5 local activities for an adrenaline rush

SkyPoint Climb by Freshcoat Creative
Kingston Park Raceway
Slideways Go Karting
Game Over
SEQ Hang Gliding
Off Road Rush
Gold Coast Skydive

There’s nothing like a good old adrenaline rush to make you feel alive (in case you weren’t already, which is slightly concerning y’all).

The point is, every once in awhile you need to do something to shake things up a bit and we, as the curators of all things good and tasty, have you covered.

Here are the top five things to do on the Gold Coast to get your heart pumping should you need such a thing right now.

SkyPoint Climb
Seems chill enough, stepping into the (really quite speedy) elevator and flying up 77 levels to the Observation Deck. But no friends, that is not the adrenaline rush-y part. The Skypoint Climb is the thing and you can just let us know how it goes thank you very much. So you’ll be 270 metres in the air for 90 minutes, just strolling around gazing at 360 degree views of the Coast while harnessed to something at all times. It’s beautiful and terrifying and an absolute Gold Coast must-do.
Where: SkyPoint Observation Deck, 9 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise

For obvious reasons, this one is right up there when it comes to adrenaline rushes. Throw yourself out of a plane and hurtle through the sky at a million miles an hour, sure why not. The gang at Gold Coast Skydive have you covered with skydives that see you soaring through the sky above the ocean and landing on the prettiest patch of sand around, Kirra Beach. The instructors are obviously seasoned professionals but do not underestimate the second you’re on the threshold and you realise what’s about to happen.
Where: Gold Coast Skydive, 18 Coyne Street, Coolangatta

Go Karting
Car racing was definitely our career in a former life for reasons we don’t need to discuss here. The relevance though, is that driving a car around a track at super fast speeds is a good time and the ultimate adrenaline rush. Shrink that down into a mini version complete with helmets and the possibility of racing against your friends and you’ve got yourself an adrenaline rush. Test your racing skills at one of these sweet spots (we’ve got discounts too!): Kingston Park Raceway, Slideways Go Karting, Game Over Adventure Park (indoor)

Hang Gliding
Yep so jumping off a mountain is a time. Particularly when you’ve got huge, wing-like things strapped to your back. There’s also another human strapped to your back but that is necessity when jumping from mountains. Launch from Mt Tamborine with SE QLD Hang Gliding and experience the actual feeling of flying, which is sure to induce an adrenaline rush or two (depending on how the wind is blowing).
Where: 92/118 Tamborine Mountain Rd, North Tamborine

Rally Driving
Oh my, this is a goodie. See above re: former life, race car driving career and times by a million trees hurtling at your face at a billion miles a hour and you’ve got rally driving. With Off Road Rush you drive a real race buggy, with an instructor alongside you, and there are jumps and really fast speeds and if this doesn’t give you an adrenaline rush, you might need to check yourself. Speed demons unite.
Where: Loves Rd, Alberton

Words by Kirra Smith