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Admit yourself to Dracula’s new Sanctuary

Inject a little lust into your life!

SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)
SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)

When someone says Dracula, us Gold Coasters don’t think high-collared capes and bloody fangs. Instead, our minds wander straight to Hooker Blvd and THE Dracula’s. The one we grew up with, drove past a thousand times with the parentals, and pondered what awesomeness lurked inside that creepy-cool exterior. All those excited people standing in line – what was waiting for them on the other side? It must be killer, we surmised, seeing as year after year, that line kept on keeping on.

When we turned eighteen we were stoked for many reasons and obvs, we could hit Surfers for $1 fire engines in our Hound Dog boob tubes for a start. But, the real “we’ve arrived” moment came when it was FINALLY our turn to go stand in that line, grab a syringe boozy-jelly shot and witness first-hand the wonderful wickedness from within. Fast forward a decade…or 2….and yes, we sound old but also, we can confirm that this icon hasn’t lost any of its morbid magic. Recently launching a brand spanking (appropriate) new show called Sanctuary, it’s as debaucherously delectable as its predecessors. In fact, we’re declaring it their finest, most satisfyingly sinful offering yet.

SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)
SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)

As unforgettable as it is unhinged, Sanctuary mixes up a cocktail of delightfully depraved madness straight from the maniacal minds of the condemned. From the death-defying aerial acrobatics to the groin-aching vocals, let the thrill of seduction prevail as the perversion overcomes you. I mean if that doesn’t make you yearn to find out more, then we worry about your mental state….which is ironic, isn’t it? Oh and don’t forget your stomach is also in for a treat, as the 3-course feed is as ecstasy-inducing as the inmates.

With third-generation member of the Newman family, Luke Newman, at the helm, Sanctuary is proof that there is no rest for the wicked. We applaud this mastermind’s commitment to delivering a truly unique spectacle, playing out across five stages, as well as mid-air above the audience. Extra props not just because Dracula’s is a family affair, but because absolutely everything from, well, the props and costumes to the video content is produced in-house.

After unavoidable launch delays (Rona, that ‘ole chestnut), the Dracula’s divas and degenerates are a bit like caged animals; desperate to unleash some pent-up energy and entertain the pants off you…and we may not even be saying that figuratively. The ensemble cast of stellar Aussie talent, some of whom travelled back from the US to take the coveted gig, promise the bible-clutching comedy we’ve come to expect from this institution (and we don’t mean a mental asylum…or do we…).

SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)
SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)

And, Sanctuary isn’t the only fresh meat being served up by the Drax gang in 2022, as they’re also taking the show on tour bound for Sydney, Wollongong, Hobart and Melbourne and more. Did someone say ROADTRIP?!

So GC, the message is loud and thrillingly clear. Call in a crew and get yourselves to Dracula’s from $104 per person including a quality three-course feed. Not just to relive those coming-of-age feels, but to experience the (un)holy grail of this new adult comedy cabaret and feverishly fabulous, Sanctuary. PS – upgrade to the VIP package from $134 per person and get treated like a Very Important Prisoner, umm we mean, Person…..

Where: 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach
When: Wednesday to Saturday from 7pm (3 to 4-hour dinner & show)

Words by Bianca Trathen.


SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)
SANCTUARY Show at Dracula's (image supplied)

Dracula’s Cabaret & Restaurant

Dracula’s colourful, new Mexican carnival-inspired show

Exciting news for all you theatre cabaret lovers, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant launched their brand new show just a few short weeks ago and the creepy crew are back at it again.

The newbie titled Muertos; which means dead in Spanish and the latest carnival de carnage is set to be a wild celebration that absolutely explodes on the Broadbeach stage.

It’s a tribute to Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations, moving at the bone-rattling pace you’ve come to know and love from Australia’s long running dinner slash theatre show.

There’s carnival-inspired acts, death-defying aerial acrobatics, live tunes from the clever crew and of course, the hilarious brand of comedy only Dracula’s can provide.

Muertos is all vibrant colours and hip-gyrating flamenco meshed with high energy Latin dance. Add dancing skeletons, galloping corpses, rocktacular live music, big wigs and lots of bare skin and you’ve got quite the time.

The Mexican theme has crept into every part of the iconic venue, including the menu, wine list and décor. How good.

Delivering the ultimate entertainment and live music experience, the show appears across five stages, as well as mid-air above the audience.

The talented cast lineup features crowd favourite, Coco Inia Dewar, renowned acrobatic adagio duo Lauren Skapalova and Bray Garcia, señorita deliciosas Amber Dawn-Finch and Sarah Douch, backed by the amazing live music talents of Viola Skyes and Tomi Gray.

Muertos, Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant (image supplied)

For the uninitiated, Dracula’s is a world of nocturnal decadence, with mouth-watering dinner treats and tequila laced cocktails – presented by waiters with unrestrained lip-service.

Plus there’s a ghost train ride that’ll get you every time.

Packages start $59 per person for supper club, show only tickets with optional tapas menu, or $95 per person for a succulent three-course dinner and show experience.

Get on it.

LOCATION: 1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach
WHEN: Five days a week, Tuesday to Saturday

3 unmissable Gold Coast theatre-style experiences

Australian Outback Spectacular

The Gold Coast hasn’t always been known for its cultural prowess, but in the last decade our sparkly city has grown in so many ways and we are now home to many an exciting experience.

Which brings us to the reason for today’s tale. To discuss three very good times you can have on the Coast that are not only very entertaining but also quite unlike experiences you would find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for something to do that will delight your senses and entertain you for hours on end, look no further, here are the top three theatre-style attraction experiences.

Australian Outback Spectacular
The Australian Outback is indeed spectacular, all sweeping natural landscapes and a way of life many couldn’t even imagine. It’s a magical and challenging place to live and it comes complete with stories of hope, heartbreak and the very best of humanity. All of which you can experience (and learn in depth about) when you go to watch Australian Outback Spectacular. The show tells the story of life on the land and the hardships and beauty that comes with it. There are farm animals, incredible special effects, a love story and most importantly educational information that we should all know about our country. Not only a show though, you also get dinner and drinks and there’s a variety of packages to choose from. Find out more here.
Where: Entertainment Road, Oxenford

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub
The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub
Re-opening on August 1st, The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub will once again set hearts (and other things) aflutter with their raunchy, cabaret-style show in the heart of Broadbeach. Featuring burlesque, dance, cirque-style acrobatics and daring aerial acts, laugh out loud comedy and flamboyant cabaret, gather the girls and sip a few champagnes while treating yourself to a show like no other. Their current show SUAVÉ has received rave reviews since it’s opening and if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, you best secure your tickets ASAP. Prices start at $54 per person but we suggest the VIP ticket for a little extra goodness.
Where: 88 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant
The Gold Coast’s original (and creepiest) theatre-style experience can be found at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant. It’s an immersive, slightly terrifying show featuring vaudeville cabaret, intricate costumes, mind-bending optical illusions and death-defying aerial acrobatics all set to incredible visual effects and fast-paced music that will have you on the edge of your seat. You’ll also take a ride on a ghost train, come into contact with some very questionable characters and drink cocktails out of skulls. How good. Choose to have dinner included in your package and you’ve got yourself a fine night out indeed. Find out more and 10% OFF here.
Where: 1 Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach

Words by Kirra Smith

Dracula's Cabaret (image supplied)
Dracula's Cabaret (image supplied)
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