Ice Age Mini Golf

How fun are shopping centres right now. Gone are the days of traipsing from shop to shop with the odd strawberry donut thrown in for good measure. These days there are cinemas and bowling alleys and five star food courts and yep, you guessed it, mini golf courses.

Ice Age is due to open at Robina Town Centre this Saturday the 16th of September and it’s sure to be a golfing adventure the likes of which you’ve never experienced.

Created with an ice age theme, Lilliputt features giant, moving animals as realistic as extinct creatures no one has actually ever seen in the flesh can be.

A way-taller-than-you woolly mammoth is your main man and, although we don’t want to give away the surprise, the big guy watches you, makes noise and is generally the greatest thing you’ve ever seen in a mini golf establishment.

There are plenty more huge creatures lurking amongst the trees too, you can’t miss ‘em, but you and the family will have an adventure cruising through rooms filled with stunning landscape imagery and more greenery than you’ve ever seen indoors.

Yep, that’s right folks, the course is entirely inside so it’s the perfect wet weather plan when cabin fever sets in and everyone goes a little crazy. Or, the next time you’re at Robina Town Centre and someone needs to blow off some steam, stop in at Ice Age and hit a few balls around some giant animals, it’s a guaranteed good time.

Ice Age is a family-owned business run by three New Zealand brothers. They have five similar venues in NZ but Ice Age is the first of its kind in Australia so you can thank your lucky stars that at least our favourite neighbours are on the ball (get it).

Ice Age Mini Golf opens Saturday the 16th of September, plan your weekend accordingly.

LOCATION: Underneath Event Cinemas, Robina Town Centre, Robina
HOURS: 10am to 9pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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