Local legends create some Hoap for the planet

At this point in time, we the people collectively have cleaner hands than anyone has ever had. We are obsessively washing, sanitizing and generally wreaking havoc on our hands in a bid to fend off any and all unwanted germs.

The result is yes, less germs but also dry, sad hands, it’s probably best we don’t touch anyone else with anyway.

Until now. While the rest of us were perfecting our baking skills and finishing Netflix, a few local lads decided they wanted dry, sad hands no longer and set about creating a product that would ensure we could wash all we wanted, be good for the planet and look super cute beside your bathroom sink.

It’s called Hoap and it’s soap but not as you know it.

Each handbag-friendly sized, fully biodegradable container holds 100 cleansing leaves, scientifically formulated using 100% natural, predominately plant-based ingredients, which will kill harmful germs and bacteria while moisturising the skin.


Simply pop a leaf in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together with water for a slow, 20 second dissolve then you have both clean soft hands and you smell pretty good too.

A winning combination.

Local lads Kev Painter and Jase Alpen - the Gold Coast leg of the business. Mark Alpen not pictured.

Hoap is the brainchild of three passionate Australian entrepreneurs and pals, two of whom are Gold Coasters. Kev Painter and brothers Jase and Mark Alpen created Hoap because they were concerned that millions of single-use plastic hand sanitiser bottles are destined for landfill. Not to mention they were keen to make a product that was non-toxic for their friends and families and as you’d expect of some local lads, came up with the concept over a beer or two.

The boys say that after the Australian summer bushfires, they noticed a a real push to improve our footprint and to be more environmentally conscious with our consumption. Followed immediately by the concern over health and hygiene during the pandemic, the issue of single-use plastics went out the window.

This forced them to think about a way they could be better and do better for our health, the health of our families and the planet.

Which is so great.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re into helping out Mama Nature and getting yourself some soft, clean hands while you’re at it, Hoap is the answer.

Get yours here.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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