Old Man Friday

From rock to ukulele island songs and harmonica lap slide blues, Old Man Friday play surf inspired music new and old.

This weekend they’ll perform their cruisy tunes at Cooly Rocks On for the very first time. We chat with them about Friday surf sessions and being middle aged men having a hoot playing music.

This is your first time playing at Cooly Rocks On, what have you got in store for us?
We’re very excited to be playing our music at Cooly Rocks On and we’ll be bringing some rocking surf instrumental tunes and that old school chilled surf vibe.

Besides your own performance, what are you excited to see / do at the festival?
We all love the classic cars so are really looking forward to having a good look around at them. We’re also excited to check out the other bands like Pat Capocci and the street buskers.

What do you love about the Gold Coast’s music scene?
There’s a great variety of music on the Gold Coast and to see music from many genres being embraced and enjoyed is terrific. Being a surf instrumental band we feel this acceptance and it’s great that we have a platform to play our music and be supported by locals.

What’s unique about the music you make?
There aren’t many surf bands around these days so that makes us a little unique. We love how music can move people and have found that instrumentals can speak and move people as much as a traditional song. Our music varies from down the line rock to ukulele island songs and harmonica lap slide blues.

Tell us about yourselves…
In the full band format have Marcus Bancroft the multi-instrumentalist on the drums – he usually plays guitar, slide, ukulele, and pretty much anything you throw at him. Brett Edy the big wave surfer for Durban is on the bass. He’s a smooth character with tasty bass skills. We have ‘Pheely’ Phil Cancelleri on second lead and rhythm, we call him Pheely because he has terrific feel on the guitar. Nick Tatlow ‘The Rat’ is our lead guitarist and the master of laying down the melody line. And lastly Blair Johnstone who loves to sit in the pocket of rhythm guitar and isn’t interested in playing that fancy lead stuff live (although likes writing it).

 How did Old Man Friday come about (and why the name)?
Old Man Friday came about one Friday morning surf session when we decided to pursue starting a band and playing music together. Blair had recorded some original instrumentals, which had that surfy vibe and we thought we’d explore this and take if further. We proceeded to record a self-titled seven-track EP and started to play markets as a duo. We then pulled in some very talented friends to help bring to life the band music we had also written and recorded. The band name was inspired by this activity.

What can we expect from your albums?
We’ve released two albums now, a self-titled EP and a full-length 10 track album called Down The Line. We’re continuing to write new content and recording as we go. We’re aiming to get another album out before the end of the year. We have the material ready we just need the time and space to record it.

What’s up next for Old Man Friday?
We are obviously looking forward to playing at Cooly Rocks On and will continue to seek to play at other festivals. We’re getting a regular gig at the Noosa Festival of Surfing which is always a delight to play at. The duo has regular gigs at the local farmers markets which are a lot of fun and keep the playing sharp.

Your favourite piece of life advice…
Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. For us Old Man Friday is a lot of fun as we get to hang out together as “middle” aged men and have a hoot playing music. We hope this comes across at our gigs and that people enjoy that we enjoy playing music.

Beach: Lacey’s Lane – our fave surf spot
Café: Barefoot Barista, Palm Beach
Restaurant: Avvia on the GC Highway 23rd Ave
Music venue: Farmers Markets and Miami Marketta of course

Catch Old Man Friday at Cooly Rocks On this weekend.

Performance times:

Saturday 10th June
Kirra Foreshore – 11.15am-12.00pm
Thrifty Stage – 1.15pm-2pm

Sunday 11th June
Kirra Foreshore – 12.45pm-1.30pm
The Strand Stage – 4.30pm-5.15pm