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  • SkyPoint Climb

    Level 77 of Q1, Surfers Paradise Blvd
    Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217

    Sunday - Thursday
    7:30am - 8pm
    Friday - Saturday
    7:30am - 9pm

  • PRICE:

    From $84pp

SkyPoint Climb

Last updated 9th July, 2024

Reach New Heights at SkyPoint Observation Deck and SkyPoint Climb!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure atop the iconic Q1 tower at SkyPoint Observation Deck, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Gold Coast’s golden beaches, cityscape, and lush hinterland from 77 storeys high.

SkyPoint Climb: Australia’s Ultimate Thrill
For adrenaline enthusiasts, challenge yourself with the SkyPoint Climb, Australia’s highest external building walk. Ascend 270 meters above sea level, guided by expert Climb Leaders, as you soak in panoramic views of golden sands, tropical mountains, and the vibrant Gold Coast skyline below.

SkyPoint Climb (image supplied)

Key Facts and Experience:

  • SkyPoint Climb is Australia’s highest external building climb, offering a 90-minute adventure from start to finish.
  • Begin your journey with a safety briefing at SkyPoint Climb Mission Control and suit up in a specially designed Climb Suit and harness.
  • Ascend to level 77 in one of Australia’s fastest elevators and step into a glass airlock, your gateway to the outside world.
  • Climb 298 stairs to the summit where you’ll reach the Q1 Spire, one of the world’s longest at 97.7m.
  • Enjoy the security of an internal handrail or dare to walk along the edge for a thrilling 270-meter vertical drop experience.
  • At the summit, savor 360-degree views, have photos taken, and engage with your Climb Leader about the Gold Coast’s landmarks and history.
  • After your descent, celebrate your achievement at SkyPoint Observation Deck’s licensed bar and café, or simply relax and absorb the stunning vistas.

Plan Your Adventure at SkyPoint
Make SkyPoint Observation Deck and SkyPoint Climb the highlight of your Gold Coast visit. Whether you’re seeking thrills or breathtaking views, SkyPoint promises an exhilarating experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Surfers Aerial Photo (Image from Unsplash)
Surfers Aerial Photo (Image from Unsplash)


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