Bun Lee is the answer to all your Banh Mi prayers

Bun Lee's classic Banh Mi (image supplied)
Bun Lee's classic Banh Mi (image supplied)

The tale of the humble Banh Mi is a slightly complex affair. So to make things simple, whilst showing respect to Vietnamese culture, we will keep it brief.

Having colonised Vietnam in the 1880s, the French naturally brought a lot of their own culture with them. A major part of that was, and still is, bread (think baguette). Fast forward to the 1950s (when the French were unceremoniously booted out) and the locals began to experiment with mixing Asian flavours with the foods leftover from their colonial oppressors.

(drum roll) The Banh Mi was born — from this point forward the world of meat between bread would never look the same.

James Street in Burleigh Heads is no stranger to the fact there are enough delicious food options here for you to wave a stick at. But seeing as Bun Lee is slipping into this scene with fresh, genuine flavours of Vietnam and smiley faces aplenty, they could very well become your next favourite lunchtime go-to.

The shop space fully embraces the sunny demeanour of surrounding Burleigh Heads, with light pastel colours and bench seating inside where you’ll find yourself munching on a Banh Mi and sipping a cold-pressed juice with little worry.

Bun Lee's owner Lindsay Green (image supplied)
Bun Lee's owner Lindsay Green (image supplied)

Yes, that’s right, cold-pressed juices with names such as Ginger Ninja and Sunnyside Up are going to ensure you face the rest of your day nutrient-dense.

The jewel in the crown here is obviously the Banh Mi, traditionally pork is the accepted filling, but the guys here have pushed the boat out and offer chicken, beef, as well as tofu. Expect freshly baked baguettes delivered first thing married with crunchy salads, tasty sauces and succulent fillings. Consequently, delicious and healthy are therefore one and the same.

Did we mention Cold Brew nitro coffee on tap? If you haven’t visited Vietnam, you may struggle to believe they do love to make some astounding iced coffee over there.

Bun Lee has captured this magic with little stress, meaning even if you aren’t in the mood for food, you can drop in and try a new and tasty way of keeping your caffeine headaches at bay.

Quick and tasty as heck, Banh Mi being brought to Burleigh Heads is something we can all live with — and we have Bun Lee to thank for it.

LOCATION: 2/26 James Street, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Open 7 days between 7am – 3pm

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Bun Lee's Rice Paper Rolls (image supplied)
Bun Lee's Rice Paper Rolls (image supplied)



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