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Reel in the romance

YOT Deck's Love On Deck will totally float your boat.

Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)
Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)

What could be better than indulging in our fave guilty pleasure; watching people on a quest to find love (or, umm, lust) on a blind date and come on – we all have a special place in our hearts for these types of things (MAFS, we’re looking squarely at you)? Or maybe a night out with picturesque waterfront views is more your vibe? If you’re torn (cue Natalie Imbruglia), how about watching a blind date unfold in one of the Gold Coast’s most popular waterfront destinations and yes, this is a thing!!!

YOT Deck, Main Beach (image supplied)
YOT Deck, Main Beach (image supplied)

YOT Deck, located at the iconic former Fishermans Wharf Tavern, has created the ultimate match made in maritime heaven – and the collab we never even knew we needed. Introducing Love On Deck, set to redefine the blind dating scene in a live comedy show format every Thursday Night. Get amongst it, lovebirds!

From 7pm to 9pm, Yot Deck transforms into a love fest, where saucy singles prepare to navigate the choppy waters of blind dating. With nauti comedians at the helm, you can bet your bottom dollar that no topic is too taboo and no punchline too risqué.

Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)
Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)

For those keen to put their hearts on the line, you can apply to be a contestant by clicking here. Not only do you get the chance to find your person, but you’ll also get your 120 seconds of fame – and at least another 120 followers on the gram. Imagine telling the grandies you met their gran or gramps on a YOT Deck blind date – that’s one hull-uva story.

Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)
Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)

If you’re not quite ready to dive into the dating pool, grab a spectator ticket and cheer on the brave souls shooting their shot at finding lurve. For $20 per person, you’ll score entrance to the show, a night sipping on the beautiful Broadwater #fancy, and reserved seating. Knot too shabby! Plus, you’ll be handed a complimentary sparking beverage or house beer upon arrival to set the scene.

“Get ready for belly laughs, uncomfortable silences and brutal honesty,” says Dion Giannarelli, MAFS 2022 alumni and if anyone is qualified to speak with authority on the matter, this is the man. “Love on Deck is designed to provide an extraordinary experience for those looking to celebrate love in a truly spectacular setting.”

Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)
Love on Deck, YOT Deck (image supplied)

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle, acting as wingman/wingwoman, keen to watch others fumble their way through a blind date, or just because it’s a fun night out, Love on Deck will have you keeling over with lols. Sea you there every Thursday night.

Tickets for Love on Deck are available now and can be purchased here through the YOT Deck or via Instagram @loveondeckau. Early booking is recommended due to limited availability, so don’t miss out! For more deets, please visit Love on Deck.

Where: 60 Seaworld Drive, Mariners Cove, Main Beach
When: 7pm – 9pm Thursday nights

Words by Bianca Trathen

Story sponsored by YOT DECK

5 Tinder date ideas on the Gold Coast

Couple at The Village Markets, Burleigh (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Couple at The Village Markets, Burleigh (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Dating can be HARD, but coming up with unique ideas for what to do on your date can be even tougher. The evil geniuses who came up with Tinder/Bumble/Hinge must be having a pretty good time right now. Just kicking back, feeling responsible for a whole lot of extra love in the world and, let’s not forget, many, many people experiencing disastrous moments that are really only good for drunkenly relaying to friends.

While some of us would prefer to spend every evening at home (Netflix with the dog for the win), it seems Tinder/Bumble/Hinge are the better options for those of us who don’t want to end up alone. In celebration of that, we’ve written a list of date ideas for your very first date with someone you know from six profile photos and one short sentence.

Keeping in mind we’re the people with the Netflix and the dog.

Live Music at Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Live Music at Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Live music venues
First of all, any person who doesn’t love live music is probably not a person you want to date anyway (in our opinion) and there are very few date stories that begin with “we went to a gig and had a really bad time” correct? So there’s that. There’s also darkness (you know what we’re saying), loudness (in case the chat is lacking) and bulk drinking opportunities. Plus, there is never a dull moment on the dance floor and if you end up getting married, you’ll have quite the first date story to tell the grandkids. Here’s some inspo for epic live music venues on the GC.

Burleigh Hill on a Sunday afternoon
Instead of Tinder/Bumble/Hinge, you could probably meet someone in the flesh there if you’re brave, but we digress (and absolutely wouldn’t ourselves). Obviously Burleigh Hill is a pretty little spot for a date, throw in some cheese and some wine and you’re set. HOWEVER, should the date not be going well, that place is absolutely packed with people wearing outrageous party shirts and throwing various sporting goods around so all you need to do is say you’re going to the bathroom and disappear into the crowd, never to be seen again. You’re welcome.

Couple on Burleigh Hill (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Couple on Burleigh Hill (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Market-style food venues
This is a great date idea for the food lovers. So much opportunity for chats about food. Who doesn’t love chats about food? Yes, this could be why we’re the Netflix and dog people but we also bring a lot of quality thoughts to food chats so what are you gonna do. ANYWAY. Roaming around deciding what you’re going to eat when there are options galore is one of life’s’ greatest pleasures. Not to mention you can discuss said options with your date in case there is a lack of any other conversation of substance. Also, you can eat so much you get really full and sleepy and have to go home if, of course, things aren’t going well. Check out our list of Gold Coast markets for some inspiration.

Food Trucks at HOTA (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Food Trucks at HOTA (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Any sushi place
Sushi is delicious, don’t deny it. There is something to delight every tastebud and that’s always handy when you’re going on a date with someone you don’t know in any way. So for a list of impressive sushi joints, check it out here. Again, if things aren’t going well (look we’re developing a pattern), it is actually possible to shove at least three pieces of sushi in your mouth at once to a) avoid any possible hope of conversation and b) finish your food and bail, saying you don’t feel the best. Because you probably don’t and for good reason.

Theme parks
Not really a revelation obviously but the Gold Coast has some of the best so we had to mention them. Whether it’s Dreamworld, Movie World or  Sea World it’s highly unlikely you’re not going to have a good time. Fairy floss, hot chips and indulging your inner child are always good times. Maybe we eat too much on dates come to think of it. So theme parks. They’re fun, you can go for any amount of time you like and if things ARE going well (see, we’re positive too) you can grab old mate/loves’ hand at the top of the rollercoaster and awkward first touch weirdness is avoided by terrifying rollercoaster times. If things aren’t going well, you’re stuck way up north with a person whose hand you just grabbed and we have absolutely nothing for that. Soz.

Go forth and get some.

Words by Kirra Smith.

Couple at Warner Bros. Movie World (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Couple at Warner Bros. Movie World (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

10 reasons locals love Main Beach

Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant (image supplied)
Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant (image supplied)

There’s no denying that Main Beach is one of those postcodes that has everything going for it. Surrounded by million dollar surf views and sprawling green space one way and the Broadwater the other – you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why locals are so frond of flocking to this breezy, palm-flanked suburb.

Bursting at the seams with boutique shopping, dining, luxury accom and entertainment options (heck, it even boasts its own theme park), there is never any shortage of things to do, see, or eat.

The sky – or, more accurately, your credit card – is the limit.

Pearls Bar, Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Main Beach (image supplied)
Pearls Bar, Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Main Beach (image supplied)

Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort
We’re not sure if it’s the salt air, but clearly something magic in the air happening here. One of the many mainstays in Main Beach’s strip – Sheraton Grand Mirage has been going strong as our go-to for all things pampering since well before we were old enough to pay for our own seafood buffet (#tear). Recently refurbed and looking more luxurious than ever, whether it’s treating ourselves to a staycay or simply perching up poolside for a few hours with the famous Pearls Bar high tea, Sheraton never misses.
Where: Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, 71 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach

Fruit Loaf, The Winey Cow, Main Beach (image supplied)
Fruit Loaf, The Winey Cow, Main Beach (image supplied)

Winey Cow
Just when we thought brunch couldn’t be any more perfect – its boozier, bottomless iteration entered the chat. Regardless of your enthusiasm for Croissant chilli scramble chased with several Spritz to start your day, Winey Cow does both with pizzazz. Bursting onto our brunch late last year, Mornington Peninsula’s famed crew of brekkie moo-vers and shakers arrived with awards out the wazoo and mimosas in hand. Next time you roll out of bed craving a Bagel Benny, Lobster Bao, or Bloody Mary, Main Beach’s bright and breezy brekkie gem has got you.
Where: 5/11 Woodroffe Ave, Main Beach

Palazzo Versace has now transformed into the Imperial Hotel (image supplied)
Palazzo Versace has now transformed into the Imperial Hotel (image supplied)

Imperial Hotel
Another luxury jewel in Main Beach’s crown, the Seaworld Dr landmark formerly known as the Palazzo Versace has housed many a high roller in its time. Of course, locals are equally welcome to swing by and soak up its spoils and waterfront views for a weekend or a few hours. If you’re in the mood for the latter, Le Jardin’s signature bubble-studded Imperial High Tea is an excellent starting point, or if you’re a sucker for a buffet, the opulent surrounds of Il Barocco Restaurant never disappoint.
Where: 94 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

Leviathan first ride, Sea World (image supplied)
Leviathan first ride, Sea World (image supplied)

Sea World
Not merely a fixture of the Main Beach skyline and our childhoods, no matter how many birthdays pass us by, a trip to Sea World will always slap. Particularly so, because locals have the added perk of knowing the strategic times to sashay by (hello off season) for maximum thrillage and spillage (also hello, Storm Coaster front carriage #IYKYK). Swing by, spend a few hours chillin’ with the ocean critters, hit up a few rollercoasters, then bail with an ice-cream in hand. Happy days.
Where: Seaworld Dr, Main Beach

Holy Ship Restaurant, Main Beach (Image: © 2024 Inside Gold Coast)
Holy Ship Restaurant, Main Beach (Image: © 2024 Inside Gold Coast)

Holy Ship
What do you get when you take two fishing trawlers in need of some sea-rious TLC and a trio of swashbuckling restauranteurs? Main Beach’s swell new eats and sips concept, Holy Ship Bar & Restaurant… obviousea! Teaming up with co-owner Jake Ruttley, the brains behind former local gem, Tonic on Chirn, Kane and Yvette McCarthy, have certainly moved on to bigger and berther things. Launching twin floating venues earlier this year – the team has set their sights on bringing their signature grazing-style eats and sips to the sea! You even might spy the distinctive duo – decked out in cobalt blue and white – milling about the Broadwater on private function business when they’re not at home in their Marina Mirage mooring. Good times, ahoy.
Where: Birth 7&8 Marina Mirage, Marina Commercial arm, Sea World Drive, Main Beach 

Peter's Fish Market, Main Beach (image supplied)
Peter's Fish Market, Main Beach (image supplied)

Peters Fish Market
Can you really call yourself a Gold Coaster ‘till you’ve bookended your spit hangs (or failed fishing expedition) with a pit stop at Peter’s Fish Market? Another absolute Seaworld Drive staple, this place has been churning out the fresh seafood, fish and chippies just a stone’s throw from the Broadwater for some 30 years now. Often heaving but always worth the wait, next time you feel the Sunday scaries coming on, pack a picnic rug and head here for a feed of famously crispy chippies, fresh prawns and some of the tenderest calamari going (or, BYOB for a chip butty by the sea – bliss).
Where: 130 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach 

La Luna Beach Club, Main Beach (image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
La Luna Beach Club, Main Beach (image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Marina Mirage
Another of Main Beach’s long-standing draws, Marina Mirage has long been a local haven of all things fancy and foodie. The produce-packed farmers markets every Saturday are always fave, as are the stellar array of eateries and boutiques. Home to international and local labels such as Sonia Stradiotto Couture, when we’re in need of designer threads, Marina Mirage never fails to hook us up. When it’s world-class waterfront wining and dining we’re after, the likes of La Luna Beach Club, La Luna, Glass and Omeros Bros have got you sorted.
Where: 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach 

Main Beach Entrance (image by @elisaeves)
Main Beach Entrance (image by @elisaeves)

That Beach Entrance
In addition to the more obvious allure of spectacular beaches, this saltwater blessed suburb just so happens to also be home to one of the GC’s most insta-famous beach entrances. Tucked just behind Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, you’ll find the particularly picturesque beach access path framed by its synonymous and oft-papped swaying palms. Even the most seasoned locals could never tire of being greeted by that view (or snapping just one more pic on those days when the weather is really turning it on).
Where: Head to Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort and look for the giant palms.

Rosé Gelateria (image supplied)
Rosé Gelateria (image supplied)

Rosé Gelateria
Dishing up dreamy interiors every bit as delicious as its artisanal ice-based confections, it’s little surprise this upscale ‘hood is now home to one of three boutique Rosé Gelateria locations. Joining its dusty pink-bathed big sis in Sanc Cove, head here to be greeted by swoon-worthy interiors and grab a scoop (or three) of house-made gelato or freshly brewed specialty coffee. With gourmet flavours like Passionfruit Pavlova and Fig and Mascarpone, gracing its rotation, there’s always something lush and lick-worthy with your name on it.
Where: 19/21 Tedder Ave, Main Beach 

Xenia Grill, Main Beach (image supplied)
Xenia Grill, Main Beach (image supplied)

Tedder Ave
Spanning the length of the suburb’s residential end, Main Beach’s ever-bustling Tedder Ave strip is an icon that needs no introductions. Packed with boutique shopping, dining and sipping spots galore, it is nigh on impossible to ever be bored or hungry here. If you’ve got time to kill post beach walk, perch up and people watch one of the cute cafés, or swing by Main Beach Bakery for your sweet treat fix. In the latter half of the day, must-visit foodie hotspots like Greek gem Xenia, Domanis and fine dining seafood destination, Shuck help this lively hotspot really come into its own.
Where: Tedder Ave, Main Beach

Words by Kellie Leader

Main Beach aerial (Image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Main Beach aerial (Image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

9 out-of-the-box Gold Coast date ideas

Miami Marketta (image supplied)

Sometimes dinner and drinks just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the Hunger Games-style arena that is the Gold Coast dating scene and since Valentine’s Day is quickly creeping up on us again we’re here to help you up your game.

Here are 9 out-of-the-box ideas you’re welcome to steal when you next need to impress the potential love of your life. 

See some live music
Is watching live music not the best thing you can possibly do? Even better if you’re with someone you don’t know that well when there’s a strong possibility of running out of things to talk about. There’s also unlimited opportunities to bust out your best dance moves and impress the hell out of anyone with eyes. At a safe distance of course. Check out our list of live music venues on the Gold Coast here.

Go scuba diving
Underwater activities are an excellent date choice in that they offer the perfect opportunity to not talk and, on the flip side, will be a great story to tell the grandkids should you get to that point. Plus, you know, there’s plenty of pretty marine life to get up close and personal with and being immersed in the ocean will help you chill out should you be suffering from some form of fear – of the first date or great white shark varieties perhaps.
Where: QLD Scuba Diving, Mariners Cove Marina, 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach

Taste wine and cheese
What could be better than eating as much cheese and tasting as much wine as is humanly possible with the object of your affections? Nothing, that’s what. Have a little look through our list of wineries that are within a 45 minute drive of the Gold Coast here. That’s a top date idea if ever we’ve come up with one.

Drive in movies
How romantic is setting up a sweet snuggle spot in the back of your car, filling it with snacks and enjoying a movie marathon in (relative) privacy under the stars. If that sounds like your jam, the Yatala Drive-In is your next date night adventure. It’s open seven nights a week and you can choose to do a Double Feature night and sometimes there are sing-a-longs.
Where: 100 Jacobs Well Road, Stapylton

Take a cooking class
Cooking together is a fun way to learn something new while also having a laugh at how hard it actually is to shake a cocktail while looking semi-cool. There are several fun cooking classes on the Gold Coast that offer everything from Chocolate Desserts to Spanish Paella so you’re guaranteed to take home some new skills that you can use on your next date. Genius. Check them out here.

Play all the games
Guys, 20 years later, Timezone is still one of the greatest places around. What could be better than racing your date on the Formula One track or whacking weird animals with giant sticks? It’s a laugh a minute. If you’re any good, you can impress ‘em with a giant stuffed animal they’re sure to keep forever. Just makin’ memories.
Where: Timezone Coolangatta – The Strand, 72-80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta
Timezone Surfers ParadiseParadise Centre, Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Icon the Cookery School (image supplied)

Walk through the trees
Getting high on a first (or second or third) date probably isn’t a great idea, unless of course it involves getting amongst the trees on a 15-metre high suspension bridge. Which of course, is a thing, at Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk in the hinterland. There’s a 40 metre cantilever bridge high above the creek and rainforest which is the perfect excuse for holding onto someone REAL tight.
Where: Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, 333 Geissmann Drive, Mt Tamborine

Watch whales
This one might be a little later in the year, but plan a future date to see everyone’s favourite sea-dwelling creatures when they make their way back down south with their tiny (but also giant) babes in tow. You could pack a picnic and perch yourselves on one of many local headlands or, for guaranteed up close viewing, book yourselves onto a whale watching boat and prepare to have the best date ever. Spirit of the Gold Coast offer epic tours when the season kicks in.
Where: Anywhere you can see the sea OR 60/70 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach (for a tour)

Go ice-skating
If you’re a lover of snow and ice and all things winter, but live here with the rest of us in South-East Queensland, all your prayers have been answered in the form of Gold Coast Iceland in Bundall (who knew). Take your mate for a few spins around the ring while adorably holding hands and pretending you’re in NYC’s Central Park.
Where: 15 Strathaird Road, Bundall

Words by Kirra Smith.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.