Adopt a furry friend to keep you company at home

Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash
Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

There are many good things coming out of being stuck at home for extended periods of time. First, hilarious memes. Second, your friends making ridiculous videos of all the ridiculous things they’re doing and third, pets

We can all be thankful for pets and all of their fluffy, cuddly and loving goodness. Don’t have a pet? No worries. You can (and absolutely should) adopt one from one of the many local adoption centres across the Coast and doing so is more affordable than ever.

For example Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) have absolutely slashed their prices so you can adopt a cuddly kitty for just $29, dogs and puppies are $99. There are also guinea pigs, birds and fowls available for adoption.

The best part is, they need you as much as you need them right now.

There’s also an adoption centre called Precious Paws Animal Rescue and prices are based on each potential pet.

If you head to either website, you can check out the pets available for adoption, choose your new best friend and go from there.

Animals are one of the very best things you can have around you to lift your mood, make funny videos and take photos to send to your friends.

Plus, they need a home too.

So what are you waiting for. Jump online now and find yourself a furry, forever best friend.



Words by Kirra Smith

Photo by Avi Naim on Unsplash
Photo by Avi Naim on Unsplash



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