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HOTA Gallery’s next captivating exhibition is on the way

Don't miss Lyrical Landscapes: The Art of William Robinson.

The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)
The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)

Now the dust has settled on the grand opening of HOTA’s brand new and utterly impressive Gallery; we assume that everyone has had a chance to scoot along and check out this fantastic space for themselves? If not, where have you been?!  The new $60.5 million HOTA Gallery opened to the public Saturday, 8th May 2021. Spanning six levels and including over 2000m2 of AAA-rated, international standard exhibition space, a dedicated Children’s Gallery, and the $32 million City collection, HOTA Gallery is the most extensive public gallery outside a capital city in Australia.

If that’s not impressive, then we don’t know what is!

After an already well-received first exhibition, the gallery plans to spend no time hanging around with eager plans for their second major exhibition celebrating the beguiling and well known Australian artist William Robinson AO. Titled Lyrical Landscapes: The Art of William Robinson, the exhibition will run from Saturday 31st July — Sunday 3rd October 2021.

In his 85th year, the Brisbane born artist has been awarded both the Archibald and Wynne Prizes and is much celebrated for his multi-perspectival canvases that transformed the way we view Australian landscape painting.

HOTA Gallery (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
HOTA Gallery (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

It’s no secret that in 1984 Robinson lived on a 208-acre farm on the western slopes of Beechmont in the Gold Coast hinterland — a pivotal period of the artist’s life, drawing much inspiration from the neighbouring environment. After all, our hinterland is a pretty special place!

Lyrical Landscapes will herald the bringing together — for the first time — of his entire Creation Series, which was produced over 16 years. Exclusively guest curated by former Governor-General and close friend of the artist, Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO the works are widely considered his masterworks and highlight the artist’s spiritual connection to the natural world. This includes HOTA’s own The Rainforest, a painting by Robinson that already hangs proudly in the gallery: depicting Botan Creek in the Beechmont rainforest as it flows into a waterfall and descends into the Coomera River — a must-see if you get the chance.

Put the dates in your diary, and make sure you set some plans to check out this second exciting exhibition to grace the HOTA Gallery. And if you feel like pushing the boat out even further, and spoiling all your senses, remember that Palette and Exhibitionist Bar are on hand to tantalise your tastebuds as well.  A well-rounded affair if we say so ourselves!

When: Saturday 31st July — Sunday 3rd October 2021
Where: HOTA Gallery, Surfers Paradise

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Creation Series by William Robinson – Man and the spheres (image supplied)
Creation Series by William Robinson – Man and the spheres (image supplied)

HOTA Gallery is now officially open

HOTA Gallery Exterior (image supplied)

It’s the moment the arts community, and indeed the public of the Gold Coast have been waiting a little while for (drum roll) the shiny new Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gallery is now open! And what a great complement to an already incredible arts precinct this is going to be!

While the tickets to access the gallery this weekend were already sold out, the opening weekend is set to make you excited. There will be artworks both indoors and out that celebrate the diversity, richness and ambition of the Gold Coast. Coinciding with live music across both the Saturday and Sunday daytimes, the experience — even for those without access to the gallery (for now) — is set to be a great one-off experience still.

On Saturday 8th May, the music program will serve as a vibrant soundtrack to the buzz of excitement and anticipation at the Gallery and its surroundings. Music will kick off from 11am to 3.30pm with a line up on the Outdoor Stage featuring the fiery instrumentation from Hussy Hicks, dreamy psych-pop from Echo Wave, the colourful sounds of Samba, Bossa Nova from Augusta Street, the hip hop and traditional rhythms from young First Nations band, Jarulah and Blackline Band and the funky, disco vibes from DJ Felix.

On Sunday 9th May, you’re encouraged to experience ‘Echoes of Gold’, featuring performances by: Eliza & The Delusionals, Donny Love, DENNIS. and DJ sets by VICES to name a few. All hosted by Kate Baggerson and Zac Fahey, with live on-stage interviews with artists, musos, and industry movers & shakers, the line-up will be nothing short of exciting.

HOTA Art Gallery entrance (image supplied)
HOTA Art Gallery entrance (image supplied)

And to amplify that local Gold Coast flavour, even more, The Design Collective Markets will be on-site showcasing a selection of Gold Coast and Queensland artisan makers and retailers for a pop-up market of boutique wares and gifts! Not forgetting the mix of food trucks/outlets, local beers, it’s lining up to be solid Sunday in our eyes. On a picnic blanket or standing with a cold one in hand — either way, it’s an unmissable Gold Coast event.

If you did secure tickets to the opening, in the opening exhibition, titled Solid Gold: Artists from Paradise, be sure to keep an eye out for local artist Aaron Chapman’s inclusion — we have it on good authority it will be big and bright! You simply can’t miss it.

Internationally, the Contemporary Masters from New York: Art from the Mugrabi Collection exhibition (13 November 2021 – 27 February 2022) will be showcased in the new 1000m2 main exhibition gallery a stunning space featuring approximately 70 works from some of the world’s most influential contemporary artists including Andy Warhol.

And if you decide to hold off on visiting the Gallery until after Friday 14th May, you can then check out the incredible new Palette Restaurant and Exhibitionist Bar. Both of which where you will find deftly put-together food and tantalising cocktails await with enigmatic views of our skyline and hinterland.

The Gold Coast art scene is set to flourish, folks!

Where: HOTA, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise
When: Opening weekend – Saturday 8 May & Sunday 9 May 2021

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)
The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)

Check out the Gold Coast’s newest rooftop bar

The Exhibitionist Bar at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
The Exhibitionist Bar at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

Sipping a cocktail in sophisticated surroundings on an elevated balcony with dazzling views of a world-class skyline might sound like you’d frequent in international cities. But hold that thought. Because as of now, it is a firm reality on the Gold Coast with the exciting new opening of HOTA Gallery’s Exhibitionist Bar!

There has been much excitement around the opening of HOTA’s new multi-million-dollar attraction for some time, fully cementing the Gold Coast’s legitimate claim as an arts hub here in Australia. Arts aside though, this beautifully fitted out bar nestled on the 5th floor with unhindered views of the Surfers Paradise skyline and our beloved hinterland, is set to become your new favourite drinks and tapas hangout.

The space is the ideal scene — at any time of the day — to mull over and discuss the pieces of artwork you’ve just seen and enjoy a drink. Take note: should you have any out-of-towners coming to visit and you feel the burning need to impress them with what we have here, this must be on your list.

As there are no other buildings like it nearby, the terrace area of the bar takes in an entirely new perspective of Surfers Paradise from a raised north-westerly perspective. And even if you’ve lived here for years, it is guaranteed to still impress. While the view is spectacular at any time, we highly recommend visiting at sunset for a colourful light show like no other.

Signature Cocktails at The Exhibitionist Bar (image supplied)
Signature Cocktails at The Exhibitionist Bar (image supplied)

The drinks offering is an incredibly thought-out affair headed up by Bar Manager Tom Angel. Tom’s a Gold Coast veteran when it comes to conceiving and pouring only the finest alcoholic libations (you may be familiar with his previous work at Fig + Frankie’s, Old Tom or Kiyomi). In conjunction with the gallery and like Palette, his cocktail list mirrors and complements the art installations. Meaning once you have taken note of your favourite piece of art, you can then head upstairs and drink its cocktail equivalent.

Expect big and complex flavours from signature drinks like the tequila-based Cloud Drive and vodka-based Steal the Sunshine. The connection to art pieces is both complex and exciting, to say the least. In the menu, you will find a description revealing how the drink was envisaged and came to be — providing excellent replay value and painfully forcing your hand to come back and try them all!

Classic and new world wines join house-made sodas and local craft beers to round out an impressive selection to quench your thirst.

The Exhibitionist Bar Skyline Views (image supplied)
The Exhibitionist Bar Skyline Views (image supplied)

Taking in all this culture will no doubt put you on your way to feeling hungry. But be assured the sophisticated tapas-style snack menu is something to behold. Grazing your way through the afternoon has never been so easy with a glass of champagne in hand and a Soft-Shell Australian Bay Lobster Roll, or perhaps a crisp white wine and the Oven-Roasted Gold Coast Prawns with Finger Lime, served in Foraged Beach Leaves. There’s also the fanciest of sausage rolls and pies you just have to try. Ideal for those with a more classic taste!

Like the gallery installations, the food and drinks menu will change and evolve over time to work in harmony with the art and its associated themes. Nothing will remain stationary here, and much like our beloved city will be a continued evolution — for all the senses!

Where: Level 5/135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise
Hours: Seven days 10am – 10pm (Fri & Sat till midnight)

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Signature Cocktails at The Exhibitionist Bar (image supplied)
Signature Cocktails at The Exhibitionist Bar (image supplied)

Treat your palate to an explosion of flavour

Palette interior at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
Palette interior at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

There was a time when if you wanted to experience a fine dining evening of sensational service and delectable food, you’d be a little hard-pressed to find it on our Coast. But oh my, how things have certainly changed! Pushing the envelope with a discerning meal out is no longer a marathon feat, as quality restaurants — and operators — find themselves calling the Gold Coast home these days.

For this, we (and some very well looked after restaurant-goers) are eternally grateful!

If you haven’t heard the buzz around the explosive opening of HOTA’s new Gallery building, we ask you: what rock have you been living under? The exciting addition to the cultural precinct — valued at $60.5­ million — is now the most extensive art gallery outside of any state capital; boasting over 4000 different artworks from international, national and local artists. Our time to shine on the Australian culture scene is finally here!

Yet, with fine works of art and masses of sophistication, there is naturally the necessity to fuel this movement. So join us in agreeing that a new fine dining restaurant under the name of Palette within the Gallery is not only fitting — but warmly welcomed!

A signature cocktail at Palette, HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
A signature cocktail at Palette, HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

Opening on Friday 14th May, Palette, located on the ground floor of the all-new HOTA Gallery, is set to be a sophisticated dining experience that will feature a modern Australian menu with a comprehensively curated wine list, degustation menus and a la carte. Not just for small groups or couples, the venue will host larger groups and even cater for large-scale events.

Coinciding with the official opening of the HOTA Gallery recently, Palette aims to impress and indulge those who appreciate the arts just as much as great food!

Executive Head Chef Dayan Hartill-Law (formerly head chef of Melbourne’s Press Club) is counting down the days until he and his team can invite visitors to enjoy their modern cuisine, with a spotlight on fresh, local, and high-quality produce.

After scouring the menu, our standouts are the Hervey Bay scallops in a brown butter consommé and the Davidson plum sorbet with pepperberry meringue. If these dishes taste just half as good as they read, we are in for a real treat my friends.

Palette bar at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
Palette bar at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

“Our two degustation menus are inspired by the major art exhibitions in the gallery, with the first menu relating to HOTA’s Solid Gold exhibit so that guests can see their favourite pieces of art come to life on the plate,” said Dayan.

Intrigued? Join the club.

Dayan goes on to tell us, “The Darling Downs vegetables in variations emulates the artist Mimi Dennett to have the same flowers and plants growing as what features in her piece, Bloom. The degustation menus will evolve as each exhibition changes, so diners can always expect an exciting new experience each time.”

Now we’ve heard of food matching drinks, events, and people’s dietary needs — but never with pieces of an exhibition!

Apart from two deftly put-together and highly thoughtful degustation menus, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy a more simplistic a la carte style menu for a decadent lunch with a difference. Featuring Fraser Island spanner crab, Brisbane Valley Qual, and Jerusalem artichokes with Rosella jam.

An entree dish at Palette, HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
An entree dish at Palette, HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

Throw into the equation a superb wine offering, immaculate surroundings and Palette has all the hallmarks of being the Gold Coast’s next best fine dining restaurant.

Impressed as we are — as should you be — we expect this restaurant to go off with a bang. Implying if you plan to visit, we highly recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment!

Where: Home Of The Arts Gallery, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise
When: Opening Friday 14th May
Wed – Thu: 11.30am – 2pm (lunch) & 5.30pm – 9pm (dinner)
Fri -Sun: 11.30am – 3pm (lunch) & 5pm – 10pm (9pm Sun) (dinner)

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Palette interior at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
Palette interior at HOTA Gallery (image supplied)
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