6 of the best Gold Coast chefs

Uday Huja, The Star Gold Coast (Image supplied)

There are many exceptional restaurants on the Gold Coast right now, our city has become quite the little foodie hub. It’s primarily due to the chefs at said exceptional restaurants who spend countless hours tweaking and perfecting dishes so we get to devour incredible dishes. And we’re pretty happy about it.

In honour of these chefs and International Chef Day on 20th October 2020, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best on the Coast so you know who to visit next time you’re in the mood for something special.

Uday Huja
Renowned Gold Coast Executive Chef Uday Huja made the move here only a few short years ago after a career that spanned high end Las Vegas hotels, Michelin starred restaurant The Inn at Little Washington and now, Nineteen at The Star (lucky us). He brings an absolute wealth of knowledge to the stunning venue and if you’ve not yet been in to experience his Oyster Journey, you’re missing out. It’s an honour to have him here.

Alex Munoz Labart
Head Chef and owner at Burleigh’s Restaurant Labart, Alex Munoz Labart is not only one of the Coast’s top chefs, but one of Australia’s. He hails from Sydney where he worked in (and owned) the best of the best restaurants and now he’s making magic for us in the form of modern Australian dishes that blow your mind every time. Alex lists Iku Yakitori Bar as one of his favourite restaurants on the Coast.

Adam Dundas-Taylor
Adam Dundas-Taylor has worked with some of the world’s best chefs, including for Jamie Oliver and London’s finest Nobu. He was the owner of beloved Firecue in Nobby’s and now, he’s joined the team at Broadbeachs’ Miss Moneypenny’s as Executive Chef to bring a fresh, new feel (and all of his impressive experience) to the menu. Adam lists Gemelli and Mamasan as two of his favourite Gold Coast venues.

Adam Dundas-Taylor, Miss Moneypenny's (Image supplied)

Guillaume Zika
With two Chefs Hats under his belt, Guillaume Zika is quite the chef for the Gold Coast to have claimed. He fronts the culinary team at Burleigh Pavilion (including The Tropic). Between the two venues Guillaume creates both casual, perfect-post-beach eats and a sit-down menu using only the highest quality produce. He says Restaurant Labart is one of his favourite restaurants on the Coast.

Kelvin Andrews
While Brisbane has now claimed this superstar, we still call Kelvin Andrews our own. He lists some of the Coast’s most revered restaurants, including Nineteen at The Star, The Fish House and Hellenika as his starting points in the culinary world and now is the Head Chef at Brisbane’s five-star SK Steak & Oyster. And he’s barely getting started. Kelvin says Alfred’s Diner is his favourite spot for breaky.

Daniel Ridgeway
Daniel Ridgeway is the local restauranteur who has made Gold Coasters dining dreams come true for over a decade with venues like Little Truffle, Gotham Grill & Rooftop Bar (recently sold) and four BiN restaurants all his creations. He’s worked overseas for much of his career and he’s absolutely earned every single accolade he’s received. These days you can find him at Little Truffle and Daniel lists Itoshin as one of his favourite local spots.

Daniel Ridgeway, Ridgeway Group (Image supplied)



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