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7 gourmet delis on the Gold Coast

Prepare for the deli-ciousness.

Manolas Brothers Delicatessen (image supplied)
Manolas Brothers Delicatessen (image supplied)

They say the best things in life are free. And although this remains true for the most part, whoever came up with this sentiment must have momentarily forgotten about delicatessen-style foods. We’re talking about all those specialty goods like mouth-watering dry-cured meats, artisanally produced cheeses, and all of those delightful dips and spreads — ultimate charcuterie board goals.

When it’s time for a picnic or a lazy Sunday afternoon in the sun with wine in hand, these foods are the perfect accompaniment. But getting your hands on such fare is no easy task. You must know where to look, folks. Head to the supermarket deli counter if you must, but if you yearn for divine savours — and believe you deserve the very finest — read on as we run you through the Gold Coast’s best gourmet deli’s.

Manolas Bros Delicatessen
After a recent swoon-worthy refurbishment, Manolas Bros has only gone and cemented themselves as one of the Coast’s ultimate spots to treat your tastebuds. Not content with just being a continental style deli, you are also now spoiled with wood-fired pizzas, an extensive bar offering, and heaps of takeaway options in the form of some robust filled-to-the-brim food hampers. All we can say is specialty dishes, baked goods, and festive sweets are some of the many reasons people keep coming back to this Surfers Paradise foodie hub.
Where: Shop 3G, 14 Capri on Isle of Capri, 15/21 Via Roma, Surfers Paradise

The Standard Market Company, Ferry Road Markets (image supplied)
The Standard Market Company, Ferry Road Markets (image supplied)

The Standard Market Company – Southport Brickworks
Your one-stop place to fill your larder with the finest goods the Gold Coast’s CBD has to offer. Specialising in freshly baked breads, cheese, olives and imported gourmet goods, your next picnic will be elevated to lofty new heights. But this isn’t all; their very own butcher counter will tease you with expert cuts of free-range and organic meats, alongside a vast selection of handmade sausages crafted with flavourings from all around the world. Around the world in 80 snags, anyone?
Where: 107 Ferry Road, Southport

Barbosa Fine Food Deli
Cheese is life. A fair statement in anyone’s book (sorry vegans), but with cheese, one must have suitable chutneys, relishes, pickles, and crackers; luckily for Barbosa Fine Food Deli at the Kitchens in Robina Town Centre has all the above plus more. Grab yourself an organic Fairtrade coffee and discuss your next blissful charcuterie board with any of their friendly staff: they’ll help direct you through their incredible assortment of imported and Australian goods. And for those with a craving for fresh truffles, look no further, truffle season is upon us, and these guys have got you covered.
Where: The Kitchens, Robina Town Centre

Golosi Food Emporium
This hidden in plain sight place of delectable goods is Burleigh Heads’ ode to fine foods — and we suggest, if you haven’t already, to make this a regular place to stop by. Even if you’re having trouble conjuring up a list of things you might want, don’t fear. Once you step inside, the vast assortment of fare will quickly have you imagining cheese boards and snack plates from your wildest dreams. And if you plan on having yourself an easy dinner one evening, their selection of fresh pastas and divine ready prepared meals are by no means a shortcut.
Where:  3/45 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Golosi Food Emporium (image supplied)
Golosi Food Emporium (image supplied)

Ambarella Fine Foods
This enclave of gourmand food and drinks ensures an authentic paddock to plate experience with every visit. Whether you’re looking to stock up on farm-fresh vegetables, lusting for one of our city’s largest selections of cheese, or adamant you must have yourself only the best superbly baked European style bread, then, you’ll find all of these under the one roof here in Burleigh Waters. However, searching out the best goods is tiring — and hungry — work. We suggest you take a rest and fuel up at their café and juice bar, where fresh over-filled sandwiches/wraps and squeezed-on-the-spot juices await you.
Where: Shop 12/1 Santa Maria Court, Burleigh Waters

Quince Fromagerie Cellar
On the southern end of the Coast, the Cornerstone Stores have been a haven of boutique goods impressing locals for the last three and a half years. Integral to this space is the cutest looking wine and cheese shop, Quince Fromagerie — but don’t be fooled, this is a serious case of good things come in small packages. Friendly shop manager Rafa is on hand to lead you through the diverse selection of gourmet goods and cheeses, and if you ask nicely, he may even give you a taste of some. We’re also pleased to say wine plays a role here, and should you want to pair one of their many bottles with anything edible you purchase, go right ahead, you cultured thing, you.
Where: Shop 5/570 Gold Coast Highway, Tugun

Quince Fromagerie and Cellar (image supplied)
Quince Fromagerie and Cellar (image supplied)

Russian Delights
Those with family ties to Eastern Europe or Russia often know only too well how hard it can be to find foods from the old country here in Australia. One place that disrupts and challenges this status quo are the good guys at Russian Delights. This long-established business has been procuring and distributing various foods from several different cultures for over twenty years and shows no sign of slowing one bit. Specialising in smoked sausages and cured meats, they pride themselves on only stocking the very best produce made by the strictest traditional recipes and welcome customers from all varying backgrounds to come and enjoy their selection of international goods. Trust us when we say, locals who know their meats, get it from here.
Where: 1/35a Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Russian Delights (image supplied)
Russian Delights (image supplied)

13 Gold Coast spots to stock up on fancy cheese

Picnic spread with cheese (image supplied)
Picnic spread with cheese (image supplied)

Oh cheese – you are always there when we need you. When we’ve had a hard day at work and can’t be arsed cooking – cheese. When we’re having the girls over for some vinos to unpack the week that was – cheese. When we’re trying to woo that special someone and show off our more refined side – fancy cheese. You get the gist, there’s nothing in this world that can’t be celebrated, commemorated or commiserated with this dairy decadence. With this in mind, we’ve penned a list of GC spots from north to south, where you can stock up on your fave cheesy goodies. Cheese Louise!

Tamborine Cheese Shop
Housed within the Fortitude Brewing Company precinct, Tamborine Cheese Shop will be the answer to all your cheesy dreams! Forewarning, your cheese platters have never looked or tasted this good with the addition of their cheeses. Don’t forget to snap up some dips while you’re at it because these are also drool-worthy.
Where: 165-185 Long Road, North Tamborine

The Standard Market Company
There isn’t well, anything The Standard Market Company folk do that isn’t gouda (get it?), but their cheese selection is definitely a stand-out. With an impressive selection of mouth-watering cheeses, it’s stressful choosing just one or two, so our advice is don’t – get them all, coz “this platter has too much cheese” said no-one ever.
Where: Ferry Road Markets, Southport

Cheeses available in a deli (image supplied)
Cheeses available in a deli (image supplied)

Market Organics
The beautiful Southport Market Organics store boasts a plentiful, certified organic produce department, bulk food section, and a variety of refrigerated and dry goods. It is literally a one-stop-shop for all your wholefood needs, especially the holy grail of goodness, c.h.e.e.s.e. Shout out to their strong selection of VEGAN cheeses. Yep, you read that right. An added bonus is it’s a family-owned and run business supporting local growers and manufacturers, what’s not to love here?
Where: 9/201 Ferry Road, Southport

Manolas Brothers Delicatessen
We love ourselves a Manolas Brothers fix, particularly when we’re on the hunt for a fancy flavoursome cheese or ten. This Isle of Capri gem is ever popular, with both peeps enjoying their food in-house, or stocking up on their Greek and Italian deli treats, groceries, fresh pasta, and cheese for entertaining and enjoying at home. Don’t miss this one.
Where: Shop 3G 14, 15-21 Capri Via Roma, Isle of Capri

Manolas Brothers Delicatessen (image supplied)
Manolas Brothers Delicatessen (image supplied)

Harris Farm Markets
Isle of Capri has become quite the hub for the cheese appreciation society (AKA everyone). Whether you purchase in the flesh or online, may we recommend the Granaggio cheese and the Pepato Pecorino cheese and…well…all the cheeses! With a loyal following, they prove that anything you can do, they can do FETA.
Where: Capri on Via Roma, 15-21 Via Roma, Isle of Capri

Grobnik European Delicatessen
This multigenerational family legacy of artisan butchery mastery is also online! And they bring traditional European handmade recipes into your kitchen – and we’re here for it. There are cured meats in every flavour imaginable, show stopping condiments and of course, the crem de la crem of cheeses.
Where: Ashmore City Shopping Centre, 206 Currumburra Road, Ashmore

Euro Food Deli
Representing and sourcing from the leading European manufacturers who are passionate about producing the highest quality products, Euro Food Deli stocks a huge selection of Russian and Polish food, as well as sweet and savoury treats from across Europe. This of course includes cheese, which is always the first item on our shopping list when we visit this suburban gem. Which is A. LOT.
Where: Shop 18b, 57 Station Street, Nerang

Cheese and wine (image supplied)
Cheese and wine (image supplied)

Barbosa Fine Food Deli
For us, a trip to Robina Town Centre goes a little something like this: swing by The Kitchens to grab a quick feed mid-shop, then leave The Kitchens with a trolley full of cheese from Barbosa, along with freshly prepared meals and delish homemade cakes. We usually then swiftly exit, coz all we can really think about at this point is getting home and tucking into said cheesy goodness. With wine of course.
Where: The Kitchens, Robina Town Centre, Robina

Ambarella Fine Food
It’s simply not possible to drive down Southport Burleigh Road and not take a sneaky detour into Ambarella. Stocking a variety of the highest quality cheese sourced from Australia and around the world, their cheesemonger includes some of the most sought-after and finest cheese varieties available. Do yourself a favour and try their goat cheese. You’re welcome.
Where: 1 Santa Maria Court, Burleigh Waters

Quince Fromagerie and Cellar (image supplied)
Quince Fromagerie and Cellar (image supplied)

Golosi Food Emporium
The word “Golosi” means glutton or greedy in Italian and #guilty. This food emporium right in the heart of Burleigh houses some of the finest local and international products. The selection changes on a regular and seasonal basis and we’re talking meats, antipasti, dips, freshly baked bread, olives, and of course, cheese. Pick up some beautiful blooms while you’re there.
Where: 3/45 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Fresco Cheese
Fresco has a purpose-built factory in Burleigh Heads where they produce all their natural cheese. All their milk, for use in their products are sourced from local dairy farmers and turned into cheese in under 24 hours! While you can get your hands on their products in most Woolworths and IGA’s, you are able to visit their Cheesery (yes, that’s its name and we are here for it) to purchase their products that are made mere metres away. Now, that’s awesome! 
Where: Most Woolworths & IGA’s or 33 Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads

Fresco Cheese (image supplied)
Fresco Cheese (image supplied)

Quince Fromagerie
With a name like Quince Fromagerie, you know you’re going to find a whole lotta cheese and sir, we are here for it. A boutique providore (situated in Cornerstone Stores) boasts European and select-local wines, spirits and cheeses, this Currumbin favourite imports limited edition and hard-to-find products. Gaze adoringly into the cheese room, and can we please have one of these in our abode?
Where: 570 Gold Coast Highway, Currumbin

Rob Roy Deli
Run by a chef and a sommelier and no this is not the start to a joke, but if there are two people who know good cheese, it’s, well, a chef and a sommelier! Their sensational range of cheese and charcuterie can be freshly cut to order, and mark our words, you’ll legit want to buy Fifty Shades of Gruyere at this new kid on the block.
Where: 20 Bay Street, Tweed Heads

Words by Bianca Trathen.

Rob Roy Deli & Drinks exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Rob Roy Deli & Drinks exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

10 Gold Coast restaurants for a Friday business lunch

Mr PP's Deli & Rooftop Bar (Image: © 2017 Inside Gold Coast)
Mr PP's Deli & Rooftop Bar (Image: © 2017 Inside Gold Coast)

Let’s be real – the best deals are done over a delicious meal and a glass of vino…or, ahem, a bottle…or 2, or…. (you get the gist).

Here is a list of local places we think fit the bill as must-do Friday biz lunch destinations, for you to chew the fat with your clients and colleagues, and finish the week off on the right note!

Let’s unpack this, from north to south….

Mr P.P.’s Deli and Rooftop
Anyone who works in or around Southport will tell you this little rooftop gem is a bona fide crowd-pleaser and client woo-er (we just made up a word!). A gourmet pizza from here is legendary, and their delicious drinks menu will have you asking “but do we really need to go back to the office this afternoon?”. We’ll answer that one for you, no, no you don’t….
Where: 43 Nerang Street, Southport

Glass Dining & Lounge Bar (image supplied)
Glass Dining & Lounge Bar (image supplied)

Glass Dining and Lounge Bar
With a no-expense-spared fit-out and a priceless view overlooking the water at Marina Mirage, Glass is a no-brainer for your Friday business pow-wow…with just the right amount of fancy. It delivers a five-star feed every time with quality produce, meats, fresh seafood, and an equally showstopping wine and cocktail list. Scoring an A+ for service, it’s another home run for The Gennari Group.
Where: Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

Edgewater Dining
If you haven’t experienced an end-of-week business lunch at Edgewater Dining, drop everything and book a table! The stunning water views are good for the soul and the modern Australian cuisine menu infused with Italian goodness is off the richter. If a liquid lunch is more your jam (same) the drinks menu is lit, and we’re drinking Edgy Lychee Martinis all arvo long.
Where: Shop 3, Capri on Via Roma, Isle of Capri

Miss Moneypenny's interior (image supplied)
Miss Moneypenny's interior (image supplied)

Miss Moneypenny’s
I mean, who doesn’t love this joint! Miss Moneypenny’s has become quite the local fave, always filled with Gold Coasters seeking their hit of fresh seafood and creative cocktails (yes please…and yes please). Perfect for your Friday meeting-come-cocktails sesh, make it an extra loooong lunch and experience Oysters and Spritzers from 3pm, with $2.50 oysters and a refreshing seasonal spritzer!
Where: 50 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Mamasan Kitchen + Bar
If it’s modern Asian flavour you and the team are after, Masaman Kitchen + Bar is where it’s at. With a focus on the share food philosophy, encompassing small intimate bites and banquet-style dining, renowned Chef Ray Choi delivers! Mixed with a zesty, Asian inspired cocktail list, international beers, wines, spirits and sake (obvi), this multi-award winner is a Friday afternoon fave.
Where: 3 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach

Social Eating House (image supplied)
Social Eating House (image supplied)

Social Eating House + Bar
It’s difficult to go past a multi-award winner like this. Sitting the benchmark (REALLY) high, Social Eating House + Bar is the logical choice for your next end-of-week wind-down treat. With an extensive international tapas and sharesies menu, all meticulously curated by Head Chef YK get stuck into the likes of Roast Quail and the mind-blowing Lamb Shoulder. Wash it down with cocktails-a-plenty and you’ve got yourself a biz lunch to remember.
Where: Shop 137-138 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach

Nineteen at The Star
Experience Nineteen at The Star’s stunning new menu for your next Friday business lunch (kudos from your colleagues for this one!), or sip cocktail after cocktail with a view of the glittering Gold Coast in the uber-chic lounge bar. Combining sublime sophistication with a cool coastal flair and the freshest seasonal produce, let Chef Uday Huja’s exquisite dishes from his signature a la carte and set menus wow one and all!
Where: The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach

Rick Shores (image supplied)
Rick Shores (image supplied)

Rick Shores
Want to impress a client? Two words; Rick Shores. A meal here will woo the pants off anyone (hopefully not literally…), as you take in the sea breeze with 180-degree ocean views in one of the GC’s most iconic locations. The Pan-Asian flavours and fresh, locally sourced produce, the share-friendly meals are always next level and sorry, we can’t even pick a fave dish to highlight because they’re all our faves. The cocktails are equally on point, as is the service. Pure magic.
Where: Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

The Tropic
Friday lunches at Burleigh Pavilion’s The Tropic are something we could get used to. Surrounded by sun and sea-spray, this relaxed but premium dining experience manifests a fresh Mediterranean and Modern Australian menu and OMG, you just have to try the Goldband Snapper. Soak up the on-trend pastel interior, uninterrupted ocean views and impressive drinks menu, and enjoy the transition into weekend mode.
Where: Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Private Dining Room at Siblings Kirra (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Private Dining Room at Siblings Kirra (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Siblings Kirra
The newest luxe restaurant to open on the Goldy has turned heads since it opened in January and is guaranteed to please you and those you take there. (Not only with the scenery that surrounds you but with their drool-worthy share-style menu too!) Oh, and if your client (or client-to-be) are partial to a tipple or two, you are in good hands with the Sibling’s crew. You have endless choices as part of their ‘Liquid Journey’ menu. (Yep, what a name right?!) Cheers to wheeling and dealing!
Where: 15 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Words by Bianca Trathen.

10 of the best Gold Coast picnic spots

Picnic at Burleigh, The Undercurrent (image supplied)
Picnic at Burleigh, The Undercurrent (image supplied)

On the Gold Coast we are blessed with pretty spectacular weather year-round, which means picnics are high on the agenda. Thankfully we have no shortage of pretty spots to throw down a blanket for a spot of cheese and biccies with friends.

Here’s a list of 10 of our favourites.

Hinze Dam, Advancetown
This underrated hinterland destination will be your new favourite picnic spot. There are several parks that surround Hinze Dam, so take in the stunning scenery, sip on a cold glass of bubbly and generally enjoy the company of family and friends. There’s a BBQ area, kids playground and even a small cafe in case you need fresh supplies. Make sure if you’re taking the pooch to one of the designated areas, they’re kept on a leash to preserve the wildlife.

Hinze Dam (image via City of Gold Coast)
Hinze Dam (image via City of Gold Coast)

Cedar Creek Falls, Mt Tamborine
Mt Tamborine is a picnicker’s paradise and has more picnic areas than a year has days, Cedar Creek Falls being by far one of the best. Driving up the winding roads and taking in the scenic beauty is almost enough entertainment, but that’s not all. Cedar Creek Falls are located just metres from three waterfalls and countless walking tracks, making it the perfect place to spend your next Sunday.

Cedar Creek Falls (image supplied)
Cedar Creek Falls (image supplied)

Macintosh Island, Surfers Paradise
This little oasis nestled in Surfers Paradise (most commonly used for getting around the GC500 every year) is great for picnic dates of all sorts. The tranquil setting with cascading water running through the park is home to many birds (including peacocks), so don’t forget your stale bread. There’s also that super fun bridge previously built for the Indy in 2007.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa
Hard to believe that this beautiful little piece of paradise is just a mere 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise. Take the whole family or soak up some solo serenity, it’s the perfect setting for both and anything in between. There’s even a butterfly garden for your gazing pleasure.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa (image supplied)
Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa (image supplied)

Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach
Cascade Gardens can be found between Surfers and Broadbeach and there are plenty of barbecue and undercover picnic shelters. This peaceful riverside sanctuary is the perfect date spot and with a huge area to run around, it’s also popular for families wanting to keep the kids entertained for hours (hopefully not on a date).

Burleigh Hill, Burleigh
In unsurprising news, Burleigh Hill is probably the most popular picnic spot on the Coast. You can’t beat the Insta-worthy views overlooking the Surfers Paradise skyline. If you want to get a good spot on a Sunday get there early `cause the whole Gold Coast likes to unite here to see and be seen.

Picnic on Burleigh Hill (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Picnic on Burleigh Hill (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Ed Hardy Park, Miami
Next to North Burleigh Surf Club the park offers great people watching and a few BBQ areas perfect for that Sunday arvo picnic with the gang. Walk up Miami Hill and take in the views or have a sneaky swim in the ocean. There’s a takeaway bottle shop across the road if you need to stock up on sips.

Tallebudgera Creek, Tallebudgera
The battle between which side to choose continues. But no matter which is your go-to, Talle Creek won’t disappoint as favourite picnic spot. The calm creek waters are perfect for a little splash before devouring your mobile buffet. Beware the hungry bush turkeys!

Tallebudgera Creek (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Tallebudgera Creek (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Long Tan Park, Currumbin Valley
Not many people know about this pretty but somewhat hidden picnic spot in Currumbin Valley. It’s the perfect spot to get away, relax by the creek and pop in for a dip. There are no toilets or BBQ stations and uninhibited nature is purely the theme here, so go prepared. Drive along Currumbin Creek Road and take a right turn at Bains Road, the park is situated just over the bridge.

Kirra Lookout, Coolangatta
Kirra Lookout is the Burleigh Hill of Coolangatta, just not as busy and with more parking opportunities (we like the sound of that). You can either drive or walk up, but be warned, it’s quite steep, you’ll burn off your picnic before you make it to the top. Enjoy the view whilst nibbling on some crackers and sipping on an icy cold one, it’s pretty special!

Picnic (image via Unsplash)
Picnic (image via Unsplash)
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