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9 feel-good rainy day activities

Don't let the drizzle fizzle your plans.

Jumping in puddles (image by Lukas Godina on Unsplash)
Jumping in puddles (image by Lukas Godina on Unsplash)

Us Gold Coasters can find ourselves a little, well, lost when the rain falls and the mercury drops below 25.4 degrees. During the cooler months, the whole “beautiful one day, perfect the next” theory can exit stage left (for like, 4 days per year…or 304 days per year if it’s 2023). When you find yourself looking to fill your to-do list, we have some feel-good rainy day activities coming your way!

We’ve done the hard yards and compiled a list of failsafe ideas to keep you dry, entertained and smiling when you’re missing that natural vitamin D and reaching for your brolly. These activities prove that the drizzly days on the GC can be just as fun as the sunny days!

Gnocchi Sorrentina  , La Calabrese (image supplied)
Gnocchi Sorrentina  , La Calabrese (image supplied)

Eat your weight in pasta
If the cooler weather makes us want to do one thing, it’s eat pasta. And lots of it. So if you can’t be stuffed DYI-ing (us), head out to one of our many local Italian nosheries for some epic pasta pigouts! We’re dreaming of marinaras and carbonaras, but you can see our full list of soul-satisfying Gold Coast pastas here.

Tarte Beach House, Currumbin Creek (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Parisian Hot Chocolate and Creme Brulee, Tarte Beach House, Currumbin Creek (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Eat your way through chocolate desserts
Ok so we’re still on the topic of eating but at the risk of sounding food-obsessed (we plead guilty), come on – who doesn’t love themselves a comforting choccy dessert on a wet wintery day and/or night. Whether it’s a slab of morish mud cake, choc dipped churros, or a decadent chocolate éclair, find your death by chocolate experience here.

Catch up with friends at a watering hole
Okay so this is something we’re partial to irrespective of what the weather’s doing, but on a rainy day or night, there’s added appeal to bunkering down in a bar with your mates. Whether you’re channeling a shiraz, pint of Guinness or a mojito so you can pretend it’s summer, hit up top spots to sink a brew or a grab a drink.

Miss Moneypenny's interior (image supplied)
Miss Moneypenny's interior (image supplied)

Snuggle by the fire
Nawww, does this not make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Possibly not if you’re single or phyrophobic, but we digress, because we’re not talking significant others or raging bushfires, we’re referring to the many cozy GC restaurants boasting winter-friendly eats and a homely fireplace ambience to boot. Find them here.

Get your soak and float on
Are your muscles and joints giving you grief in the cooler weather? At the risk of sounding like a bunch of middle-aged whining Karen’s, is it just us, or do your joints and muscles seem to cease up and ache way more when the temperature drops and the rain sets in? Cause same! And we think we have to treat ourselves to a little R&R to give you back that pep in your step! Check out a wellness centre or be pampered at a spa – either way, we are in!

Soak Bathhouse, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
Soak Bathhouse, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)

Visit a winery
Look, wineries, like watering holes, speak to us all year round, but a drive (or Uber…) out to one of our beautiful local grape farms for a feed and a tipple is the perfect way to spend a rainy day. We’re feeling reds and moscatos to wash down a mouth-watering lunch infused with local ingredients. Don’t know where to go? Call off the search, because we have your one-stop-shop to wineries here.

Get creative
Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Why not explore your arty-farty side and what better time of year to do it! Whether you’re into sculpting, pottery, photography, drawing, jewellery making, painting, painting whilst wining (ding ding!), or gallery hopping, you can do all that and more in your own backyard. Check out your list of paint & sip classes here.

Mesi Studio Textured Art Workshop at Hard Fizz Headquarters (image supplied)
Mesi Studio Textured Art Workshop at Hard Fizz Headquarters (image supplied)

Make a charcuterie board and chill out with your friends
You had us and cheese, deli meats and antipasto. And look, basically anything that appears on a charcuterie board belongs in our stomachs. The rain makes it seem totally acceptable to indulge in such guilty pleasures so why not call in your squad and a make day of it.

Try a new workout class
With all this talk of chocolate, cheese, watering holes and wine, we’re thinking it’s wise to add a new workout class to your rainy-day must-try list. There are plenty of places to get your deep burn on, and donning your activewear is still entirely acceptable when it’s a bit frosty (bonus – excuse to buy that LSKD sweater you’ve been eyeing off).

Words by Bianca Trathen

Puppy Yoga by Karmably (image by Karmably)
Puppy Yoga by Karmably (image by Karmably)

13 things to do on the Gold Coast when it’s raining

Timezone, Paradise Centre (image supplied)
Timezone, Paradise Centre (image supplied)

The Gold Coast is renowned for sunny weather, but it is also home to some pretty impressive thunderstorms and humidity! To avoid any bad weather frustrations here’s a list of 13 things to do on the Gold Coast when it’s raining.

This one is a no-brainer, Timezone has been on the Gold Coast since… forever and is the perfect activity for when you can’t be at the beach. The recently refurbished Timezone Surfers Paradise boasts a bumper car track on a 200 sqm track, an open plan prize shop filled with enticing toys, lollies and collectibles, a laser tag arena to get your adrenaline pumping, an onsite café. Oh and don’t forget Zone Bowling right next door!

Archie Brothers, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Archie Brothers, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)

The ultimate triple threat, Hijinx Hotel, Archie Brothers and Holey Moley in Surfers offer the perfect opportunity to while away a rainy day. With immersive game rooms, all your fave arcade games, bumper cars and mini golf, this epic entertainment precinct is a game-changer for fun-seekers Located under the supremely popular Cali Beach, Surfers Paradise. Click here for your discounted Archie Bros fun bundle.
Where: Paradise Centre, 2 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise and 3197 Surfer Paradise Blvd, Elkhorn & Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise

Infinity Attraction, Surfers Paradise (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)
Infinity Attraction, Surfers Paradise (image courtesy of Destination Gold Coast)

Infinity Attraction
Infinity Attraction in Surfers Paradise is a crowd pleaser, a super fun activity to do with your friends! Infinity’s maze is both challenging and mind blowing. It’s an extraordinary series of 20 multi- sensory environments filled with unique special effects, emotive atmospheric sound fields, sensuous aromas, ultra-groovy music and spectacular illusions that appear to go all the way to infinity! Get 10% off entry with our coupon code (“infoinsidegc”) here.
Where: Shop 31, Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

Go see a Cabaret show
Dracula’s, The Pink Flamingo and Australian Outback Spectacular all offer nights of total entertainment! Drac’s combines burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and dining, all in one incredible venue! But be aware, Drac’s is MA15+ show, so leave the kids at home and get ready to be entertained! 10% off the Dracula’s show here. Pink Flamingo welcomes hundreds of guests each week and is home to three resident productions; Zirque La LaRipped and Forbidden. Get your 20% off discount code here. The Australian Outback Spectacular is a family friendly Australiana dinner and show package featuring many Australian animals, songs and of course bush tucker.
Where: Dracula’s, Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach, The Pink Flamingo, Corner of 88 Surf Parade & Victoria Ave, Broadbeach and Australian Outback Spectacular, Pacific Motorway, Oxenford

Dracula's, Broadbeach (image supplied)
Dracula's, Broadbeach (image supplied)

The Star Gold Coast
The Star Gold Coast is an adult’s playground and the perfect entertainment destination for those bad weather days. You can have a feast at one of the award-winning restaurants, watch a show or concert at the theatre or just see and be seen with your friends.
Where: The Star Gold Coast, Casino Drive, Broadbeach

Miami Marketta
Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm onwards you can be part of Miami Marketta’s food stall craze. Mouthwatering food stalls, shopping and live music all in one spot and all undercover. It’s the perfect rainy-day date-night spot.
Where: 23 Hillcret Parade, Miami

Couple at Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Couple at Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Southport Indoor Pistol Club is a good time if you’re keen to experience real firearms and ammo without needing licenses or previous experience. They offer rifles, pistols, shotguns to tactical weapons, from small to very large, the hardest thing you have to do is pick one! Click here for their latest discounted offer.
Where: Southport Indoor Pistol Club, 1/76 Ferry Road, Southport

Catch a movie
Keen to channel your inner movie buff and check out the latest blockbuster flicks? Perhaps you’re arty and prefer international films from arthouse and foreign productions? Or, maybe you just want to take the kids somewhere where they’ll actually sit still for a couple of hours these school holidays? All roads lead to one destination… and that’s the Dendy Cinema in Southport’s Queen Street Village. Click here to grab your 20% discount on tickets.
Where: Queen Street VillageNerang Street, Southport

Dendy Cinemas - Southport (image supplied)
Dendy Cinemas - Southport (image supplied)

Ripley’s Believe it or not!
Believe it or not, but Ripley’s is a great indoor attraction for you, your family and yes, even your friends. It’s a museum full of odd, unique and incredible artefacts, art, photographs and stories of the 200+ countries Mr Ripley has visited over the years. They’ve just added several new attractions, read about them here. Click here for an exclusive offer.
Where: Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise

The Wax Museum
The Wax Museum is one of the longest-standing attractions on the Gold Coast. Head in for a guided tour and discover some of the more gruesome torture methods that were used in ancient times. Or prepare to be starstruck, get up close and personal with some of Hollywood’s biggest names or grab a photo with royalty. For 10% off entry, click here.
Where: 56 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Rain = the perfect excuse to go shopping undercover. The Gold Coast is a haven for indoor shopping centres, so if you’re in Broadbeach hit up Pacific Fair Shopping Centre or The Oasis Shopping Centre, if you’re in Surfers Paradise, the Paradise Centre or Australia Fair Shopping Centre in Southport.

Pacific Fair, Broadbeach (image supplied)
Pacific Fair, Broadbeach (image supplied)

Escape Rooms
Get a group of friends together, ditch the mobile phones for an hour and go have some fun! Choose from Escape Hunt in Southport or Fox in a Box, Eclipse Escape Rooms and Padlock’d in Surfers Paradise. Note that you will have to use your brain. 60 minutes to use the clues provided to solve the puzzles and escape! Click here for discounts. The newly opened Other World HQ in Surfers provides an unparalleled and thrilling escapade. The first experience introduced is Saboteurs, which invites individuals into the real-life world of “Among Us.” Not technically an Escape Room, but if you’ve got some rage to unleash try Rage Cage in Southport. Click here for a discount.
Where: Southport and Surfers Paradise

Go Karting
Slideways Go Karting Centre in Nerang is Go Karting is just 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise is a uniquely designed track and surface to allow karts to drift and get Slideways! Their go kart track is indoors and not affected by the weather – open rain hail or shine! They have 20 European state-of-the-art Sodi karts, powered by de-governed, 9hp, four stroke Honda kart engines, which means it will take some skill to achieve a good lap. Get 20% off a 20 minute session here.
Where: 10 Spencer Road, Nerang

Slideways Go Karting (image supplied)
Slideways Go Karting (image supplied)

Head to a day spa 
Sometimes a little self-love is needed, particularly when it’s raining and you want to be all cosied up inside. A day at the spa sounds like heaven to us, check out our list of faves here.

Words by Kirra Smith.

Spa by JW - Signature Couples Bath (image supplied)
Spa by JW - Signature Couples Bath (image supplied)

11 things to do on the Gold Coast if you’re single

Chuan Spa, The Langham Gold Coast (image supplied)
Chuan Spa, The Langham Gold Coast (image supplied)

So we hear you’re sans a significant other. Don’t worry, we got you – and haven’t you heard, single is the new relationship! Or maybe it’s just us saying that. Who cares, because what’s more of a vibe than knocking back an entire pack of Tim Tams for dinner while you binge watch MAFS like no one’s watching? Because no one is watching.

Soak up that glorious singledom and being responsible for no one but me, myself and I (and my dog) because it turns out there are loads of things you could be doing to fill up your cup as the Gold Coast’s most eligible Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Bao Buns and Chilli Marg at Jimmy Wah's, Burleigh (image supplied)
Bao Buns and Chilli Marg at Jimmy Wah's, Burleigh (image supplied)

Try all the foods
One of the best things about being single is being able to eat whatever you crave without compromise. Feel like gelato for dinner? You got it! Cooking not on the menu? Uber Eats from your favourite Thai it is. Craving Jimmy Wah’s but got no one to go with? Who cares! There’s something we love about a solo dinner date. No eating something you don’t want because the person you’re eating with is fussy/boring/not vibing the same menu as you. Our favourite spots for solo dinner dates? Try Rosella’s, Local or Cantina in Mermaid Beach for epic eats and people watching.

Mesi Studio Textured Art Workshop at Hard Fizz Headquarters (image supplied)
Mesi Studio Textured Art Workshop at Hard Fizz Headquarters (image supplied)

Get crafty
Let your inner Picasso run wild at one of the multitude of adult craft workshops on offer around the GC. Mesi Studio is one of the Coast’s newest craft, paint and sip venues, with textured art classes taking centre stage #yippee. The Craft Parlour, offers everything from floral embroidery to bead & sips and kokedama workshops. Or if you like to get your hands dirty, why not try a clay and sip experience at Stone Studio & Co in Currumbin?  Come alone or come with a crew, either way you’re guaranteed a good time.

Black Friday 4 Day Sale Event at Harbour Town Premium Outlets (image supplied)
Harbour Town Premium Outlets (image supplied)

Shop ‘til You Drop
If you’re anything like us, there’s a good chance your retail therapy will cost more than your actual therapy #yolo. We’ve got some of the country’s best shopping centre’s in our backyard, so it’d be rude not to shop up a storm at Pacific Fair if you ask us. If you’re being budget-concious (or just love a good bargain) head north to Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre. They’ve got all your favourite brands for loads less with a spiffy eats and sips precinct to boot.

Soak Bathhouse, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
Soak Bathhouse, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)

Self Care’s The Word
Spa days are the ultimate single gal good time. There are plenty of places to indulge on the Coast from escape-for-a-week retreats like Gwinganna to the luxe and spa-kling new embodiment of bliss, the Spa By JW. Nothing says ‘self care’ like a soak session at Soak Bathhouse. Go solo or grab your girl gang and cycle through the warm magnesium baths and cold plunge pools. If you’re wanting more – add on a luxe massage or solo infrared sauna session, listen to an audiobook while you sweat it out and we promise you’ll feel a million bucks for it. Smooth skin and super chill vibes await.

Girls walking in the Gold Coast hinterland (image via Destination Gold Coast)
Girls walking in the Gold Coast hinterland (image via Destination Gold Coast)

Let’s Get Physical
Hit the pavement and get your heart rate up at one of the many run clubs calling the GC home. Our personal fave? Unfit Run Club, because who doesn’t want to finish a jog with a jug of beer! A way to get fit AND meet new peeps? Sign us up.
If you’re more about the great outdoors then explore one of our incredible Hinterland hiking trails. If you’re lucky and the weather gods have been good to you, you’ll even get a solid waterfall spotting – perfect spot for a refreshing dip.

Movie Date
It might feel cliché but there’s just something so liberating about taking a solo movie date. Because when was the last time you went to the cinemas, be honest? Book yourself some tix to that rom-com you’ve been dying to see (Gold Class, because you deserve it) and treat yourself to your favourite sweetie treaties. No compromising and being forced to watch the 456th Equalizer movie. Hot tip, DENDY at Queen Street Village, often screens previews and opening night specials including a glass of sparkling wine with your ticket purchase #fancy.

Tallebudgera Creek (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Tallebudgera Creek (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Get Your Mermaid On
‘Oh naurrrr Cleo’ we hear you say, but we know deep down you’ve been dying to have your mermaid moment and there’s no better place than Currumbin Rock Pools. The ultimate sanctuary for singles, pack a bag with a book and a baguette and you’ll be set for at least a couple of hours to soak up the tranquil vibes. If saltwater is your preference, perch up at Talle Creek or one of our other incredible beachside spots and ground yourself while you become one with the ocean. Bliss.

Bingo’s Not Just for Old Ducks
Get the girls (and guys if they must) together for a night of ugly laughing with Miami Marketta’s iconic Drag Queen Bingo. Thing big costumes and even bigger personalities, it’s a fixture on the GC events calendar for a reason. There’s a DJ spinning your favourite camp tunes and bringing the vibes all night long. The best bit? You can book in tables of two, four or six so grab a bestie or five and get ready for the night of your lives.

HOTA Gallery exterior (photo by John Gollings)
HOTA Gallery exterior (photo by John Gollings)

Get Your Exhibitionist On
Not like that, you weirdo. We mean to get better acquainted with the Arts at HOTA, one of Queensland’s most impressive Galleries and a very welcome addition to the Coast’s art and culture scene. The exhibits change every few months so there’s always something fresh to look at. Finish it off with a bite or beverage at HOTA’s rooftop bar, The Exhibitionist. Sounds like a pretty perfect day.

Learn to Surf
It’s pretty much a rite of passage if you’re a Gold Coaster, so if you can’t surf then what have you been doing?! Currumbin Alley is renowned for being one of the most beginner friendly spots to catch a wave, so book a spot at one of ripper surf schools and let your inner grom out. Currumbin Alley Surf School even have a 6 week surfing challenge so you can find some mates (or a mate) and put those new skills to work.

Cool 2 Be Conscious event on the Sunshine Coast (image by Brianna Niebling)
Cool 2 Be Conscious event on the Sunshine Coast (image by Brianna Niebling)

Chill out
If there’s ever been a time or a reason to focus on me, myself and I, it’s when you’re single. So what better way to dig deep and honour yourself than with the legends at Cool 2 Be Conscious. They’ve brought community breathwork, meditation and ocean dips to the masses and there’s a reason why hundreds – yes, hundreds – rock up rain, hail or shine for their sessions each and every week. As Australia’s largest breathwork movement, it’s the perfect spot to dip your toes into the concept of breathwork (pun intended). Sounds wholesome, because it is.

Words by Jacqueline Bojanowski.

10 unique Gold Coast exercise classes to try

Retro Fit (image supplied)
Retro Fit (image supplied)

Feeling a little ho-hum over your usual sweat sesh rotation? Or maybe your rickety rig has been feeling less like a temple and more like a ‘fixer upper’ of late?

Whether you revel in any reason to get the ole’ bod moving, or the thought of exercise bores you to your very core – having some exciting new options to throw in your trusty repertoire can never be a bad thing. So without further ado, here are 10 unique exercise experiences on the GC to try your hand at. Because, y’know, variety is the spice of life, and all that.

Retro Fit
Sweatbands, sweaty bods and lairy leg warmers as far as the eye can see – no, you have not stepped back to a simpler time when Aerobics Oz Style dominated our pre-dawn tele viewing (#NostalgiaAlert). We are, in actual fact, referring to Retro Fit, an assortment of 80’s themed aerobics sessions where you get to strut your stuff to all your favourite bygone bangers… so basically, the most fun one can have while working out. Held at The Junction in Burleigh Heads, there’s different types of sessions going down several times a week, so there’s really no excuse not to get down and… get physical [gyrating intensifies].
Where: 14 Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads

Dancing and movement (image via UnSplash)
Dancing in the dark (image via UnSplash)

Lights Out and Dance
For the rhythmically challenged among us; if the chance get your groove on under the cover of pitch black darkness sounds a dream, get on down to Lights Out and Dance and ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ (literally). Get those endorphins flowing while you lose yourself to some sweet dance beats in what is basically the most unintimidating group setting you can get. The intuitive-style sessions are held in a dark room so you can work up a sweat shaking what your mama gave you without a care in the world; and have stacks of fun in the process. Post-workout glow, incoming!
Where: Broadbeach Cultural Centre, Hooker Blvd &, Sunshine Blvd, Broadbeach Waters and Runaway Bay Youth Centre, 379 Oxley Drive, Runaway Bay

Puppy Yoga by Karmably (image by Karmably)
Puppy Yoga by Karmably (image by Karmably)

Puppy Yoga
No, we haven’t gone barking mad – Puppy Yoga is very much a thing… and yes, it’s exactly as amazing as it sounds. Picture down-dogging ’til hearts content, whilst being overrun by a sea of cute puppies! Hosted by the mindful fun and animal snuggle purveyors at Karmably, there’s various, oxytocin-boosting pop up dates held at Flow St8 throughout the year. Plus, we get to feel extra good knowing we’re helping socialise the pint-sized participants while we get our sweat on! Yep… it’s paw-ficial the perfect workout really does exist.
Where: Flow St8, 10 Fifth Ave, Palm Beach

Unfit Run Club, gold Coast (image supplied)
Unfit Run Club, gold Coast (image supplied)

Run Clubs
If your typical cardio rotation consists only of running away from your problems and jumping to conclusions, the various iterations of social run clubs that call the GC home will make a runner out of you yet. If you’re looking for a supportive environment where you can slide on in at snails pace without so much as a second glance, Parkrun is a perennial fave. With community events held weekly from Coomera through to Kirra, participants are welcome to walk, jog, run, or simply spectate. Or for a little extra incentive; we’d recommend checking out clubs that strategically plan their routes around our fine assortment of local watering holes, such as Unfit Run Club and Good Good Running.
Where: Assorted clubs/locations across the Gold Coast

Aerial Yoga, Hapy Studio (image supplied)
Aerial Yoga, Hapy Studio (image supplied)

Aerial yoga
If you’ve seen one tree pose, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not necessarily… If you’re looking to shake up your usual stretch-and-breath sesh, Aerial yoga is where its at! Experience yoga from a whole new perspective, with an invigorating workout that involves performing poses gracefully suspended from a mix of hammock, silk and ring style contraptions. And the best part? You don’t even need to be a card-carrying yogi to get in on the fun! A variety of beginners classes mean people of all ages and abilities can learn the moves ‘on the fly’. Go on, why not give it a whirl!?
Where: Hapy Studio, 9/5 Traders Way, Currumbin

Therapy Fitness, Miami (image supplied)
Therapy Fitness, Miami (image supplied)

Therapy Fitness
When it comes to changing up the same ol’ workout grind, spin is hardly a revolutionary (geddit, heh) concept – but hear us out, because what we’re proposing is anything but your typical cycle class. At Therapy, Mermaid’s multi sensory fitness studio, the immersive ‘therapy’ sessions are all about boosting mental as well as physical wellbeing… and who doesn’t love a to-do list two-fer?! Combining music and movement, each of the fully integrated studio spaces have been optimised to get both the mind and the bod feeling fab. You’ll be glowing from the inside out in no time.
Where: Cnr Markeri St &, Southport Burleigh Rd Q Super Centre, Shop D2/D3, Mermaid Waters

Pound Fitness (image supplied)
Pound Fitness (image supplied)

Pound Fitness
Alright so remove any expectations you might have about what this entails and get excited for an extra fun time… because this workout ROCKS. Get ready to bliss out with ‘ya sticks out – fluro green drumsticks – that is, with the exhilarating full-body cardio jam session known simply as Pound. A rockstar-worthy workout that combines sweet beats with pilates inspired strength training and the sweat-dripping fun of drumming. What a time. Now this is the kind of exercise we could really ‘drum up’ some enthusiasm for! *ba dum tiss*.
Where: Various locations across the GC

Pole Dancing (image supplied)
Pole Dancing (image from unsplash)

Pole dancing
Does the thought of yet another yoga or pilates sesh low-key have you yawning? Why not step it up a notch and have a pole lot of fun challenging and contorting your core in ways you never even knew possible! Even if you’re not typically the flexy type; the pros behind some of our local studios promise there’s no previous experience or even coordination pre-requisites to give it a go! So really, we’ve got nothing to lose, and a whole lot of flexibility, and strength to gain. Sounds pretty badass to us.
Where: GCPOLEFIT, 87 Griffith St, Coolangatta and Rokh Fit Studio, Unit 2/19 Township Dr, Burleigh Heads

Cold Nips, gold Coast (image supplied)
Cold Nips, gold Coast (image supplied)

Cold Nips
What the heck is Cold Nips you ask? Well, basically, it’s a club dedicated to the art of starting your day with a nippy sunrise dip, that’s what. Promoting wellbeing and positive mental health, the national wellness initiative is all about finding joy and discomfort while connecting with like-minded peeps in nature, and how can you argue with a mood-boosting ritual like that? And to ensure they’re always keeping things fresh, each week’s mystery beach location is only revealed the Sunday night before.
Where: Locations vary weekly, check socials for deets.

NBHD HOT, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
NBHD HOT, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)

If you’re in the mood to be challenged by more of a slow burn style workout – never fear GC, we gotchu… or at least, the Coast’s first infrared hot room does. Do not let the low impact movements and stretch-based routines deceive you – with German made infrared heating panels designed to heat your body from the inside out, a NBHD (or neighbourhood training) sesh will have you sculpting, strengthening and sweating like never before.
Where: 2582 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Words by Kellie Leader.

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