The world-famous flash mob picnic returns

Diner en Blanc 2017 Gold Coast (image supplied)
Diner en Blanc 2017 Gold Coast (image supplied)

One of the great things about living on the Gold Coast is the spellbinding all-natural environment — and stellar weather — we have here. You really must look hard to find anywhere else in the western world that comes close. Because of that, it’s a fair comment that when it comes to being outdoors and enjoying time bathing in all 300+ days of sunshine per year, we absolutely love it.

With this in mind, what more excuses do you need to get outside apart from yet another world-class event, Le Dîner en Blanc, Saturday 19th March 2022 on the Gold Coast?

Those with a good memory might remember the last time this phenomenon was held here back in 2018. But what is it all about, you ask? Well, the exclusive alfresco event launched in Paris in 1988 when a bunch of good friends decided to come together and have a large picnic — completely dressed in white!

Since then, the event has grown in monumental proportions and is now held in 30 different countries with over 80 cities taking part! Not so long ago, Le Dîner Blanc de Paris marked its 30th anniversary in 2018 with a record of 17,000 guests from Paris and around the world. While the technology around the event may have changed over the years, the principle fuelling this event has not: guests dressed in all white continue to gather at a secret location for the sole purpose of sharing a gourmet meal with friends in one of their city’s most beautiful public spaces.

Diner en Blanc 2017 Gold Coast (image supplied)
Diner en Blanc 2017 Gold Coast (image supplied)

This year’s Gold Coast event is a slightly smaller affair and will permit 1200 lucky people to feel like they have been transported to the south of France — and into a sea of people, all adorned in white! By creating images that are instantly gram-able, you’ll meet new people or reunite with long-time friends — getting all dressed up to attend a dinner à la française where laughter and champagne are essential!

Sound like something you’d like to get involved in? We thought so. The nitty-gritty: Le Dîner en Blanc – Gold Coast will keep to its tradition and rules: an elegant all-white dress code, bring your own all-white table setting and a picnic hamper of fine food and proper glassware, and of course, you won’t know where you’re going until the day of the event. Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Diner en Blanc 2018 in Paris (image supplied)
Diner en Blanc 2018 in Paris (image supplied)

With tickets yet to come on sale, the event is highly anticipated. Already thousands of people from the Gold Coast and around Australia have registered for the waitlist.

Participation in this unique event will happen in three stages: Phase 1 is for members who attended the last edition (in 2018); Phase 2 for new members referred from Phase 1, and Phase 3 is for people who signed up on the waiting list. So it pays to be in the know!

The host of this year’s event, Sara Walsh, said she was proud the event would be returning to the city. “This chic and elegant affair is encouraging people to shop local and bring to the event their favourite local flavours and producers. We’ve also been inundated with waitlist registrations. Most of them have come from Gold Coast residents, but we have seen a big number of people wanting to attend from interstate.” Ms Walsh said.

Don’t hang around Gold Coasters: we can’t let the out-of-towners have all the fun!

Check-out the event here.

Words by Alex Mitcheson.



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