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Need a quick bite to eat? Click & Collect at Westfield

Just order online and drive-thru to pick up.

Not sure about the rest of you Gold Coasters but we are yet to master the perfect at home coffee and don’t even get us started on the sushi attempts.

All that is about to change though because Westfield Shopping Centres have just announced a new contactless, Click & Collect service meaning you can treat yourself to what the baristas and sushi masters do best and not have to visit several locations to do so.

You can now order from multiple retailers online in one transaction and drive on thru to pick them up in the easiest shopping adventure anyone’s ever had.

It’s a safe, simple solution to not being able to go to the local shops for all the things you need (read: want) right now.

From today, Westfield Direct as it’s known, will connect customers to over 350 retailers offering up to 8,000 products across a variety of categories, from fresh food and quick eat operators such as Chatime Tea, Crema Espresso, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Hero Sushi, Lone Star Rib House and Boost Juice to everyday essentials and lifestyle retailers; Harry Hartog, L’Occitane and Aesop to name a few.

The Westfield Direct retail mix spans from national, large-sized retailers to small independent operators, with more retailers across more categories joining the platform every day (retailers vary at each Westfield centre across Australia).

It certainly makes life easier for those needing an array of goodies right away who don’t want to make multiple stops to satisfy your cravings while there are more important things to do like finish Netflix or homeschool the children or whatever.

To order your tempura prawns (or you know, essential things), head here and follow the instructions. Once the order is placed, you’ll be notified of your designated pick-up location and you can jump in the car and go.

How clever.

Excuse us while we go shop up a storm.

Gold Coast Westfield Shopping Centres are located at 1-29 Millaroo Dr, Helensvale and 103 Foxwell Rd, Coomera.

Words by Kirra Smith

Grab baked treats to-go at Custard Canteen’s Drive Thru

In what can only be described as the best news ever, beloved local bakehouse Custard Canteen has created a pop-up drive-thru service so you can literally sit in your car, order epic baked goods (among other things), have them delivered through the window by people who are clearly having the time of their lives and roll on home to devour in peace.

Or eat them before you get home if you’re us, who live two minutes away and are both very hungry and very lazy. It’s genius and one thing we would like to see more of post this strange new world we find ourselves in.

Portugese Tarts, Custard Canteen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
Portugese Tarts, Custard Canteen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Custard Canteen is owned by Ben and Ursula Watts (also of Bam Bam Bakehouse and Cubby Bakehouse fame) and as we all know, they’re an innovative pair. Together they’ve created some of the absolute best eateries on the Gold Coast, filled with the very tastiest sweet treats there are in the world.

Not only sweet treats though, they also offer exceptional breakfast and lunch eats plus the recently launched Drive Thru Din Din’s menu, coffee, thickshakes, all of the things.

No doubt you’re aware but if you’ve not yet sampled the goodness, Custard Canteen can be found at the Tallebudgera Creek Recreation Centre and the drive thru is directly in front of the space.

From there, you can order their absolutely mind-blowing custard tarts, hot cookies, almond tarts (mini versions of their AMAZING almond croissants), the new hot apple and custard pastry, which is life changing plus a whole menu with non-sweet things.

The Drive Thru Din Din’s menu offers the Furphy Fish and Chips which is the goods, as is the Karaage Chicken Rice Bowl, the Bob Burger and their famous Prawn Po Boy along with many other delicious options.

The café is still open if you prefer walking into places but if you’re all about changing from day pyjamas to night pyjamas and back again these days, the drive thru is for you.

You can grab brekky and lunch from 6.30am until 2pm every day and Drive Thru Din Din’s runs from 4.30pm until 7.30pm daily.

What are you waiting for, a dancing Tiger King lookalike (with accompanying tiger pup) awaits your presence and those custard tarts are calling your name.

Get in there for some of the best eats around.

LOCATION: 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 6.30am until 2pm and 4.30pm until 7.30pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Fine dining at home with takeaway tipples

We are all about the good news and sometimes we’re lucky enough to bring extra good news. Which is exactly what’s happening here.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, local venues have been forced to transform the way they operate and many of them are absolutely getting it done.

We’re being offered takeaway from places we could never get takeaway before, there’s home delivery services, in-store grocery boxes, meals you can pop in the freezer and cook yourself later, the innovation has been next level and we have never been prouder to be Gold Coasters.

Go team.

Perhaps the very best thing to come from all this pivoting is the fact that we can now also purchase takeaway tipples to go with our dinner and that is something worth celebrating (or writing about, since here we are).

New rules came into effect last week (didn’t they what) whereby venues are allowed to offer alcohol with takeaway food only and that includes bottled or canned beer, wine, cider and ready-to-drink bevs, such as premixed spirits. A maximum of 2.25 litres of alcohol applies which seem like enough for one eve. Probably.

One of our favourite things to see at the moment is people who miss nights out (everyone) ordering takeaway dinners and opening up the boot of their car or sitting in the tray of their ute and devouring their dinner and drinks right outside the venue they got it from.

It’s almost (if you squint your eyes a bit) like being inside amongst the frivolity.

Anyway. There are several on board with the takeaway tipples side of things and we’ll add more as we come across them.

To begin;

The North Room in Mermaid Beach have created beautiful bento boxes, made even better with a bottle of wine or two. The boxes vary each week but recent treats have included: ‘Fremantle octopus, eggplant, lovage’, ‘Pork Jowl, rhubarb, peanuts, squash’, ‘Mud crab, bone marrow crumpet, cultured cream, salted egg yolk’, ‘Sprout, macadamia, yeast salad’ and a sweet treat of ‘PORK FAT CARAMEL WITH SEA SALT’. You can order by phone on 0468 311 003 or email [email protected]

Etsu Izakaya are offering their unrivalled Japanese dining menu along with wine and beers to make your night something extra special. It’s 20% off all takeaway at the moment and you can view the menu here.

Rabbath in Burleigh Heads serve up exceptional Lebanese food and have created a superb weekly takeaway menu that’s offered with paired beer or wine parings. View this weeks menu and order online here.

Restaurant Labart, also in Burleigh, have created a unique takeaway menu including lip smacking dishes like Confit Salmon, Quail Coq Au Vin or Chicken Parmigiana that all go perfectly with their selection of natural wines and local beers. Check out and order from their weekly menu here.

Rick Shores have reworked their menu into Ricks Tuk Shop pop-up in these unusal times. Most of their famous menu is available online and they can even deliver direct to your car out the front. While you’re in the hood, you may as well sample some of their excellent wines to go along with it. Menu is online here.

At Jimmy Wah’s you can sample a bundle of delicious goodies including a starter, main and a bottle of wine for $60. They completely sold out of their wine and dine takeaway menu this week, but stay tuned here for future selections.

For our southern friends, Tasca in Coolangatta are not only hand making some of the very freshest pasta you’ve ever sampled, they’ve also added wine to their takeaway menu. Buy already prepared or takehome to cook yourself from their Larder selection. View and order from their menu here.

So you see, there’s no reason we can’t all enjoy the local dining experiences we know and love, albeit in a slightly different way than we’re used to.

Get on board friends, it’s a good time.

Shake up your life with takeaway cocktails by local bars

It’s a wild world we live in Gold Coasters. The way we live has changed exponentially of late and honestly, it’s not all bad. Things we never dreamed of having and doing are now a normal way of life and the best of those things is deliveries.

Yes deliveries. Not just any old deliveries though, those of some of your favourite local goods and for the purposes of today’s tale, takeaway cocktails. Something we’ve never before experienced but that we now absolutely adore and hope stays in our lives always.

Over the last week these local businesses have announced their versions (available to purchase with food orders), so you may enjoy your fave margie with your dinner and seriously, what a time.

Mr PP’s Deli & Rooftop
The crew at Southport fave Mr PP’s have come to the iso party with their new bottled cocktail range including three of their most popular tipples and two classics. You can sip on Summer Lovin’, Seaside and Spicy Mama along with the beloved Negroni and Old Fashioned. They’ll also be selling 45ml whiskey flights with an option of purchasing glassware to compliment the whisky. How fun. Get yours here.

Social Eating House
The team at Social Eating House knows what’s up. They’re offering their famous Espresso Martinis to take home and indulge as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, now’s the time. Particularly if you’re a parent homeschooling a child right now or, maybe you’re just missing the tasty goodness that is an Espresso Martini. Grab some of their exceptional eats while you’re at it. Order here.

Bonita Bonita
The Mexican masters from Mermaid (oh hey cabin fever) have got you covered with takeaway Sangria packs including a bottle of wine, a can of Solo, Sangria mix and some fruit, so you can have yourself a Mexican party like no other. Order some of their famous tacos to go with it – Taco Thursday is still a thing and you can get some for $5 each with a minimum spend of $20. Sangria jug packs are $30 each so that’s quite the affordable night for some quality goods. Order here.

Etsu Izakaya
The beloved Mermaid Beach venue are all about exceptional cocktails (and everything else) and you can now order them to take home with you. There’s plenty to choose from including the Gin Garden, Boba Fett and the House Highball (among others) so order yourself some epic takeaway Japanese eats and a few cocktails to match and you’ve got yourself the very best of times. Etsu is now also offering a five-course set menu for $50 per person so if you can’t decide just get all the good stuff. It’s all here.


The Cambus Wallace
Nobby’s favourite low-lit cocktail bar has jumped on board the takeaway cocktail train and what a treat for all of us. As you’re probably aware, the Cambus crew like to do things a little bit outside of the box (which we love) and have done exactly that with their takeaway cocktail offerings including Negronis and Sailor Jerry’s with fresh apple juice. They also created a Smoked Old Fashioned in a bottle and it’s obviously epic both to look at and sip. Clever kids. Get yours with any food order here.

Ally Chow
Modern Asian fusion and a side of takeaway cocktails? Yes please! Grab yourself exactly that thanks to the team at Nobby’s fave Ally Chow. Cocktails on offer include their signature sips – Red Lotus and Chasing Ally and you can sample those alongside some sweet eats. There are $5 baos every night and they’re some of the best around plus delights like curries and much more. If you’ve dined with Ally Chow before, you’ll know everything they do is next-level and if not, here’s the perfect opportunity. Order here.

Guys. Mexicali have made MARGARITA PACKS and where have they been all our lives, honestly. They come with ice, lime, salt, marg mix and instructions and they are indeed some of the best margs out there. There are also sangria packs should that be your preference and you can grab one (or three) with any food order. Mexicali are also serving up some of the tastiest Mexi-eats around so you can go on a virtual holiday (don’t forget the sombrero) complete with all the culinary delights you could need. Order here.

Good times guys, you can now indulge in Rosella’s really very good Australiana cocktails at yours and if you’ve had the pleasure you’ll know it’s well, a pleasure. Choose from their big old range of signature cocktails including the Kylie Minogue Martini, Fantales, the Northern Rivers Highball and the much-loved Margarita, Rosella’s style and Bob’s your uncle. Yep. Of course you must order food to go with it and there’s a CHEESE BOARD, Sunday Night Roast and alternating daily goodies and we’re all about all of that. Get some here.

Mr Consistent
The OG’s of the takeaway cocktail world, Mr Consistent is a Gold Coast business creating premium, hand-crafted cocktail mixes that you just need to add alcohol to. Choose from margaritas, Bloody Mary’s and sours (or all three) and you’ve got yourself a time. The bottle mixes have six to ten serves each, depending on the flavour and you can get them in a gift pack with two mixers and a bar kit, so the mixing tools are all right there and ready to go. Order online and get free delivery from Helensvale to Kingscliff RIGHT NOW. Get ‘em here.

Happy home partying.

Words by Kirra Smith

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