cocktail-with-a-side-of-tasty-share-plate dreams to life and 2018 is coming in hot.

LOCATION: The Oracle (facing Elizabeth St), Broadbeach
HOURS: Open daily from 6am until late

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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