6 local activities for an adrenaline rush

Gold Coast Skydive (image supplied)
Gold Coast Skydive (image supplied)

There has always been a section of the populous that actively enjoys being scared out of their wits. We’re talking about the ones who watch scary movies in the dark and will stand as close as possible to the edge of a terribly high drop — all in the name of a better view, right? Or maybe you’re more the person who gets their thrills by turning the toaster up in the morning and pushing the limits of how much to toast your sourdough before it burns.

Whether you are one of these people or not, it’s fair to say we all like to have our hearts rush, just in varying degrees, it seems!

So, when the only means to make your day is to have an extreme injection of adrenaline, you’ll be pleased to learn we have some adrenaline-pumping activates right here at home. No travel required. Read on to learn where you can make your heart skip a beat — all you thrill-seekers out there!

For obvious reasons, this one is right up there when it comes to adrenaline rushes. Throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane and hurtle through the sky reaching 200 km/h in just 7 seconds — sure, why not, sounds like fun. The gang at Gold Coast Skydive have you covered with skydives that will have you soaring through the sky above the Pacific Ocean before coming to a soft landing on the prettiest patch of sand around: Kirra Beach, no less. The instructors are seasoned professionals, but if you’ve never done this before, and you find yourself at the door about to jump, do not underestimate what’s about to happen!
Where: Gold Coast Skydive, 18 Coyne Street, Coolangatta

Slingshot (Image: © 2018 Inside Gold Coast)
Slingshot (Image: © 2018 Inside Gold Coast)

Sling Shot
Usually, extreme activities, such as bungee jumping and skydiving, take place in wide-open spaces well away from crowds and onlookers. Not with Sling Shot. This jolt of excitement is sure to get even the hardiest of action seekers hearts’ racing. Found just off the beach in Surfers Paradise, this attraction has one sole purpose: to propel its participants skywards at alarming speed! How does accelerating to 160 km/h and reaching over 80 metres high whilst experiencing 6G of atmospheric pressure sound? We’d recommend this one before dinner, folks.
Where: 6 Palm Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Hang Gliding
Did you know that southeast Queensland is a mecca for hang gliding and parasailing? Why not incorporate glorious mountain vistas into having a death-defying experience at the same time? There’s no better way to take in the hinterland from high up above with another qualified human strapped to your back. Launch sites include the picturesque Beechmont and high above the valley floor, Mt Tamborine. Strap in with SE QLD Hang Gliding and experience the actual feeling of flying — sans jet engine!
Where: 92/118 Tamborine Mountain Road, North Tamborine

Go Karting
Car racing was definitely our career in a former life for reasons we don’t need to discuss here. The relevance though, is that driving a car around a track at super-fast speeds is a good time and the ultimate adrenaline rush. Shrink that down into a mini version complete with helmets and the possibility of beating your friends and you’ve got yourself an adrenaline rush. Test your racing skills at one of these sweet spots (we’ve got discounts too!): Kingston Park Raceway or Slideways Go Karting

SkyPoint Climb (image supplied)

SkyPoint Climb
You may be reasonably chilled stepping into the elevator and ascending a staggering 77 levels to the Observation Deck. But no friends, that is not the adrenaline rush part just yet. Once on top of the Q1 — Australia’s tallest building — above the golden sand of Surfers Paradise, you’ll be 270 metres up in the clouds for 90 minutes, just strolling around gazing at 360-degree views of the Gold Coast at your leisure. It’s beautiful and terrifying and an absolute Gold Coast must-do for visitors and locals alike.
Where: SkyPoint Observation Deck, 9 Hamilton Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Jet Ski Safaris
Skimming across pristine water at high speed whilst experiencing a side of the northern Gold Coast you’re unlikely to have seen is what you can expect from Gold Coast Jet Ski Safaris. And the best part? You get to drive the ski, and there’s no need for experience or a license. Take a ski to yourself or pair up with somebody you trust, as the high-speed jinks offered range from a quick 30-minute blast to a grander 2.5 hr exploration of South Stradbroke and nearby mangroves — with an obligatory stop off at a beachside bar of course!
Where: 7A 60-70 SeaWorld Drive, Main Beach

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Jet Ski Safaris (image supplied)
Jet Ski Safaris (image supplied)



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