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Broadbeach’s neat new Whisky Bar

The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

We all like the finer things in life. Opting for premium, over the everyday and spoiling ourselves when we have the chance is just part of being human. One new venue opening on the Gold Coast this week slots into this train of thought seamlessly. The two go hand in hand. A divine high-end drink offering, stylish settings and enticing contemporary tapas menu await you at Broadbeach’s hottest new venue, The Vault.

The focus of this new bar is to bring a premium high-end spirits experience to the central Gold Coast. By way of some of the finest whiskies, rums and cognacs you are likely to ever find within Australia. No expense has been spared, with products sourced from around the globe including Japan, the Scottish Highlands and the Caribbean and a scintillating food menu that draws inspiration from various much-liked cuisines. To say this bar will deliver an international experience is to put it lightly.

The owners behind The Vault are well-travelled hospitality veterans with experience of owning venues in the USA, London and Dubai. So after discovering the Gold Coast, naturally, they fell hard for our little slice of heaven here on the Coast. They aim to bring a premium drinks experience with great share style dishes to the bustling Broadbeach social scene; giving their guests not only incredible drinks in their glass but only the best eats on their plate also.

The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

The venue’s mood mixes dark and sophisticated with a spattering of jazz-era art deco feels. The U-shaped bar is central to the space and means you can watch the masterful bartenders mix up your next drink or catch the eye of the intriguing person you’ve noticed across the bar. All up, the venue has a capacity for 150 people (when restrictions relax) and will make use of an alfresco area to the front, which will allow guests to soak up the renowned ambience of the suburb.

For the spirit enthusiasts out there – and in particular whisky lovers – the venue’s top-shelf offerings include 21-year-old Hibiki and 18-year-old Yamazaki, both extremely hard to come by Japanese whiskies that come with a price tag to match. However, if whisky isn’t your thing, then luxury rum Zacapa XO might be more in line, as well as superior choices of vodkas, gins and tequilas.

Once you feel hungry, the internationally-inspired tapas-style menu with such highlights as Butter Chicken Gnocchi and Scallop Ceviche Tostada will continue to impress your senses. A considerable effort has been made to include some stellar vegan dishes – no half efforts here. The signature Vault Ensalada with winter leaves, Gorgonzola, balsamic marinated strawberries, and spiced almonds is sure to impress any palette, vegan or not!

The Vault tapas style menu (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
The Vault tapas style menu (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

A unique aspect to the business will be their very own memberships for the most discerning customer. Ranging from Gold, Silver and Bronze, members will have exclusive access to offers, gifts and invites to events. Those purchasing an entire bottle will automatically have gold membership and receive a key and personal locker space to leave their bottle for safekeeping until the next time they swing by. We’ll say this though, there’s room for more than one bottle in there!

Should you feel the need to take things up a notch and visit somewhere where you can indulgence yourself over signature cocktails, first-class spirits and memorable share plates, we think stopping by at The Vault is a wise decision.

Where: Shop 21/90 Surf Parade, Broadbeach
When: Mon-Thurs 5pm-9pm | Fri 5pm-11pm | Sat 11am-11pm | Sun 11am-9pm

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
The Vault (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

16 reasons locals love Broadbeach

Fat Freddy's (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Fat Freddy's (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

It’s the suburb just south of Surfers Paradise that’s home to an ever-growing array of epic eateries, good time spots and world-class shopping and that’s only the beginning.Over the past few years Broadbeach has become one of the Coast’s most beautiful and beloved spots to spend time and here are 16 reasons why. Love ya Broady.

Elk Espresso
One of the Gold Coast’s most beloved brunch spots, Elk Espresso can be found in Broadbeach on a corner block overlooking Kurrawa Park and absolutely packed with people every single day. Andrew and the team are serving up a seasonal menu packed with epic eats that are both delicious and Insta-worthy and some of the best coffee around. There’s a reason it’s always packed.
Where: The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub
The Coast’s newest bar and club opened in Broadbeach recently with a cabaret-style show that has received rave reviews ever since. The show is up of mind-blowing dance and acrobatics with a pumping soundtrack and all inside one of the most beautiful venues we have. After the show, there’s the after party and everyone’s invited. Don’t miss out on the The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub.
Where: Surf Pde, Broadbeach

Fat Freddy’s Beach Bar and Diner
The latest restaurant to open in beautiful Broadbeach is Fat Freddy’s and it’s a very good time. Serving up American-style eats like hot dogs, chicken ribs and towering burgers in some of the best flavours we’ve ever sampled, the newbie is fast becoming one of the hottest spots in town. Wash the deliciousness down with a boozy milkshake and a beer or two and you’ve got yourself a good time. Perfect for a Sunday session with the gang.
Where: 2663 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach (entry via Surf Pde)

Pink Flamingo (image supplied)
Pink Flamingo (image supplied)

Soho Place
A London-stye bar hidden amongst it’s neighbours, Soho Place is the work of the Hideaway Kitchen and Mr Hizola’s team.It’s decked out in artistic graffiti and, as it’s a small bar (the Coast’s first) there are only tipples on the menu. The crew have created a very impressive cocktail menu and you can BYO food or order some in from around the rest of Broadbeach. The perfect pairing.
Where: Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach (between Queensland and Victoria Aves)

Kurrawa Surf Club
Right on the sand with 180 degree views of the big blue, Kurrawa Surf Club was rebuilt not too long ago and the change is breathtaking. The Club has always been popular amongst locals and with affordable eats and ice cold beers, what’s not to love. There are daily food specials and the place is always buzzing with revellers enjoying the very best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. Do yourself a favour.
Where: Old Burleigh Rd, Broadbeach

No Name Lane
Love you coffee, you beautiful beany beast. Particularly, stay with us, the brews at No Name Lane – home of very good Broady coffee. Everything about this place will tickle your fancy from the exposed brick walls to the cosy, get-close-to-each-other vibes. There’s a simple, tasty little menu for breaky and lunch and crew are as cool as can be.
Where: The Oracle, Elizabeth Ave, Broadbeach

Social Eating House + Bar 
Firstly, eating house is the best name for a place filled with food EVER. Who would not want to go to an eating house. No-one is who. SHE+B (for the sake of space) is serving up the goods guys. How does Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish, Smoked Tomato, Ginger Mayo, Dashi Enokii, Puffed Rice Cracker sound? Heavenly, you’re right. There aren’t enough words in the world, go there.
Where: 3 Oracle Blvd, Broadbeach

Social Eating House (image supplied)
Social Eating House (image supplied)

CHA CHA Japanese Restaurant 
There has probably never been a place that is more loved than Cha Cha’s. It’s authentic Japanese cuisine in a super chill setting and everyone who goes there is guaranteed a jolly old time. The food is so good and so affordable and there’s a banquet menu and best of all – it’s BYO (if that wasn’t already capital letter we would have made it so).
Where: 2705 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach

Aloha Bar and Dining 
Happy tropical vibes abound in this cute little tiki bar in the heart of Broady. There’s eats along the lines of crispy wonton tacos and Poke bowls and cocktails that are guaranteed to make you smile. The live music is a favourite amongst the regulars and the fitout is as cute as can be. Aloha indeed.
Where: 18 Main Place, Broadbeach

Blues on Broadbeach
Obviously we understand that this guaranteed good time isn’t a permanent fixture in our beloved Broadbeach however, it’s more than worthy of a mention. It’s the Coast’s premiere music festival and, best, it’s all free. How is something so good so devoid of payment. Because Broadbeach, that’s why. If you’ve never been, put in your annual leave RIGHT NOW.
Where: Various Broadbeach venues

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant 
Is there anything better than having the absolute bejesus scared out of you before you’ve even set foot inside a venue? Debatable but not to worry. Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is beautifully disturbing and filled with otherworldly creatures intent on ensuring your eyes stay wide open throughout the entire show. There’s a ghost train, creepy cocktails, dinner and guaranteed ghouly hilarity.
Where: Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

Pacific Fair
How pretty is Paccers these days. From water fountains to five star restaurants, there is nothing you cannot find within the recently renovated walls. They aren’t even done yet, there are still stores and food outlets to open and honestly, if there was accommodation there you’d probably move in tomorrow it’s that good. From the highest of high ends to everyone’s favourite homewares store (Kmart) you WILL manage to blow your entire pay packet at Pacific Fair. Soz.
Where: Gold Coast Hwy and Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

The Star Gold Coast
If you haven’t experienced a night at The Star Gold Coast worth relaying to your grandchildren, are you even a Gold Coast local? Never fear, with all the fun new things happening there these days, you’ll get your chance. Five-star (get it) restaurants, live music, Garden Kitchen & Bar, there are so many things to love. Plus, there’s a rooftop bar/pool in the way of nineteen at The Star. Get it gang.
Where: Casino Drive, Broadbeach

Garden Kitchen & Bar Exterior (image supplied)
Garden Kitchen & Bar Exterior (image supplied)

Broadbeach Bowls Club 
Who doesn’t love a game of good old barefoot bowls with a schooner waiting at each end? Rhetorical obviously. Broadbeach Bowls Club has been around as long as you (longer probs) and loved by locals for just as long. The beers are cold, the ocean breeze is salty and there’s a dinner special almost every day.
Where:169 Surf Pde, Broadbeach

MLK Espresso
Hands down one of the most sweetest spots on the Coast for brunch dates and coffee stops. The goodness starts with the Superfood Salad (it has haloumi), continues with Nutella Martinis and from there, it’s all gravy. The menu – packed with goodness. The coffee – brewed to perfection. The location – listen to those waves a-crashin. The crew – cool as cucumbers (and friendly too). It’s a must visit Coasties.
Where: 2 Queensland Ave, Broadbeach

The Loose Moose
A US-style bar that’s always got a crowd, The Loose Moose is THE place to be for after work drinks or if you’re in need of some mouthwatering comfort food. Think juicy burgers, spicy chicken wings and yummy cocktails to match, not to mention constant good vibes and pumping music. It’s always a fun time at The Loose Moose, put your party pants on and gather the gang.
Where: The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

Words by Kirra Smith


New whisky bar and eatery set to shake things up in Varsity Lakes

It’s been a minute since we’ve had the pleasure of venturing out Varsity Lakes way but here we are with news from the crew there.

A new venue has arrived and it’s bringing all your whisky sipping, tasty snack eating dreams to life. It’s called The Rusty Barrel and it’s the work of local lad Billy Crean who sought to breathe some newness into Varsity’s bustling little business precinct.

And that he has with a new bar and eatery that’s serving up something quite different to the norm.

You can find The Rusty Barrel just behind Hotel CBD, it’s a 70-seat space with both indoor and outdoor seating areas and a sweet little garden area soon to be overgrown with greenery.

Unsurprisingly, the space is decked out with rum barrels, sourced from Beenleigh Distillery, a mural taking up the length of one wall and a delightful neon sign shining out from another stating “we’re all mad here” and same, to be honest.

Let’s chat drinks first and the cocktail list has been created by local legend Jesse Chan, who knows all of the things about tasty tipples and there are many on it you should sample.

Starting with a Kaffir Lime and Agave-infused Old Fashioned which smells as good as it tastes and (as with many of the cocktails on the list) is infused with a housemade syrup and is so very delicious.

Not only that one though, The Chilli Jam is made with House made chilli tequila, agave, grapefruit and lime and is a little party in your mouth. We also loved the PBJs which is made with Vizor Peanut Butter Schnapps, J Cartron Coconut Liqueur, strawberries, lemon and peanut crumble.

All the good sips guys.

To eat, there are both share-style and keep-to-yourself-style options so you can choose your own adventure in that regard.


Small plate-wise there are dishes like Port Lincoln Kingfish Ceviche with pickled jalapeno, coriander, kaffir lime, avo mousse and beetroot Wagyu, King Prawn and Barramundi Sugarcane Skewers and Koji-marinated Tuna Tartare with Buckwheat Bark. Tasty.

You may also indulge in big old burgers like the Barrel’s Brisket Ragu Burger, the Zucchini and Corn Cheese Burgers and the BBQ Peri Peri Chicken Burger. There’s a tasting trio of sliders if you fancy a little bit of everything.

Not only all of that though, there’ll also be live music on Saturday nights. How fun.

Get into Varsity and give them some love.

LOCATION: 11/228 Varsity Pde, Varsity Lakes
HOURS: Wednesday until Sunday 11.30am until late

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

A cosy, new whisky lounge opens in Mudgeeraba

In case you’re somehow unaware, whisky is the one tipple that will cure almost anything that ails you. Feeling a little melancholy after a long day at work? Whisky. Unable to leave your house to go to work? Whisky. Thirsty? Whisky. It’s a gift from above honestly.

Now we hear what some of you might be saying, “whisky only tastes good with Coke” or “it’s rocket fuel” etc. Well friends (who are probably called Karen), you’re wrong and/or you’ve been drinking the incorrect type for way too long.

Which is okay really because we are here today to inform you of both the recent opening of new venue in Mudgeeraba that is both the Coast’s first bar dedicated to whisky AND why you need to get in there and sample some of the good stuff ASAP.

Now, Whisky Lounge Mudgeeraba as it is aptly named opened only a few short weeks ago and is the work of two lads who moved all the way up from Melbourne (smart) to bring us this lovely newbie. Donald and Uwe had the dream of opening their own bar a few years ago and after Uwe moved his family up to the Coast and found the space, Donald decided to do the same and now we all get to drink whisky all the time. Perfect.

It’s a cosy little venue tucked inside the Village Precinct on Railway Street with plenty of natural light streaming through, comfy armchairs to kick back in and a bar absolutely stacked with sips from across the world.

The idea was to create somewhere with a strong community vibe where you can pop in for a drink or three, have a chat and learn a thing or two about delicious, delicious whisky from the pros. And that it is.

Scotland, Donald’s homeland is very well represented with brands like Aultmore, Macallan, Glen Grant and Glenmorangie on the shelf. Of course there are Japanese favourites like Matsui and Kensei, as well as bottles from the US, Canada, Ireland and indeed, Australia.

Yes friends, Australia is home to several world class whisky distilleries and we obviously recommend trying those first. Lark is a Tassie fave, along with Starward from Melbourne and Nant, also a Tassie drop.

There are over 130 to try right now, each with a distinct flavour and all aged uniquely and for varying amounts of time. More are added all the time so you might as well either plan to settle in for the long haul or go back time and time again.

Whisky Lounge is the perfect addition to Mudgeeraba and we absolutely guarantee you’ll find at least one (but probably 10) sips you adore. Oh and you can BYO food so that’s a good time too.

Pop and in pay the boys a visit, they would love to have you.

LOCATION: Shop 2A, 58 Railway St, Mudgeeraba
HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 3pm to 9pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 11pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.