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Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)
Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)

One of the most significant undertakings many of us will experience in our lives is bringing a life into this world. The immense responsibility is undoubtedly overshadowed by all the fun and laughter these little bundles of joy bring for all of us. But alas, let’s not ignore the obvious here: when a newborn comes, lifestyles and sleep patterns get put to the test.

But this is all part and parcel of having a baby, right? Well, not necessarily, it seems.

Fast becoming a widespread and fundamental practice for new and expecting families, infant massage is recognised to help improve sleep, reduce crying, and relieve wind, colic, reflux, and constipation. It has been found that parents who provide massage to their infants experience less anxiety, fewer depressive symptoms, improved moods, lower stress levels and improved self-esteem! A win-win to both parents and bub!

Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)
Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)

But how so? Well, much like a massage for us grown-ups, infant massage can increase serotonin levels and regulate melatonin secretion rhythms, helping babies to sleep for more extended periods and regulate sleep patterns. Research studies have shown in great detail a significant reduction in overall crying time with infants and toddlers who receive massage — helping to stimulate the elimination of waste from the body by paying specific attention to the abdomen to encourage bowel movement and improve wind colic, and constipation. And to top it all off, massage is proven to stimulate the immune system whilst enhancing the bond between parent and child.

You can say hello to a good night’s sleep right there!

Certified Infant Massage Instructor and mother of three Kate Tayler, runs Tiny Touch Infant Massage right here on the Gold Coast. Classes are fun, interactive, and educational, with the bonus of potentially making new friends with other parents. Kate firmly believes that infant massage not only benefits babies — but mostly the parents!

“Infant massage is great for both baby and parents as parents feel back in control, less anxious and more confident knowing they are helping their baby with any health issues. Infant massage is also a great bonding exercise and is a lot of fun for mum, dad and baby.” Kate said.

Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)
Tiny Touch Infant Massage (image supplied)

Monthly workshop classes run for one hour per week over three weeks at Aleenta Barre in Mermaid Waters. ‘Introduction to Infant Massage’ classes also run for an hour on selected dates at The Lighthouse, Currumbin.

Classes are held in small and intimate groups to ensure you will receive maximum support and attention during each and every class, meaning tickets are relatively limited.

So don’t delay, your future self will thank you for it. Get your ticket today via Tiny Touch’s socials for their upcoming August workshop at Aleenta Barre in Mermaid Waters… You can thank us later for that extra sleep and a happy bub!

Where: Aleenta Barre in Mermaid Waters and The Lighthouse, Currumbin.

Words by Alex Mitcheson.



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