Light up your life at new Gold Coast festival

Festivals are a thing we don’t get too many of here on the Gold Coast so when we get word of a newbie, we feel it is our duty to share it with you quick smart. Which is exactly what’s happening right here, right now.

It’s no ordinary festival though, it’s something the likes of which we haven’t seen around these parts before and it’s going to be well, lit as the youngsters say.

It’s called The Lights Water Fest and it’s coming to the Coast in February of 2020 which will be here in about 20 minutes if things continue the way they currently are (and you know they will).

It’s a family-friendly festival so you may take the kiddies along if you have some, borrow someone else’s or just gather the crew and get ready for a really good time.

The experience is one that happens all over the world and it involves live music, excellent food and the sharing of personal wishes and goals.

You’ll get a personalised led candle lantern (with your dreams and wishes written onto it) that will be placed into the blue lagoon of hope creating a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single lantern floats with thousands of others.

It’s a magical moment watching your flame float away and fill the water amongst thousands of others and we’re pretty sure it’s one you’ll never forget.

Now in case you’re wondering, The Lights Fest is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the environment and have a cleanup crew who focus on collecting lanterns after the event.

The lanterns are 100% biodegradable and the festivals ‘leave no trace policy’ ensures venues are in the same condition once the event is over as it was when it began.

So that is very good news.

The festival creators are passionate about creating a light-filled world and work with local charities in each city to give back. Also good news.

Basically attending The Lights Water Fest means you get to experience a night filled with light, love and live music while also giving back to the community and taking lots of fab Insta-snaps.

Ticket prices include entrance to event, parking fees, a lantern and a marker.

Amazing. Count us in.

LOCATION: 80 Ferry Rd, Carbrook (halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast)
WHEN: February 15th and 22nd, 2020

Words by Kirra Smith